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Reviews For: Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Pro

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Pro
Reviews: 14MSRP: 380.00
High resolution processor for all EQ, Real Time Analysis and dynamic applications. Contains Graphic, 10-band Parametric and 31-band Dynamic EQ fuctions plus Compressor/Expander capabilities all in one box with Real Time Analysis and display of input/output signals.
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AD0AR Rating: 2023-06-03
Versatile swiss army knife for audio equalization Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
There aren't that many of these left in the real world so when I googled the part number and saw a used one available at the local guitar center for the cost of a benjamin, I nabbed it.
Left channel was obliterated in white noise while the right channel was fine.
Peeking under the lid and pressing here and there I was able to localize the left channel noise to a physical connector between two boards as the noise would change or disappear with pressure.
I applied Occam's razor and either it is dirty connection or a bad part. I cleaned the connector (much like them old IDE hard drive buss ribbon wire and connector) and reassembled everything for a test.
100% noise gone and full signal.
Now the experimenting commenced!
I know most use this for ESSB but I already have one of them touchscreen UR6QW eq's from Ukraine and that works fantastic for my TX audio so I inserted this into the RX audio path along with a DSP noise reduction module from our friends at BHI.
The BHI removes all the unwanted noise and frequencies and the DEQ2496 cleans up doing its heavy lifting in making the audio sound pleasant as possible with equalization, compression and limitation, then it is shoved into a 300Wx2 TPA3255 class D digital amplifier board amp and delivered to some old surround sound speakers.
Oh yeah forgot to tell you all. This Deq2496 contains a Real time Audio analyzer.
Connect up a cal mic to the rear and it will send white noise or pink noise through your audio chain to the amplifier and speakers. Then punch a auto cal button and it automatically calibrates your listening audio path to your custom (or flat) eq response curve to give you amazing clarity.
It also has eq memories so I have a few set for band conditions and a few for SWL broadcast.
I know some users may have issues with high power and line level audio but the XLR jacks do a good job at eliminating any RFI during transmit, but not all of it.
So I adapted my setup to utilize the Toslink fiber optic setup on the DEQ2496 and other components with tons of shielding on the individual audio components. I was rewarded with zero interference and a digital, noise free audio path while voiding warranties on everything in between. (my specialty)
The result is a trouble free (so far) memory profile eq for my audio listening needs.
VK2EAT Rating: 2022-12-21
Sound performance Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Well it's horses for courses on why you want a 24/96.
I have two of these pieces of equipment. I am not big on some Behringer gear but with the 24/96 they got it right. One sits in my audio chain for radio and the other tops my rack in my effects chain.
It's a swiss army knife of a device to help with so many areas. I've used this in large entertainment centers to eq live shows and settle down the the stray acoustics of the room. Its has fallen in very nicely with all the other high end gear. Radio wise I use left channel only and the signal chain is very clean. The Truth 1031A monitors back up the play here in the studio.
The 24/96 retails for around $500 AU and is money well spent if you're looking to enhance and clean up the signal. It's basically all under one roof and in the one unit. My first unit I've had for 7 years now and the 2nd I purchased for the rack 3yrs ago.
Playing live recently the 24/96 came into it's own! The reverb of this venue was unique and coming back off the back wall right at us...solved from FOH. How? The 24/96 has your normal onboard EQ tools but you also have a Parametric EQ both need to be run at the same time. The PEQ and the GEQ that is.
Contour of the audio response can be shaped from different stereo perspectives along with the angle of attack. Using the best tools you have 'your ears' will teach you the value of these tools into whatever application you run. A really good pair of noise cancelling headphones can go a long way to help in this way of hearing, listening to the impact of your adjustments.
The one in my rack, I can shape my tone and sound in any way that I desire which is what really makes this unit worthwhile.
Forget the rest of the rack gear Behringer offers and read very carefully how to set up your unit and you will be amazed at the features that come alive.
Some real finesse hi-fi addicts also generally will have one tucked away somewhere as a go to for fix it matters or signal enhancement, guess that blows the components complaint out of the picture.
Buy one you won't be sorry.

