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Review Summary For : ICOM AH3
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automatic antenna tuner
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BG8VZ Rating: 2019-04-26
Good automatic tunner Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I buy a whole new ICOM AH3 tunner from a dealer with $73.00 .This product was made several years ago maybe older than me .I used it on my IC-9100,It works well with low SWR 1.0-1.5 from 160m to 10m band.I use 42.55 meters main wire and 4 branch 5.31 meters negative wire .It works well ,not so quick as ICOM AH4,but enough for me .It’s easy for me to receive signal from 18,000km away .It's not so hard to communicate with others .I think it's a cheap scheme for outdoor use .
LU8HRW Rating: 2016-02-15
Simply and good ATU Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The ICOM AH-3 is a good automatic tuner. It works well with the IC-725 but much better with the IC-728, the latter has a better processor. we must be aware that a long wire antenna is not the best choice for use in town or in noisy rf places.So, it is ideal for mobile use. I use a grounding pole and / or counterpole. 73 Jorge LU8HRW
N7LT Rating: 2012-02-17
Excellent tuner! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I've been using my tuner for over 20 years. It spent the first 10 years traveling over 1.5 million miles in 4 pick-up's throughout Yellowstone and Teton national parks and the surrounding area. Rough roads and lots of 'weather torture'. The tuner on my Ford Ranger with an 8 foot whip could tune down to 80 meters. Not efficient of course on 40 and 80 but could still check into 80 meter nets in the late afternoon and be heard all over the state of Montana. On 20 meters and up, worked fantastic and with just the touch of the tune button, I never had to take my eyes off the road to tune up...a dangerous thing in Yellowstone Park. The last 8 years it spent on my roof in a temporary location feeding a 120 foot wire. Worked ok considering it didn't even have a ground other than the tripod on the roof at 20 feet and the coax shield back to the rig. Finally pulled it down this past summer, cleaned it up this fall, lots of weather beat it up over the years. Resoldered 8 cracked/bad solder joints and reassembled. This time mounted it about 18 inches off the ground with a ground rod 2 inches from the tuners ground connection. Ran out a 265 wire about 25 feet off the ground and now it plays on 160 - 6 meters like a champ! My signal is on par with the other guys on 160 and 80 meters. Even got in the CQ 160 CW contest while testing the antenna. Made 71 contacts in about 5 hours. FUN! Just picked up a 'like new' AH3 for 100 bucks! Going to set that unit up too for my other HF rig! THESE ARE GREAT TUNERS!!!
KG4COQ Rating: 2011-10-07
AH-3 still going... Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Last rewiew had used this tuner with a bunch of hamsticks on my truck topper and all was very well.
For the last 3 months I have had a HS-1500 High Serria screwdriver replacing the hamsticks.
Still use the tuner after finding the correct setting for the antenna tuning. The SO-239 Bulkhead conversion still works great. Allows me to use coax from the tuner to the antenna.

Great tuner, wish it did 6 meters though.


Earlier 5-star review posted by KG4COQ on 2009-05-02

AH-3 does all that it is made for and then some !

Installed inside my 2006 Ford Ranger,I use it on my original 706 with any type of whip made for 80-10 meters.SWR is tuned down to 1.7 or less on all hf bands.
Tuner tunes flawlessly with any hf antenna I put on the back of the topper. I have hamsticks and a 102 inch SS whip and it tunes everything.
The SS whip gets rid of the engine noise as well that I hear when using hamsticks.
I did the SO-239 BULKHEAD CONVERSION to the tuner with GREAT results. The tuner still has the longwire connection as well but it has the white boot on it and is not used for tx.
When I did the conversion THE RECEIVE ON RADIO WENT UP 1-2db. Tuner is still grounded to truck but at 2 points,at the antenna mount on topper and at the grounding post on tuner.
If you find this gem and need one snag it quick...You wont be sorry !!!
G3VGR Rating: 2004-07-25
Very good Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought my AH3 from another ham about 18 months ago because my AT11, mounted remotely at the end of the garden about 60ft from the shack, wasn't too good at tuning a 130ft endfed on 160 & 80 metres. The AH3 fulfilled that function perfectly and also tuned the longwire on all other hf bands with no problem. I'm currently using it with a 44ft doublet after using both the longwire and a 300ohm feeder-fed Windom. In an attempt to maintain balance, I placed a homemade W2DU 1:1 choke balun just before the tuner. I haven't measured RF current in each side of the feeder, but the antenna radiates well. I also really appreciate the PTT tune function when used with my IC706, which makes for quick & lazy QSY'ing. The only problem so far was caused by a fox chewing through the control cable, so I plan to run the CAT5 control cable & feeder through some PVC wastepipe to stop this happening again. I'm completely satisfied with the AH3's performance. The only minor criticism is that the cable glands are far too large and intended for much thicker cables than the ones supplied, so I had to use liberal amounts of coaxseal to keep the box watertight.
LU5DDX Rating: 2004-06-21
muy bueno Time Owned: more than 12 months.
exelente sintonizador de antena para movil o hilo largo .
yo lo coloque en un mastil a 70 mts de altura en mi departamento y como antena un latigo para bc 27 mhz de 2.5 mts 8ft y el cable de cuatro conductores para colocarlo remoto lo alarge .
con un ic 725 con el ic 706 o con el ic 728 funcionaron a la perfeccion nunca me manifesto no entrar en sintonia .
con un alambre de 25 mts 80 ft tambien funciona perfectamente , colocando una contraantena en el borne de maza de cuaquier longitud mejora aun el trabajo .ideal para espacios reducidos o antena de emergencia ,vacaciones etc.
realmente anda jorge desde Bs.As