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Reviews For: Uniden BC296D

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Review Summary For : Uniden BC296D
Reviews: 7MSRP: 579.99
Trunktracker IV APCO-25 digital scanner
Product is in production
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VE1FZ Rating: 2008-12-12
Ve1Fz Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This Radio Was Picked Up Via Internet. Worked Great Cost 400 Dollars Canadian.Was Going Too Try Figure Out How Too Program It ,But Lucked Out As Friend Had One And Cloned It For Me. This Saved Me Few Dollars I Believe , As I Have Heard Its Costly Too Have Programed... The Scanner Had Great Receive Anywhere I Put It In Trailer__(((Unlike My Older Scanner Which I Had Too Find Certain Areas For It Too Receive.Older Trailer So Tin Might Be Why..))) Lately I Have Been experiencing Some Trouble With Receive. It Seems Too Have Lost Something ( sensitivity ) On Receive. I Never Posted Here B4 But Just Had Too When I Seen Few Others With Receive Trouble Too.

What I Liked..
The Radio Is Compact Easy To Transport House/ Car Etc. Back Lite Great Idea, Scroll With Extra Features Great When Traveing Out Off Your Area.I Thought Good Looking Not Ugly Too Eye. Clone Feature Big Plus ((As Long As You Have Scanner Friend To Lend Helping Hand lol..)) The Idea That You Can Get It Too Beep When The More Important Frequencys R Keyed..

Bad Features

Not Many Just The Speaker Sometimes Rocks And Rolls When In Digital Mostly,Makeing It Sometimes Hard Too Understand Whats Going On..

Battery Pack Looses It Juice Quicker That I Would Like To.

Over All Its Not Bad As I Still Can Get Apco25 Just Not Like I Use Too So Hopefully Receive Will Not Go Out All The Way Out On Me.

KI6EHP Rating: 2007-07-02
Could be better Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned this radio for over three years. It covers all the frequencies I need and does an excellent job with digital but the battery life is a big diasppointment. I have two battery packs and both last about the same. Even when I'm not using digital it drains the battery in a matter of hours. I usually keep it plugged into the power supply for extended listening.
K5XS Rating: 2006-07-27
Great! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I am very pleased with the 296D. It covers the frequencies I want, I think the audio is excellent, and when you combine it with good software (like Butel's), it is awesome.

Only complaint: Proprietary battery pack. But I have wired up some of my own at about $10 apiece. It's easy to carry a few spares around and pop them in and out as they discharge.

Bottom line: It's great!
N8SEX Rating: 2004-11-17
Great radio! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I would give it a 5, but I am sure most people pout there considering this scanner would appreciate an "honest" review. I cannot compare to the Pro 96, BUT With that said here are the pro's:
Trunking capabilities excellent, can even do 9600 digital systems (Hamilton Co, OH) no problem.

Rubber trim around scanner gives nice firm grip
Alpha numerics very nice
Display and light awesome
trunk search capability alot of fun when traveling
Love the keypad
Sensitivity very good
the roll mouse like button I like for scrolling!

trying to lock out talk group banks can be challenging to the typical scanner user
Not a beginner scanner
APCO 25 audio could use some improvement, but does work good
Proprietary battery- worst feature altho charges in little time
N8XBD Rating: 2004-05-16
Great with one exception Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've used the unit for a month and a half and short of the one problem that just occurred I have to say what a modern marvel. To be able to once again listen to public safety systems and track different systems with only one device that does all the major trunking systems is truly quite amazing. If one were to compare the costs of having to buy a portable radio just to monitor each of the 3 major systems to spending a little over $500 for one unit, I would say Uniden had done a very good job on this one.

Now I hope that they will be able to figure out what has happened to my receive sensitivity. I read the other review here and mine has done the same thing; GONE DEAF except for the strongest local stations. I hope this is not a bad sign.
KG4RGN Rating: 2004-03-12
BC296D is dead Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just to let you know, my 296D is not feeling well. The unit was working great the first few days, and on day 6, the scanner only picked up local strong stations......

I compair the reception to my BC 780XLT by switching the outside antenna between the radios......The weather staion is full scale on the 780XLT, and just noise on the 296D. I called BC and they said to sent it back in for repairs. I tried this on TV audio stations, and local police also so it is nothing with the setup on each channels.

So back the radio goes......has anyone else had this experience with loss of sensentivity??
PS the Attenuator button does make the reception event worst..... not better....

WES Rating: 2004-02-13
Very good overall, but APCO issues Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Uniden BC296D is one of the most complete scanners I have owned. It covers the usual range of VHF-Low, VHF-Hi, VHF-Air, UHF, UHF-T, and 800 mhz ranges. However, it also covers CB, Military Air, commercial FM, and VHF television.

Likewise, the 296D is equally generous in its trunking varieties. It will trunktrack Motorola (Type I and Type II), GE EDACS (wide, narrow, SCAT), and regular LTR (NOT Multinet).

The 296D's main claim to fame is it's abilities on digital scanning. The 296D will decode 3600 bps and 9600 bps ASTRO-25 systems. Further, the 296D was the first radio to include capabilities to decode both C4FM and CQPSK modulation patterns on 9600 bps systems. This is where the 296D is weak. The sound quality settings need adjustments, and may not always provide optimal decoding. However, based on the reports from other users, there may well be some issues with the actual digital systems rather than the scanner. (I make this assumption based on the reports of some similar problems with the Radio Shack Pro-96 and its encounters with CQPSK systems.) I will also state that the 296D does the best job on trunktracking conventional systems that I have seen. (I have previously used a Pro-92 and a BC245XLT.)

Several other factors came into play with my high review of the 296D. First, the 296D comes with batteries (albeit a proprietary battery pack), AC adaptor, computer cable, and servicable (but not excellent) software. This adds to a good dollar and cent value. I also enjoyed the 16 letter alpha-tag capability for each bank, channel, and talkgroup.

All in all, a very admirable scanner.