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Reviews For: IOTA DLS-45 Switching Power Supply

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Review Summary For : IOTA DLS-45 Switching Power Supply
Reviews: 5MSRP: 210.00
A 45 amp, regulated and filtered power supply and battery charger.
Product is in production
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N1YG Rating: 2006-09-05
Great Power Supply Time Owned: more than 12 months.
For over two years now I've owned and heavily use my IOTA DLS-45. I run it 24/7 to power my TS-2000, AT-200, TM-V708 and a couple of other toys and it has never let me down. It's not pretty but it sure handles the equipment I run and the price was good at $145 shipped. This is one power supply I would highly recommend. And it will charge a battery with the addition of the IQ4 "Smart Charger". ($28) I get 45 amps of clean power and I didn't go broke doing it. If I need more, I can easily twin two 45's together and double my output to 90 amps.

The battery back-up mentioned before is also a great use for the IOTA and next on my to do list.

Dave, N1YG
KC2MLZ Rating: 2006-03-28
mixed opionon Time Owned: more than 12 months.
works great....bought it off ebay to use with my 706MKIIG...
was broken into and had my place turned upside down..
unfortunatly this included my power supply..
as result a screw used to clamp down terminal to power supply was lost...

repeated attempts to get this screw from manafacturer has failed..

if not for this i would have rated it a 6 out of 5.......
but now i must call it a 3 out of 5

W8SWL Rating: 2006-03-18
Solved 2 problems with one item Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have been powering the ham shack with a 6 yr old Wal Mart 105 AH battery and a 1.5 amp Smart Charger. This would be fine unless I started drawing a lot more power than normal. Plus I am about to add more power hungry equipment. And my mains PS, an old Pyramid 25 amp had died.

I got an Iota DLS-45 with the IQ Controler built in for under $100 on E-Bay. 45 amps is more than I need, but you have to plan for the future, too. The battery is now staying in tip top shape voltage wise, but it's practical life won't last much longer as 6 years is a long time for a deep-cycle. I paid $89 for it in 1999 and I can buy 115 AH deep-cycles at Walmart now for only $55 each. When this one dies, I plan to replace with two battery's in parallel and double my capacity.

I highly recommend this for anyone who also plans to have a battery backup system. It'll handle both your daily power needs and keep your battery topped off for that unexpected emergency.

W3PH Rating: 2004-03-24
Excellent power supply Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I've been using a DLS-45 for several months to run my 12V equipment (Pegasus, various accessories), and it has been an excellent performer. I can't detect any RF noise coming from the DLS-45, and the voltage is stable under all the loads I've presented it with.

It may help that I'm using the DLS-45 to feed a 90AH AGM battery, since the battery acts as a giant capacitor. I do this partly because we lose power a lot in my rural location, and partly because I figured the battery would soak up any power-up spikes (though there aren't supposed to be any) from the power supply.

The DLS-45 was designed mainly for the RV market, where it's used to keep lead-acid batteries charged while near AC mains. Puts out 13.6 in normal mode, but comes with a plug that when inserted changes the voltage to 14.2. There's also an "IQ Controller" device available that's designed to be used for keeping batteries in good shape under long-term charge.

I use another DLS-45 with a pair of big deep-discharge marine batteries and an Exceltech sine-wave inverter for AC backup, for those multi-day power outages that we sometimes get in the winter. This combination works very well and would probably run my ham gear for a week if that's all it had to do (it's used for lights, fridge, and to keep the pellet stove running).

There's no on/off switch, and the unit isn't designed to be admired - it's utilitarian, and is usually placed out of sight somewhere and left running at all times.

The fan is temperature-controlled. I've managed to get it to come on at a low rpm (can't hear it) under heavy load, but most of the time it isn't needed and doesn't run.

These units are frequently sold via eBay (where I got mine) and are a good value at prevailing eBay prices.
KR3DX Rating: 2004-03-23
OK quality Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This power supply probably deserves a 5 rating for function, I gave it a 4 rating because the enclosure is not very attractive and the output terminals could be better and there is no on/off switch. This ps is also designed to be a battery charger, so the output voltage is set just a bit lower than the usual 13.8 v. (This prevents overcharging a battery when the ps is used for that purpose). Using my Fluke 87 multimeter, I measure 13.62 volts at idle and 13.47 volts when drawing about 10 amps. AC ripple measures just 2.2 millivolts, which is almost as good as a linear ps. This unit has a "porportional" fan, that is the fan speed slowly increases as the internal temperature rises, although my ps has only got slightly warm and my fan has never run, even at low speed. This ps seems to have been designed with the "commercial" market in mind, so the enclosure is very utilitarian in appearance, bare aluminum (aluminium outside of the US, hi) with a sticker on top with the logo and specs printed on it. Inside, the board and components appear robust, though I noticed that 2 resistors in a bundle of about five or six have one of their leads cut. I looked at the 35 amp and 55 amp supplies from IOTA, they appear identical, I wonder if the cut resistor leads are what differentiates the 35 amp from the 45 amp from the 55 amp....hmmmmm.....anyway the only operational gripe is the output connectors which are screw type clamping devices which could be more robust, in my opinion, and the lack of an on/off switch. This supply won't look too pretty sitting on the desk in the shack (it doesn't even come with rubber feet), but you can probably hide it on the floor out of sight, where it will continue to run for a long time without any problems.