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Reviews For: Palstar PS-30M

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Palstar PS-30M
Reviews: 9MSRP: 110
Input - 220/240V AC

Output - 3-15V DC adjustable

Current - 25/30A Max.

10mV RMS noise and ripple

Thermostatically controlled fan

Volt and current metering

Overcurrent warning indication

Short circuit protection

Weight: 8.58kg

Size: 150 x 145 x 300mm
Product is in production
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M0KFO Rating: 2015-05-03
Reliable Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have the 15 amp version (PS-15) and have had it for 11 years.

I can't fault it, never had a problem and it easily does more than it says. A case of older type units always had a bit extra in them, rather than being built to a price.

Being linear, instead of the now more popular switch mode, it doesn't give you any RF noise in the radio. It may be heavy, but then I don't transport it at all.

Fan has never been a problem, in fact the fan on my FT-450D is more of a problem and that kicks in almost instantaneously.

I'm going to have to buy the 30 amp version, because soon the 15 amp won't be enough. To M1VPN, you can still get them, Maplins sell them, £100 free delivery.

You can send me a cheque for the info & link.
M1VPN Rating: 2015-03-01
Well made PSU Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After 11 years of faithful service, my Palstar PS-30M has just started to show signs of failing. The voltage is spiking after a while in operation so probably an easy fix when the lid comes off so hoping it'll continue to provide service as it's replacement isn't built anywhere near as well.

Has powered my Datamodes radio for 11 years, which isn't an easy life and has been faultless to this point. Bought new with the radio in 2003 from Nevada, Portsmouth.

A compact Linear PSU, with good metering and positive controls (The Vari Voltage click for 13.8 is captive). Fan is quite loud when it comes on, however the various mods online can sort this simply.

Would buy another tomorrow if they were available.
26JLH Rating: 2014-01-10
good but fan is to loud Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
this is a good bit of psu,one of the best but the fan sux its just to noisey and gets picked up over your audio.
it is better than a switcher but the fan noise is like hell.
jeff m0prf
M0TNX Rating: 2012-09-02
Well built but Hellish noisy Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Bought the PSU second hand, to replace one I wish i had never sold, a Kenwood PSU..

The Palstar is a very well built and robust PSU, but when drawing current, as others have said, the fan is unbelievably noisy.

I will be mdoifying this as other have helpfully described, as this fan spoils what is essentially a great PSU
PA0FRI Rating: 2010-04-15
Poor rectifier bridge Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The EP925 is a good power supply, but the rectifier bridge has not enough capacity for example a continuous 5 volts load at full power . It is better to replace the rectifier by a 50 amperes type. In my Dutch article, are pictures and schematics for some modifications. See
G7TMU Rating: 2008-10-06
Noisy! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have one of these Palstar PS30M power supplies and it works fine, but as others have said it is noisy.

Rather than do the internal fan mod, which might affect the warranty, I simply fitted a 12 volt PC fan to the outside of the case blowing air into the vent at the side. I run the fan at about 8 volts which keeps the noise to a minimum, with the PS30M's internal fan now rarely coming on at all!

Victor G7TMU
G8FXC Rating: 2008-09-17
you can cut the noise down! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have the Manson branded version (EP-925) and, as others have reported, it's a good value PSU apart from the very high fan noise!

Never fear! Help is at hand. I did a quick web search and found an article on which describes how to kill the noise. Unfortunately it's in German and doesn't translate well through bablefish, but I managed to work it out -

The trouble is that the thermostatic control of the fan is an all-or-nothing affair - it's off till the regulator is really quite hot, then it runs full blast till it's nearly cold. The modification is to drop a resistor of around 1.5k in series with the thermostat - that makes the fan idle at a moderate speed (and quietly) all the time, just kicking up to full speed if the temperature gets high.

The regulator is a two pin device screwed into the heatsink right behind the volt meter - it's a normally closed switch which opens when it gets hot - just unsolder either wire and drop in a series resistance to taste - 1.5k seems right to me.

Obviously, like any modification, you do it at your own risk - probably invalidates all guarantees and don't blame me if you blow the PSU, your rig, or both!!!

G4REK Rating: 2007-10-04
GOOD Time Owned: more than 12 months.
A nice p.s.u....but why don't manufacturers add overvoltage protection which is the most important protection feature of all, forget overcurrent..i always add a crowbar circuit to the output terminals which has saved a ft847 when a 2n3055 decided to go dead short on a expensive p.s.u......
GM1EXK Rating: 2004-03-09
Solid PSU for a good Price but NOISY! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This seems to be a solid PSU

+The Build Quality is very good
+The PSU gives a good stable output
+No apparent RF noise/immunity problems
+Meters accuratly report the Voltage and Current
+The voltage is variable (though this is of no use to me, I just need 13.8 solid for all the gear)
+Protection for short circuit and overcurrent
+Good value for money (about half the price of an equivalent 'branded' Yaesu or Icom PSU)

-Did I mention NOISE!? When the fan kicks on (which it seems to do often even with a low current draw it's LOUD! Far too LOUD.. I acturally need to turn the Volume up on the radio to compensate for it. I'm tempted to try and mod the PSU with a slower/less noisy fan.

All in all a Very good PSU at a good price. Will power any 100W HF set with no problems and looks like it will last. However I hate big noisy fans, silence is golden! If i'm trying to hear a weak HF signal.. then that's all I want to hear.