Well after reading two nonsense reviews it's time for an update. You do not need to have audio background or experience to run this item. What a cop out, what you don't have ears! It's not about sounding like someone else, it's about sounding like YOU! Do the math, do the read, have a go first before you write it off. The DEQ 24/96 is the only piece of Behringer gear in my kit, and mine is extensive.
ESSB is not rocket science, I have not added any other filters or hacked a radio doing so. If you prefer settings outside of the ones given, drop me a line I'll forward them on gladly. I too use Julias' gear but those modules are only part of the building blocks for audio excellence. If you are rattled or intimidated by the essb guys, make sure you know exactly what it is you are searching for in audio response. Your ears are the most critical element in this with every piece of gear we use to enhance our audio.
Oh well use it or lose it, your intelligence has its only worth in how you use it.
W5RHR Rating: 2012-06-10
great 4 the price Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
there is a free editor out there to edit from your PC (sorry MAC).Save profiles.

Behringer is cheap , and yes you take your chances with QC, but send it back if its broke and get another. I Googled for the best price $274 from an unknown retailer, and took a while since they drop shipped from CA , they are located in Texas.

Using it with the settings from NU9Ns a rack with a Heil PR40 and other Behringer and Presonus and Aphex stuff.

Look around, find the best price and get one for ESSB.
KC2RGW Rating: 2011-03-26
Like lemonade? This may be the unit for you :-) Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
So the features of this unit are really really nice. The EQ options are just not comparable to anything else on the market until you get into the $4k price point.

Oddly there is nothing else out there that allows for storing multiple EQ profiles. My entire use for this was to save profiles for Rig1 FM, Rig1 SSB, Rig2 FM, Rig3 SSB etc. This way with my shared mic, I could just poke the profile and away I'd go.

Only one problem...I couldn't get a unit that actually worked. I ordered new from Guitarcenter (whose customer svc was fantastic to deal with). The first unit I got, I programmed up and got flying in maybe 20 minutes, hit 'save' on my first dialed in profile and the unit bricked. CPU or firmware issue is what I expect as it was powered up but boot looping in the firmware, never came back.

I exchanged that one, after a wait on back order, a new shipment came in and I got unit number 2.

I set up multiple profiles, had it dialed in really nicely where I couldn't really tell a big difference in audio on FM between a TS-2000 and an FT-8800R. This was impressive as they have drastically different front-end circuits so the EQ profiles were very very different.

Had it all buttoned up, two days later the display died on the unit. Powered up, lit up, even worked if I ran the controls 'blind', but no display.

I got fed up and sent it back for a return. I just couldn't risk another unit that would possibly last just out of the warranty window.

It's an amazing tool for all it does, but geeze Behringer, you were always cheap, but it sure seems your quality has dropped off over the last 10yrs.
N4BFD Rating: 2009-10-06
Simply Excellent. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had the DEQ-2496 for about a year and a half now and decided it was time for a review.

I really can't say enough good things about the DEQ2496 that has not already been said. You will not find more for the money than what you get in this box, it is amazing. I currently run the parametric EQ, Dynamic EQ, and the Downward Expander on this box, and it sounds great. There is a steep learning curve in that you don't have simple knobs to twist for settings, but multiple menus to navigate through and setup. However, it's not all bad, and most of it you only need to go through once, with some occasional tweaking.

I highly suggest using NU9N's website to help set up the DEQ2496, he and Tyler, KA0KA came up with some great starting points for standard and essb audio. A little tweaking from there will make about any mic sound great.

I currently run the DEQ2496 with a Flex3000, and consistently get people asking me what I am running and giving great unsolicited audio reports. The most valuable feature I to me on the DEQ2496 is the downward expander. It really saves the day with knocking back the computer, Flex, and Amp fan noise in the back ground that the Condenser mic picks up so easily. With the DEQ2496 on, there is absolute silence between words.
N2QQF Rating: 2009-01-25
Great Product Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Well I can't say enough about this product. The EQ is great and has a lot of features. I will say this EQ is not for the newbie. You need to have a little bit of understanding of what a Parametric EQ and Graphic EQ do and how they work. there are also DEQ, DYN, FBD and a flurry of other features that require a bit of knowledge or time to setup and it will take time to make it work properly. The end result is certainly well worth the money and time needed to setup.

