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Reviews For: Diamond F22A

Category: Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Omnidirectional: verticals, mobile, etc

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Review Summary For : Diamond F22A
Reviews: 12MSRP: 99.95
2 meter monoband vertical, 6.7db gain, 10.5 ft long, 2 7/8 wave, white fiberglass radome, 112 mph rated
Product is in production
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K3TCR Rating: 2018-07-28
Excellent antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
While I replaced a mere home made vertical dipole I made for 2M with this Diamond F22a, I must say I am very impressed with it. I have it at about 35-40 high at the feed point and it was a huge improvement. Assembly was very simple, using just a few basic hand tools and it was together in just a few minutes.

As for performance, I hit a repeater in State College, PA (W3YA), which is 83 miles from me. One local, in Maryland, who I had previously unable to hold a qso above the noise floor, can now be worked on 20 watts without noise.

Needless to say, I am very impressed. If dbd os truly the reference for an antenna's performance, I have it seen it first hand with this antenna and can say that while the 6.7db(?) Claim may be a bit over-zealous, it certainly has a lot of gain and you won't be disappointed with this monobander!
SV3EXP Rating: 2015-10-20
Excellent for single band Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I own this antenna for more than 20 years. Never had a single issue, the performance is remarkable. I had to put it down a few months ago because I was moving, and the only defect was that the outer shield of the fiberglass was looking like white powder. It had no structural effects on the antenna though. But when I touched it with my fingers the powder was removed and the fiberglass became transparent. 20+ summers exposed under the hot Greek sun and it still stands still. The aluminium base was a bit corroded by only in surface.
WM4YD Rating: 2014-12-28
Rock SOlid Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned my F22A since 2001 with no complaints!

Very good construction, good gain and solid performance.

The only issue I've ever had was when I took the antenna down to move to a new house, I lost the small coupler that joins the internal wire together. I couldn't get any response from the manufacturer to find a replacement. I took care of that with a small clamp from the hardware store.

This antenna has been a good one. It was more than the MSRP is now (I bought mine long ago), but it is worth it.

One word on the mounting clamps. Make sure you don't overtighten the nuts on the u-bolts. The "hinese" stainless steel like to strip easily and corrodes after a year or so, but with mine being up near the ocean for 12 years, it wasn't too bad.
K4ROX Rating: 2014-05-01
Nice Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Great 2 meter antenna. Hears well, too. Took down the dual band and put this up. Performs much better.
K6POW Rating: 2013-06-16
Great Choice for a new-ticket dedicacted to 2-Meter Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Wow! This is a fantastic antenna! I just got my Ticket and decided that 2 Meter was all I wanted or needed for the foreseeable future. I mounted this antenna using three, 5-foot mast poles and a 3-foot tripod, which is sitting in my backyard. Using a Kenwood 281 Mobile on 65 watts, I was able to participate in my first Net, which was over 90 miles away with a 3000 ft. mountain range in between! All the regional repeaters (withing 50 miles) are no problem hitting with good QSO reports.
By comparison, my (only) recent experience was using a 5W HT and a rollup j-pole, strung up in a tree in my backyard at the same height as the F22A.., I could receive repeaters in the area, but could only hit out to 5 miles or so. Though the overall investment in a dedicated 2 meter antenna system, including mast and cable is much more than just a roll-up jpole, it allows me to fully participate in regional 2-meter, which is well worth the extra cost to me.
GABRESEVEN Rating: 2012-06-11
Bst VHF Antenna I've Ever Used Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had my F-22 since 1995, and purchased it at HRO in Anaheim California. It's the absolute best VHF mono band antenna I've ever used. The SWR is 1:1 on 146, and never goes higher than 1:2 elsewhere on 2 meters at 50 watts. And I brought it with me when I relocated here to Hawaii, and it's still going strong - it survived shipping all the way here too...

I use it primarily for VHF air and VHF marine receive at my new QTH here on the windward side of Oahu, and it does a great job on those bands as well...

I love this antenna so much, I just ordered another one and it will be dedicated to 2 meters...

