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Reviews For: I.C.E. Model 348 Rotor 8-Conductor Suppressor

Category: Lightning & Surge Protection/Supression

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Review Summary For : I.C.E. Model 348 Rotor 8-Conductor Suppressor
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Model 348 is Both Transient Suppressor & R.F. Filter in one convenient unit. Easy to install and virtually permanent, this suppressor shunts RF currents and voltages over 50V directly to facility ground terminal connection. Uses metal oxide varistor devices, AC or DC voltage rated, ceramic high-capacity RF bypassing componentry. Packed with storage box, mounting hardware, 4-page owner's manual.
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AL7F Rating: 2010-08-25
It worked Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have had mine for several months. We have had several thunder storms lately and I haven't had any lightning hits but I must have had something. I noticed that I started getting interference on 75 meters. It turned out to be an AM radio station on 660 that was putting a lot of interference either side of 3.960. It was a blown MOV acting as a crystal diode in the ICE 348. I contacted ICE and they sent me a replacement MOV and bypass cap NO CHARGE. Thanks for the GREAT service.
N4OGW Rating: 2007-08-22
a pain to use Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have 5 of these installed at the ground plate where cables come into my house (several rotors and remote switch controls). I can't comment on how well they protect against surges, but installing and using them is a pain:

1) Look at where the mounting tabs are. It is common to mount several surge protectors for coax, control wires, etc on a large metal plate.
If you mount them this way, the screw terminals and not facing outwards and are very hard to reach, especially if you have several other devices on the plate. Yes, I guess you could connect the wires first, and then bolt the suppressor to the plate. In practice you will want to fabricate a bracket to connect the suppressor to the plate.

2) The layout (two rows of 4 terminals) is difficult to use. For each terminal you will have two wires, one coming from the rotor/switch, and one going to the station. Especially if you put spade terminals on all these wires, there is very little room to connect the wires leading to some questionable connections. In my case some of the wires are also large (#14) due to the long rotor cable runs.

A single row of 8 terminals would be much better, as you could then have all the wires coming in on one side and exiting on the other.

Fixing these two issues would make it much easier to make and maintain the wire connections.

K5HSV Rating: 2006-09-05
Saved My Rotor Control and RMC-1000 Controller Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I purchased a pair of these units several months ago. I placed on my Yaesu G-2800DXA between the control box and rotor, the other between my tower lift for my US Tower automated lift controller (RMC-1000). I was working some DX late night when I noticed the tower control would lower. I went out to check the main power relay box at the base of the tower... nothing wrong there. Then I checked the fuse in my control box.. it had gone bad. I replaced it and noted the tower still wouldn't raise and that my rotor control box was not responding. I went back out and checked the ICE Model 348s I had placed into an enclosed, weather tightbulkhead. I smelled a burnt electrical type smell in the box. Using my multi-meter I ruled in the surge suppressors had taken a hit. both were smoked... but my equiptment was fine, minus a 1 amp fuse that I replaced. It also threw the GF breaker in the box. Bottom line... worth every penny.

WV4R Rating: 2004-01-25
Another Winner from I.C.E. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
How many hams GROUND their rotor cables? One reason is hams with rotors don't Know about I.C.E. Products. Most hams don't know I.C.E. will provide you with literally everything you ever wanted to know about Protection of your stuff. I have been using I.C.E. products for many years. They have a toll-free number. I am impressed with the quality of materials, the engineering design of their products, and the competitive pricing of all their products. The sales staff is very knowledgeable and very patient and helpful... and did I say they gotta toll-free number! Luks gud and Workz gud so it's gotta git the wv4r FIVE-Star Rating. 73 es God bless, murf.