The W2IHY equipment is good stuff and makes you sound great but the next level up is certainly more expensive and will require this type of equipment.
KX2V Rating: 2008-12-22
Good unit Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Setting up this EQ can be a chore.
But if you take alittle time you can & will find good setup configurations that have allready be done by fellow hams like NU9N,W3OZ & KC4PE to name a few..
It has been a mainstay in the shack for atleast 4 yrs.
It's a great addition to the shack.
I have NEVER had a problem whith this EQ..

W2IHY gear is good entry level gear but if your serious about audio then the IHY doesn't come close to this EQ!!!

WR1H Rating: 2006-07-28
Quality is not there Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Unit is very very poor quality.

As the saying goes: "You can't get something for nothing !"

Obviously quality of compoenents inside this units is its bigest flaw. When the unit worked it worked well, but I, like many other said "This is a great unit ! What are all these other idiots complaining about ?"

Well, 2 months later I found out. Unit is dead and I am struggling to get it replaced under waranty.

Please look elsewhere for longevity.
VE7RF Rating: 2006-03-03
Best Digital EQ... period... End of story ! Time Owned: more than 12 months.

### from the previous reviewer.

"The long and the short of it.
Save you money and trouble get an W2IHY 8 band EQ

### IMO, the IHY boxes (both of em) leave a lot to be desired. Just feed a function gen into em... then measure the gawd awfull THD/IMD on a HP distortion analyzer.

and a Good 600 ohm Mic.
### Nobody uses 600 ohm mics. Studio/broadcast mics are all 50-150 ohms. These days, we are after max V transfer... Not max pwr transfer.... hence the mismatched Z's between rack gear. Output Z's are always low... input z's, are always high.

It might cost you a little more but, it's very user friendly.
## It should be. How much simpler can u get... with only 8 sliders to fool with.

Unlike Behinger, Mr. Jones Will call you back. He Will give you instant service. He Will work with you.
### to do what??? Tell u how to plug it in ?? If one reads the excellent IHY manual's.... and still can't figure it out..... you have no business owning ouboard audio gear.

The manual? You need to dig, dig, dig to get information; a set up example would be nice ~ not having to go to some audio guru's web site for answers and try to sound like him....
### NU9N's site is excellent. 90% of the time.... one person's EQ settings will never work for someone else.... UNLESS, you both have similar voices... same mic.. same xcvr.

Those that do well with audio outboard EQ stuff have music or audio background experience.
### Nonsense..... we all just re-read the manual.... it's up to the end user to tweak, and tweak... till he gets the desired sound.

#### The DEQ-2496 is superb... the best Digital EQ out there... and a steal at $249.00. The 24 bit, 96 khz sample rate audio.. is cleaner than ur 16 bit, 44.1 khz CD's inyour living room. It also comes with a RTA... which can be used PRE- or post EQ... use IT. Look at the raw audio going into the RTA... then you have a reference point to start tweaking. Then toggle pre/post EQ. The RTA can also be used on RX.

Additionally, they most likly have pulled a filter and added a wider one; butchering a nice radio.

### I simply plugged in a PAIR of 6 khz INRAD filters into BOTH of my new 1000-MP-MK-V xcvr's. Inrad # 710-B.... + 707-C.

### The 2496 can be used to chop off the audio to any upper freq.. restricting BW... like 3 khz... 3.5 khz.... 4 khz... 5 khz etc. We do this by double stacking the parametric filters. The latest software ver also has hp/lp filters.

### Download the manual from Behringer's site.

ALL the MK-V ESSB mods will soon be on the website. ... stay tuned.

later... Jim VE7RF
KE4EX Rating: 2006-01-15
NAW Not Worth It Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
The long and the short of it.
Save you money and trouble get an W2IHY 8 band EQ and a Good 600 ohm Mic. It might cost you a little more but, it's very user friendly. Unlike Behinger, Mr. Jones Will call you back. He Will give you instant service. He Will work with you.

The manual? You need to dig, dig, dig to get information; a set up example would be nice ~ not having to go to some audio guru's web site for answers and try to sound like him....

Those that do well with audio outboard EQ stuff have music or audio background experience. Additionally, they most likly have pulled a filter and added a wider one; butchering a nice radio.