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Reviews For: Russian Triodes GS31/GS35b

Category: Electron Tubes

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Review Summary For : Russian Triodes GS31/GS35b
Reviews: 4MSRP: 120
Big smokers from the former soviet union,
H.F. >1000mhz 1000/1500w dissipation.
Rugged cost effective equivalent to Eimac.
Product is in production
More Info: http://
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KI7AQJ Rating: 2016-08-22
Heart of my latest home brews! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Running this off of some Navy surplus 6200 VCT plate transformers, in a home brew linear. It works a treat, and did not break the bank. $300 for the tube and the socket. Air cooling supplied by a squirrel cage blower, and a Dwyer Photohelic manometer monitoring device. It will put out the legal limit easily.
W4NFR Rating: 2010-08-13
GS-35B Triode HF Amp Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I built a home brew HF amplifier using the GS-35B Russian Triode and it is a wonderful amp. Very smooth to tune and it is very efficient. The most important part is to provide plenty of forced air (130 CFM) cooling. Mine uses vacuum variables, vac relays and a roller inductor. After using and breaking in the amp for a month now, the efficiency has improved with age! The tube is a great replacement for the 8877 and at a much better price. The removable bolt on Copper Cooler Heat Sink is a great idea and makes spare tubes very reasonable. I believe my original tube was $130+ship and the spare was $75 without cooler.
I have dubbed my amplifier the "Poor Boy's Alpha"
I use 3200 VDC Plate voltage, set Fil voltage 12.6 VAC and run 100 mA idel current and drive with a TS-870 transceiver.
S58F Rating: 2009-04-12
GS35B Low cost Russian Military tube..5/5 ++ Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I am use homemade amplifier who provides 1500+ output from 160m to 6m band.
I uses this low cost GS35B Russian power triode beacuse the price is realy nice (80 euro)
GS35B nide GOOD COOLING.. if you put good external air blower fan the tube will work for years. Some Russian data sheets show the GS35B anode cooling requirement to be 2500 liters/minute.

73 de S58F ERIC
W2APE Rating: 2005-02-01
Replace that expensive 8877 for cheap Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently experienced a tube failure in my Harris AM-7224/URC. This amplifier uses the 8877. After doing a little research on the internet, it was decided to see if substitution of a Russian GS-35B into this amp would be relatively painless. The idea was based on the price of 8877's being out of sight. I also found plenty of info on the WWW blaming 8877 failures on some bad production runs. My dud 8877 had a grid to cathode short (only with the filament warmed up!) and a 1986 date code. I'm not totally convinced that there were bad tube batches but I'm not taking any chances.
The GS-35B has different filament requirements so a new filament transformer and current limiter were purchased from R.F. Parts. A homebrew bi-filar choke was fabricated. The Harris originally had the filament transformer directly to the tube's heater terminals and this is supposed to be bad design. A little metal work and a PVC chimney were fitted. The new tube's copper anode is much larger than the 8877's and just fits in my application. The plate connection is held to the copper anode using a large automotive galvanized hose clamp. Be careful not to over tighten as the copper structure will distort easily. The Harris uses a complicated circuit for bias which runs around 8 Volts. The GS-35B has a lower amplification factor than the 8877 so it would need more bias Voltage. I simply added several 50 Watt Zener's in series with the original cathode return connection. My amp runs 3350 Volts under load. It took an extra 18 Volts of Zener bias to give desired idling current.
The amplifier now runs almost exactly the way it did when it had the 8877. There is a small difference in drive impedance. I was originally not too happy with the load presented to my TS440 driver in the first place (even with the 8877). I use a pi-net tuner to trim the drive SWR and keep the TS440 from folding back output power. The cooling system in the AM-7224 is based on a high speed fan. There is an exhaust air temp sensor which will produce a fault condition and take the amp off line in the event of hot exhaust air. I found the amp knocking itself off line when running high duty cycle modes. The addition of a large squirrel cage blower to help the original fan took care of the problem. The amplifier will now do 1500 Watts out without problems.
I would recommend substitution of a GS35B at H.F. when it will physically fit and a 25% increase in drive power is available. This tube seems like a real bargain.