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Reviews For: Behringer REV-2496 V-VERB PRO

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : Behringer REV-2496 V-VERB PRO
Reviews: 1MSRP: $$$360 Usd.
Reference-Class Reverb Modeling Processor With High
Quality 24~Bit/96 Khz A/D D/A Converter,Providing "TWO"
Separate Effects Processor in "ONE" Unit
Product is in production
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VE7RF Rating: 2006-03-03
Superb ! ... for ESSB or professional studio use. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I also own a Behringer DSP-1024 digital reverb. This new REV-2496 blows it away... and any other digital reverb I have tried out. The REV-2496 is absolutely xtal clear. I also tried the digital input.... IE: digital OUTPUT of preceding DEQ-2496 EQ... fed the DIGITAL input of the REV-2496... thus eliminating one D/A.. and one A/D conversion.... worked superb. I switched back to analog... and NO difference... the analog in/out is ultra clean !

IF you do want to use the digital route.. from a DEQ-2496.... you MUST set the REV-2496 to "clock EXTERNAL"..... that way... the REV-2496 syncs to the preceding DEQ-2496. ..... IF you set the REV-2496 to the INTERNAL clocks.... you will hear a digital artifact... since the DEQ-2496 + REV-2496 clocks will never be quite in sync.

The REV-2496 reverb has 32 adjustments to tweak... PER algorithm... and it has 14 algorithms to choose from.

I use the "V-verb" algorithm, memory pre-set #102/103.... then tweaked from there. You can even split the passband into 3 x segments... and process each segment/band individually ! I split the 3 x bands up.. to match the 3 x bands in my Aphex 720 Dominator (3 x band/split band limiter/clipper).

This new unit from Behringer is top notch.... my only complaint is.... it has NO +4dbu/ -10dbv switch on rear panel. Max level is +16dbu.... which is sorta partway between typ +4dbu (+22dbu peak)... and -10dbv levels.

That's a moot point.... since the ouput of my REV-2496 feeds one channel of my APHEX-320-A compressor.... which in turn... feeds a constant level of audio to the remaining rack gear (Aphex 250 +Aphex 720)

My Buddy Nick.. WA7PZR has one.... and sez it blows away his $1200.00 Yamaha digital reverb. Nick uses both of his reverbs for professional use... in his recording studio.

At the typ $249.00 street price... you can't beat it... at any price . The REV-2496 (as does the DEQ-2496) also has a BNC connector on rear panel for an external clock source. This is used professionaly, in recording studio's, when several pieces of digital audio gear are used in series/parallel. The external 24 bit-96 khz clock, in turn, feeds all the digital gear... and keeps it all in sync.

You can't go wrong with this box, and it makes the reverb in the W2IHY... "EQ Plus" box.... sound like junk.

THD/IMD from the REV-2496 is zero. The various reverb algorithms are superb... also comes with 200 x factory pre-sets (that can be overwritten)... and 200 more pre-sets (that can't be overwritten). The LCD display is top notch.... telling you, at a glance, every parameter available.

The software can be upgraded, at any time, free, from Behringer's site.... never obsolete.

Later.... Jim VE7RF