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Review Summary For : Penninger Tipper
Reviews: 18MSRP: 329.95
A portable tipping base for your mast. designed with Home Land Security Emergency Communications in mind, this base is intended to deploy rapidly in the field. The folding legs adjust for uneven terrain and fold up for compact portability. The Mdl-36 is designed to handle a 36 foot mast with a vertical antenna on top. The optional mast clamps have a convenient mounting hole for guy wire connection. Also great for FIELD DAY or camping.
Light weight & rugged
Highly portable
Deploys rapidly

Product is in production
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W5PDQ Rating: 2019-12-10
Better late than never on a great product Time Owned: more than 12 months.
First... Let me say, I'm sorry for taking so long to give my late review. I've purchased the 33 foot 2" snap tube Tipper package at Dayton around 2008. I've used this setup in many ways. More recently, I've used the Tipper Base and Snap tubes for a quick solid assembly for my Leo-Pack Satellite antennas. Please see my pics on
My next project is to purchase some 1 1/2" Snap tubes and Snap joiners for a quick assembly cross boom for my satellite antennas (Omnidirectional Quadrifilar Helix) from Myers Engineering International, Inc. which is required for my small lot in Florida.
What a great product, made to last with the fit and feel an old Machinist knowing GD&T like myself would truly know how to appreciate. I've never had anything that is so quick to setup, that's as solid and stable as my Tipper assembly with Snap Tubes and Joiners.
Stan W5PDQ.
W9HI Rating: 2017-08-29
Charles Penninge's Tippers are the best !! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
In 2005 I requested Charles to design a mast system to hold a 90ft folded dipole on a roof exposed to all the elements that the Chicago area could provide. Well he took his tippers and masts, devised a mounting base for three tippers and we erected the antenna flawlessly. That antenna had to be taken down in 2014 and the only thing that needed work was the folded dipole. The masts and tipper bases were as pristine as the day we placed them on the roof. I have continued to utilize the tippers for field days and for our outreach programs at local farmers markets. And just a few weeks ago for the solar eclipse I used one of my tippers and set up a portable station mounting a Cushcraft R-7 right on the tipper. The system worked great. Charles is a clever engineer and his designs are so good that I can erect the antenna in about ten minutes. Another friend is using a tipper base for his new rotatable HEX beam. If you ever need a clever and quick way to erect an antenna I would suggest that you call Penninger Radio for a solution. After all these years I am still using the original stainless hardware. You can't go very many places if any and get this type of quality for the money.. The tipper and mast systems are the most versatile devices I have ever used. The folks in our radio club continue to come up with new ways to use a tipper and its mast system..
K0CCP Rating: 2015-10-05
Bullet Proof System Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Apart from having to wait over a month to get the Tipper and numerous contacts both by phone and email were not returned efficaciously, I finally received the Tipper. I also order the OutBack guying system. The aluminum is first rate and very heavy. The poles are eight feet in length, times four. The sleeves that connect the poles together are very stout. The 1/4" stainless hardware that holds the sleeves together had some crummy stainless nylon nuts that caused the screws to break. I replaced them with class 8 zinc steel with nylocks.

I plan to put the pole system to work with a TexHex 5 bander on top with a Cushcraft FM dual bander underneath it and under that, terminate one end of a OCF 80-6m wire to cover 40 and 80m. On the very bottom, I will incorporate a Yuasu 1000HDX rotor at the junction of the base pole and the first Tipper pole. While you may make a comment that there is a lot of "stuff" on the pole, actually the TexHex is but 37 pounds, the dual bander FM is barely 5 pounds. The pole itself will be guyed by three 3/8" lines and the OCF wire which will be tethered to a 40' TV tower 160 feet away.

If I were to rate the service to get the Tipper I would rate it poor. But the system is bullet proof and well designed. I don't know if Penninger is having business issues or what, but it took almost two weeks to hear back from the owner. I almost charged back the credit card order and purchased something else. Once we connected, it still took two weeks to get the product. The owner said he is by himself, that doesn't bode well for business.
AB9UU Rating: 2013-02-05
Recent user report Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I bought of these for use on vacation. It is solid as a rock and easily adjustable. I plan on buying another of their tilt mast products for a new vertical antenna I plan on putting up this spring.
WH7W Rating: 2012-04-29
Excellent product/Personal service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Review is overdue, but I finally got to use part of the Tipper System I purchased more than a year ago. As mentioned in other reviews, Charles was there to answer questions and provide custom tubing sections.

Quality is outstanding. All tubing/snap tubes are deburred and machining/fit/finish is first class.

This has got to be the ultimate, stable-compact-portable mast for Field Day, EMCOMM, etc. that one person can rapidly deploy.
WF7T Rating: 2012-02-28
Beyond expectation! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I was not really aware how well these poles are machined until I received my product. I ordered a set of snap tubes, snap connectors and guy rings. I asked for the bottom and top tubes to have custom swagged to add another 1/8" wall thickness (1/4" wall in total for 6" into top and bottom tubes for increased clamping strength.)

The snap connectors are machined perfectly with heavy-duty spring assemblies for the stops. Each connector snaps into very subtly machined tubing with very close tolerances for a perfect fit. The guy rings are thick aluminum with a heavy plastic insert to allow the tubing to rotate.

My application is 33' snap mast (guyed by 1/4" dacron ropes) supported by a Glen Martin 4-foot roof tower (on concrete piers). Rotated at the base by a CD-45. Antenna is a wire yagi of my own construction similar to the Optibeam.

This is an outstanding support pole!
N2DY Rating: 2011-10-24
High Quality Product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Tipper is a really neat product and it is very well made. I purchased it to support a ZeroFive 10-40 vertical antenna. It makes for a very solid base. It was very easy to tip up the 27+ foot ZeroFive vertical plus some heavy duty masting. It made it a one man job. The Tipper is a clever product and I can see how it would be a portable operator's dream since it folds up into a compact and reasonably light-weight package for transport.

I have purchased Peninger products previously and am not surprised that the Tipper lives up to the same high level of quality that I have seen before. You can't go wrong with the Tipper.
AB5EQ Rating: 2010-04-29
Completely Satisfied Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased a Tipper along with some mast and clamps in February. Due to inclimate weather and other obligations, I`ve just now used the Penninger products to put up a 10-40 vertical.
Charles was very helpful and patient with me as I tried to decide on what I needed. And man, are his products built to last!!
Great products and great service.

Melvin, AB5EQ
N9XHL Rating: 2009-12-16
33" Tipper Package Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Recieved the 33" Tipper Package and was immediately impressed with the craftsmanship of this product. No sharp or rough edges; everything fits well. It's also obvious that these components were designed to last under whatever punishment or harsh treatment given. The ability to stand this mast up by myself is also a big plus for me. Could not have asked for better service. You will never see my Tipper Package on E-bay, this thing is a keeper!! My future plans are to get involved in public service emergency communications. I'm sure this mast will see lots of action. I agree with a previous reviewer, once the ham radio community sees what a terrific product this is, the waiting list is going to be huge!!! Thanks Charles@Penninger Radio for an awesome addition to my ham radio gear. Dave N9XHL
WA6RZR Rating: 2009-06-16
Antenna experimenters dream come true. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
What a piece of well thought out work! Engineering & machining state of the art.
I bought the 33 foot snap tube Tipper package
& have tested 3 experimental antennas on it to date( 2 failures & one success hi).
My advice, get one now before the Ham community
picks up on this masterpiece & like Steppir, be
put on a 3 month waiting list.