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Category: Amplifiers: RF Power - HF & HF+6M

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Review Summary For : ACOM 2000a
Reviews: 103MSRP: 6850 USD
ON4UN demonstrates the ACOM 2000A Automatic HF Linear Amplifier
Product is in production
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NU9R Rating: 2022-07-06
GREAT AMPLIFIER - easy to use - full protection circuits Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've had this about a month now. Previously I had an Ameritron AL-811 and an AL-80A. This beats them both hands down. This is definitely a full legal limit amplifier that will coast along all day at 1.5KW!

I bought the version without a plug at the end of the cord so I could put my own plug on it for 120VAC. You can buy one for 120VAC, they just weren't in stock. So, it cost me another $15 for a plug! It was "stupid simple" to configure the amplifier for the voltage I needed. I run a dedicated 30A breaker just for the amplifier. It will put out full power plus on 120VAC. It is not limited or crippled in any way.

It has great protection circuits. It will simply shut down if it detects improper inputs, internal currents, or whatever.

I really like the remote control head on it. The amplifier itself is pretty big. You can put it where you want it out of the way and simply use the remote control head at your operating position.

It has built-in "default' tunings for each band segment. If you're having issues with those tunings, it's not hard to add your own. It does take a little bit of time. So, I still use an external auto-tuner. Though, I'm sure if you wanted to take the time, this has the capability for something like 10 antennas and 10 user defined tunings per band segment per antenna. So, it has a lot of capability.

The instructions could be a little better. But, overall, I really like this amplifier. It is well built and very easy to operate.
NT8F Rating: 2022-05-01
Best amp I have owned Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've has an AL-811, AL-1500, QRO 2500DX, KAP1500, and OM2000 before buying the 2000A. Of all those other amps this is hands down the easest to use and quietest. It is fully automatic tune and will loaf along at full legal all day long. Very well built and great customer support if needed.
KK4ODQ Rating: 2021-07-20
Super Great Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I really like the Acom 2000. The instant band change is nice and the power is ample. 30 watts of drive gives me a little over 1.5kw.
WG5D Rating: 2021-05-07
Awesome Amplifier Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is the first and most likely the last amplifier I will own. It is simply outstanding and a powerful workhorse. It is great looking, very quiet, and can easily push over the legal power limit so be careful when operating it!

I usually operate without it but if I am having trouble in a pileup or hitting a DX station, it is my secret weapon. Push one button to kick it in and presto - it gets me the contact :)
NJ0F Rating: 2021-02-17
Best auto tune tube amp Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I currently own several Acom amps including two Acom 2000A’s. These amps are bullet proof and you need to go a long way to cause serious damage to it with all the fault protection in it. Acom Bulgaria support is great and they are fast to respond. Yes, shipping is a pain, but so is anything else with $7K price tag. I am amazed how someone can rate this amp 1/5 without explaining something that makes sense.

** Update 2021
After relocating to AR last year I replaced my older two Acom 2000's with two new Acom 2000. As before, I can only say there is no other tube amp on the market that tops these. Period.
I also installed 6 Acom 2000A's for a client in 2020 and I will continue to recommend them in the future. Whisper quiet fully automatic legal limit +++. Customer service from Acom Bulgaria is top class and Val is always prompt to respond. Get an Acom. You will not look back......
EI0B Rating: 2020-07-16
Well Overdue 20 years Update (EI2IU Original Review 2001-01-15) Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I did a review having the amp about 6 months EI2IU 2001-01-15 couldn't retrieve log in details as email address at that time long gone so no access to retrieve details for this site

20 years service unbelievable piece of equipment I have gone through some HF rigs in 20 years and thats another review and story but I still have the original Acom 2000A the best piece of radio equipment I have ever purchased

Been one of the first generation models I have had some issues but what amplifier hasn't had issues if not died completely but not the Acom still working to its full potential flawlessly 1 tube in 20 years due to a grid short so I replaced the pair

Had some connector issues and a few general maintenance bits and pieces and a couple of component upgrades over the years as one could expect however here's the punchline anytime I contacted Acom for help and direction in fault finding immediately I had a response with full support through drawings and expert help and technical support its just unbelievable

Val in Acom is a gentleman to deal with and extremely helpful and has phenomenal patience to go through every detail and step by step assistance in all fault finding tests and measurements

If you are thinking of buying an amplifier buy an Acom they are just simply the best there is in the commercial market carrying the best technical support available think about it 20 years of service with over 5 million contacts what more is there to say a company that looks after their customers provides 20 years of backup and communications with hands on technical support most manufactures would tell you get stuffed and buy a new one but not Val and the Acom team SIMPLY THE BEST ! buy one and forget about the cost its cheap how can you put a price on such a piece of engineering and support its not possible regards de EI2IU

M0MCX Rating: 2019-10-02
Just goes on and on Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned my ACOM 2000 for around 12 years. I'll probably never buy another amplifier again, this one just keeps going. Doesn't matter what silly mistakes I make; arc faults, no coax connected, too much power input, infinite SWR, etc, etc. Legendary protection circuits just snap the unit back to standby with a plain english error message.

And the power? Endless. I have a commercial High Power licence for antenna testing and happily squeezed out nearly 2,000W for over 1-minute key down. Didn't flinch. Scary though.

And of course, the beast is super quiet, honestly - you would probably never know it was on. Seriously whisper quiet.

I also OFTEN take mine portable. It might sound crazy, but I had a flight case made for her and genuinely take her on Field days, holidays, days out. VERY HEAVY though, so be careful with your back.