I can think of nothing negative to say about this antenna. I've used others and for me the Diamond F-22A is my antenna of choice...
KT4EP Rating: 2011-06-02
On top of the Tower at 55 feet Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've tested the F22A at 15 and 20 feet compared to my Cushcraft 270 at 55 feet. The Diamond's receive at 20 feet was comparable to the Cushcraft at 55 feet. Today, despite mid 90 degree temperatures, I put the Diamond on top of the tower. The support U shape brackets that came with it fit perfectly on the ROHN 25 top/mast piece so I did not need a secondary mast to attach it too. I assembled everything on the ground and my wife helped with the ropes as I pulled it to the top. I also put one of those lightning arrestors on the bottom of the antenna before attaching the coax - using mix of Tandy and International Wire RG8X - which is about a 125 foot run from the shack. Feed by my Yaesu FT-2900, top transmission power of 75 watts yielded an SWR of 1.3:1. SWR relative to your own situation, of course. Initial testing with local Memphis friends on simplex is showing the stations that were weaker are a bit stronger. One person said my signal was weaker but my audio was stronger?! The flatter radiation pattern probably caused this. I am also hearing hams in north Mississippi on reverse into a repeater about 25 miles south of my house. I can only hope this Diamond lasts as long as the Cushcraft which has been outdoors since 1992!

Earlier 5-star review posted by KT4EP on 2011-05-22

Cushcraft 270 bought in 1992 & on the tower most of the time. The F22A appears to fit my requirements for a new VHF antenna, I don't work much 70cm. Tested so far on a 16 foot and 20 foot TV antenna mast which are a bit light weight for the F22A even when the masts are guyed. But I noticed immediately the antenna favors contacts 5 miles or more away than the closer contacts which I contribute to the flat radiation pattern of the F22A and take off angle as compared to the 270 at 55 feet. In fact, one close contact got a bit weaker as I raised the F22A just 4 more feet.

The F22A appears to be good quality. I was a bit skeptical when I examined the fiberglass shell as it appears a bit thin but when I put the two sections together it seems strong and stout. There wasn't much of the whip to insert into the bottom piece. My first test with the F22A at 16 feet fed by a brand new 100 foot run of Cable Experts RG mini 8, gave me a flat 1:1 to 1 SWR. However, the next day I moved the antenna 4 feet higher to a different location fed by just 25 feet of older International Wire mini 8 and the SWR was 1:5 to 1. I may have altered the whip length when I moved it, or the coax is not up to snuff, however, 1:5 to 1 is within recommended tolerance. I have some RG 213 I will test next for my feedline.

Get some help pushing the antenna up on a push pole if over 15 feet, it gets wobbly on you due to the length of the antenna. I think after the rains and winds get out of here, I am going to really test the Diamond more thoroughly and eventually put it on top of my tower.

BTW, I bought this antenna partially on the recommendation of another ham who has used a similar Diamond product for over 15 years and it has survived multiple storms and fell over one time and keeps on working just fine.
KC0LXL Rating: 2011-05-18
Good Antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased this antenna around 9 years ago, and first used it 5 years ago to use on 2 Meters and to monitor the railroad band (160-161MHz). I mounted the antenna on the sink pipe of a 1 story house and clearly worked repeaters within a 40 miles range. It heard the railroads just fine. After a move and 4 years later I dug the antenna back out. Some parts were missing so I called diamond and had replacement parts within a week! Got the antenna together and all is still working well. I have it mounted to PVC and the PVC is sitting in a 5 gallon Menards bucket filled with rock on the deck. Its still working all 2 Meter repeaters in the 40-50 mile range and simplex I get 15 miles. I can't wait to get this antenna on a tower someday with some height!!!
GM7PBB Rating: 2005-01-28
Excellent Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have two Diamond F22A's one is over 10 years old and the other just over 3, I live in the outer Hebrides IO68UM and we have just had around 130mph Hurricane winds for over 8 hours, my main F22 is 55 feet in the air below my Mosley TA33 and Trident 50Mhz 7 element, both of which bent or snapped in the winds but my trusty F22 is still there just as straight as the day it went up there. These are excellent 2m verticals and would never be with out one. I used to have a Diamond 510X a few months back and that snapped at just over 70mph........
N3PKC Rating: 2005-01-11
Nice design! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've had it up for less than a week and so far, so good. I like the overall design and construction compared with other brands I've bought in the past. I've got a Comet GP-15 about 20 feet higher and the F22A blows it away on two meters, receive and transmit. I didn't have to mention the new antenna to FM simplex friends; they could tell right away by the big signal.