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Reviews For: dBx PRO Digital Dynamics Processor.

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : dBx PRO Digital Dynamics Processor.
Reviews: 1MSRP: $$$ EHMmm...LET's ASK.
DDP by dBx is Unique Digital Audio Dynamics Processor.
That employs 24~Bit AD / DA Converters True Stereo And
Power Processor.
Product is in production
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W6PMR Rating: 2008-01-19
Good but complicated Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I picked this processor up used at my local Guitar Center a few months back while I was there buying some rack screws. BTW music stores can sometimes be a great place for rack mount hardware!
In a nutshell this is one complex piece of gear, menu after menu and scrolling galore. It does have 100 preset "channels" to adjust EQ, de-essing, compression, and the noise gate.
You can put together any "chain" that you need or want. You can couple the EQ with just the compressor or stack it with the noise gate. Add to this you can adjust ANY parameter of ANY feature! Don't like the attack time on the compressor? adjust it in so many ways that it send you into a program frenzy.
If you do not have the instruction manual, (about 1/2" thick!) good luck.
I have it connected into the back of my 756Pro using the LDG-14 breakout box into the balenced modulator. I have ferrite beads on all input/output cables and no RF probs.
It is way to much for Ham use really, and although it works well there are other audio chain devises out there that are much easier to use than this one. But boy, those blinky blinky lights and that neeto LCD screen look cool ! Paul.