In light of the rough handling this old girl has had, I have only had one fault. The centre of the RG400 type coax used internally to the unit snapped away from the SO239 inside the box. I happened to be on holiday and found an engineer to fix it. It took a few moments. Probably something to do with me screwing in PL259s many times over the years and wiggling them about. Maybe I'll replace them sometime.

But I can live with a fault every 15 years or so.

And James (M0YOM) developed Acom Director, the software to replicate the Acom control panel on your monitor, or across a WAN for remote control. Amazing.

Treat yourself. You only live once :)

Earlier 5-star review posted by M0MCX on 2010-11-20

Three years in and this is still an utterly amazing piece of equipment. It's in the professional league. Can I just say that some people can hear the fan. Well, I suppose if I listen for it, I might hear it but my very quiet Dell PC is louder. It's just not an issue.

Band changes are instant: Change band, key the mic and say "ah!" and the amp tunes in a whirr of a couple of stepping motors. Lovely.

The remote head is fantastic with lots of readings to enjoy whilst operating; mains power, SWR, tube temperatures, output power, drive power, etc, etc.

It's heavy. Real heavy. I had a custom flight case made for this toy by a touring case company. Even then, the weight of the amp has crushed the heavy foam on the bottom of the case. The pro case company have never seen anything like it. If you are going to lift it, either take the transformer out or get someone to help. There's no handles though and nothing for your hands to grab hold of. Be careful. I heard the biggest cause of ACOM 2000 faults is dropped amp syndrome, not component failure. You have been warned.

This transformer issue. It's not an issue. You carefully unscrew the case screws, take out a couple of retaining bolts, pull the power connectors off and take the transformer out. Some people say this is a 20 minute job. I suppose it is, but it's not an issue. Anyone can do this, just be careful that you don't trap any of the cables in the process. Some people don't permanently attach the transformer with the retaining bolts since they know they'll be transporting the amp periodically, indeed this is what I did for the first year until I had the case made.

Finally, protection. This amp will spot the tiniest flaw in the antenna chain, shutting down with appropriate error (normally "arc-fault" in this case). This is fantastic. I have noticed that we have always had an issue somewhere in the chain when this error flashes up on the remote. A bad PL259, nasty coax, a Balun on its way out. Something. Helpful for field days with all untested and old coax etc. Enjoy the protection this amp will give you, knowing that not only is it protecting itself, but also warning you of issues out in the field.

In the UK, with the exchange rate, this amp is very, very expensive. Let's face it, no matter where you are, this amp is one of the most expensive bits of kit you will probably ever buy as a hobbiest. However, over the life time, this will deliver flawless operation, driving the price per QSO to an almost negligable cost. I have never had this amp do anything else other than behave beautifully. I hope you will achieve the same.


PY1KZ Rating: 2019-03-11
Excellent Equipment!!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Dear All,
I bought a brand new ACOM2000A just over a month ago. Initially I was impressed with the quality of the components and the connectors. Excellent material. Linear is very quiet and easy to operate. It will be definitely perfect with the adoption of the CAT connection cable between the RCU and my TS-590SG. But this is not easy to find. You will have to build one. I think it was a perfect purchase for those who want to build a Remote Station like me.
K0COM Rating: 2019-01-16
The quiet powerhouse Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Bought an older one used that had just been re-tubed and tuned up.
I did end up having the cooling fan become intermittent and finally failing. I was able to get a new one in the US and replaced it myself. (Thanks to Array Solutions)
It just sits there quietly in the equipment rack over by the antenna switches and auto tuner. The units produces watts with ease... needs very little drive from the exciter.
I have the older control box and it's fine. I suppose the new one is more modern looking. It's a rock crusher and weights a bunch. Who cares! First auto tune linear I've owned and I love it.
DL4QB Rating: 2018-09-21
Great! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Hello! Today I would like to express my enthusiasm for the Acom 2000A.

I was looking for an automatic PA, which I can also operate remotely. Of course all transistor PAs came to the fore immediately.
But unfortunately I have also heard reports again and again (few), where the transistors were grilled by an overshoot.

That becomes immediately really expensive.

Furthermore (probably overdriven by modulation) I noticed transistor PAs again and again, which _not_ sounded good. Here the error is surely with the user and not with the PA itself.

Another criterion was that the output should have a good IMD3 value and be quiet in operation. I really want to have silence in the shack.

The selection meets then on the Acom 2000A.
It meets all my criteria:

- Quiet, quiet, quiet
- Remote Access and drive the PA also with Power on / off
- Massive like a Tank (i like it!!)
- more than enough reserve for 750W leagel Power in Germany
- It creates continuous operation (key down) at full power, if necessary (1500W)
- Immediate, automatic band change. One "Dit" in CW is enough.
- No problem with overshoots of any kind, a tube smiles about it.
- All possible protection functions, as built into a modern PA transistor
- Again: Quiet!

So far I got a lot of praiseworthy feedback about very clean and clear signals.
Of course, I also pay attention to how strongly the microphone gain is set.

It should be mentioned that the PA is very massively built up and offers more than enough reserves for the power supply as well.

1500W key down at the dummyload enchant the PA with a smile and no kind of strenuous work.

All in all I am VERY...really VERY satisfied with this PA and can recommend it at any time.

PS: Problems with the availability of the tubes? Not really. I could buy (matched pair) new tubes directly from a local dealer and also an offer for matched pair in local ads.