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Reviews For: Daiwa RF-440 RF Speech Processor

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : Daiwa RF-440 RF Speech Processor
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RF Speech Processor, inserts between microphone and transceiver input. Increases overall loudness and punch of transmitted signal. (No longer manufactured). QST review April, 1979.
Product is in production
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K5ULB Rating: 2019-04-03
It's a pile up breaker Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Our second review ,I and KC1CWW have used the RF440 for over six years now and use it 100% of the time .We get 10DB gain with a signal width of 2.2 KCs at 1200 miles out. We leave the gain knob at 10 O:clock ,output knob at 10 to 12 o:clock. before using the RF440 we'd call many times the DX stations, but now 99% of the calls we make to them the dx calls us now. We see one for sale about every years. KC1CWW bought the UR6QW 8 band processor, but after testing it out for one month ,says it's another disappointment only giving five DB gain, KC1CWW uses a TS870 and IC7300 I use a T4XC with a D104 ,both use a KW linear. March 4 019 Bruce ZS1SBW gave KC1CWW a four s unit gain ,RF440 off to on. I tried the DX Engineering compressor ,but gave it away the first day I used the RF440

Earlier 5-star review posted by K5ULB on 2019-03-07

I and KC1CWW use a DAIWA RF440 100% of the time we get a 10DB gain with a signal width of 2.2 KCs We both set the gain control at 10 O:clock output at 10 to 12 O;CLOCK .both have used it for six years now. one comes up for sale about every two years on the web sites. We both wish DAIWA would start building them again , We both have a QSO Sunday and Wednesday 3 PM EST at 14.335 to 40 .We'll demonstrait it on the air for it's operation .HE has a TS820,TS870,IC7300 I still use Drake It's a pile up breaker 99% of the time we both use kilowatt amps. We hope you check in with us , None of his built in compressors deliver the audio and signal punch
W6KM Rating: 2011-01-30
The old is new Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have owned and used this unit for about 15 to 20 years. It is really useful for rigs that do not come with a built in RF speech processor. Even some of the earlier rigs that only came with audio processing, such as the Kenwood TS-120's and TS-130's. Let me tell you on the air with the RF-440 properly operated and it is hard to tell that your not running a $$$$$$ rig. I keep mine for use with my backup TS-130S. Makes a great setup. I see that Ten-Tec is now producing a similar unit so I have to guess there is a demand that Daiwa is not filling. If you find one and have an older rig, you don't have to spend $$$$$ for all the outboard add on's that are now being pushed to make the expensive rigs sound like AM. I agree the instructions are a bit flaky but it is simple to set up on the air.
K0IZ Rating: 2005-03-14
Great RF Speech Clipper - Buy it. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Hard to find, but worth it. I'm using with a KWM2A, which of course doesn't have any processor. I set up according to the (poorly written) instructions, and spent quite a bit of time on the air testing various settings. What I found is that if operated per instructions, absolutely no deteriation in quality of audio (spec is less than 3% distortion for 20db clipping!). And average output is much higher. Did what it was supposed to do. Highly recommended.