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Reviews For: MFJ 12/24 Hour Dual Clock MFJ-106

Category: Ham Shack Accessories

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Review Summary For : MFJ 12/24 Hour Dual Clock MFJ-106
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A 12/24 hour dual LCD Clock approx. 2"H X 4 1/2"W
Product is in production
More Info: http://
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KC8WH Rating: 2009-09-17
Handy for portable or fixed station Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I got mine to use for portable/field day use and leave it on the rig in the shack otherwise. It's accurate and dependable. Just change the battery once every few years. It's not as accurate as my analog main shack clocks but resetting the time is no big deal and easily done. I would buy this clock again.
WB4QNG Rating: 2006-11-23
good Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Had mine for a long time. It is handy
KC7MM Rating: 2004-01-29
Keeps on Ticking! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Looking around the shack, I realized that I probably have had this dual time clock longer than anything else in here. It is well over 10 years old and I've only replaced the batteries once. Setting up the month/day/time for each clock is easy. Just tune up WWV and push a couple of buttons on the side of the clock. Sure, I have a self-adjusting clock in the computer and both clock and date/time capabilities in my logging software, but it is so much easier to look over at those big numerals to get the time. Think I need to get another one for my K1/MP-1 field pack.