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Reviews For: W5GI Mystery Antenna - K4TR Antenna Mfg & Wireman

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Review Summary For : W5GI Mystery Antenna - K4TR Antenna Mfg & Wireman
Reviews: 25MSRP: 53.99 to 172.99
Design by John W5GI. This antenna is a collinear array and resembles a G5RV with lots of gain on 20m. Works on the low bands with a tuner and out performs a G5rv on 40, 80, and 160m. It has 6 lobes broadside, and gain is amazing. If you live in a restricted area and have a way to put up a wire antenna that is 100 ft in total length, and has 6db gain on 20m, this is the antenna for you.

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KI5IO Rating: 2022-06-28
Great Antenna !! UPDATED Review Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is just an update on the W5GI Mystery Antenna that I've now had in use since 2010. It has worn very well in our hot Texas sun and I've not had to do any repairs or maintenance to the antenna.

I've had a number of conversations with K4TR and his support in answering my questions have always been just excellent.

The cost for the antenna is also well within a tight budget and Joe Dube (K4TR) has a number of other antenna options to choose from to suit an OM's needs.

As I've noted the W5GI Mystery Antenna is working very well for me in a limited suburban lot and at weird angles due to same.

I can heartily recommend this antenna and the support from Joe Dube (K4TR) is simply excellent.

73 - ki5io
Nolan K
Plano, TX

I've had the W5GI Mystery Antenna (from K4TR) in use for almost two years and am very pleased with its performance.

I have a limited suburban lot with 'no' trees so have put up fiberglass mast sections to create the supports at each end and middle. Middle support is clamped to my chimney giving me all of about 30' over grade.

Antenna tunes without any problem (I use an LDG AT-200Pro with my FT2000D) and I have received many comments about good copy.

It was worn well in the Texas heat for two years 'in the sun'.

It is well built and works well. A very good investment ... AND ... support from K4TR is superb.

Don't hesitate to look into this antenna and install it at your QTH.


Nolan Kienitz
Plano, TX
W2AAT Rating: 2018-10-27
he W5GI really works Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Years ago I was looking for an antenna to install in the woods behind my house. I should note that I live in a HOA, so the antenna had to be somewhat stealth. I came across Joe's web page and gave him a call. After about a half hour discussion, Joe suggested the W5GI. BOY, was he on the mark. I had used dipoles and a G5RV. The W5GI out performed these as well as other antennas.

I used the antenna for several years, then a tropical storm took the antenna down. Being an old timer, I decided to build my own.. Just like Joe's... Been using the W5GI ever since.

Important note: There those out there that say the antenna is bad because it can't be modeled. It may not model well, but it sure doesn't have a problem working the world. Also,with the nodes, the antenna is almost omni directional.I communicate in all directions...
K3DFL Rating: 2018-08-13
Amazing antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I was able to earn my WAS (digital) and DXCC (digital) with this antenna at about 25' and an old Kenwood TS-140S running 50w (with Kenwood AT-250 Tuner). Indeed, the ladder line is draped over my wooden fence as I an unable to get it up higher.

I was even able to get about 30 states on 160MHz with this antenna.

Overall an amazing antenna.

I am now running an IC-7300 and this antenna continues work extremely well.
K4DFH Rating: 2018-05-30
UNBeatable Antenna! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I must say that till now I have never actually bought an antenna. K4TR changed that. I had been off the air for several years, and when I went to go on air again, I had no junk box to build out of. I have never used anything but an 80m dipole with a tuner, and was really pretty happy with the set up. Getting back on the air, I decided to do a look-about to see what others were using, and their results. The W5GI just kept floating to the top of the list. I looked it up and started costing it out. Between parts and materials, with shipping, it was not a cheap proposition. Then I came across W4KTR's website with the W5GI. It turned out I could buy the antenna already assembled for not much more than the total of my materials list (with shipping). Certainly not enough more to justify ordering, waiting for parts and materials, and then building it.
My K4TR, 80/6 W5GI is now hung flat-top at about 17'. I don't get over 2.5:1 SWR at any portion of any band I have tried it on, but I have an MFJ 939, so why not use it... SWR is negligible wherever I tune. With the tuner, I can even work 160 with it. Performance is very good, even with the spring, 2018 propagation. I have made numerous DX contacts on 40 with it, and routinely get S7 to S9 reports from Europe to Russia. Not bad for 100 Watts and a wire.
I am impressed with K4TR's materials and construction. Materials appear to be first rate, and all joints are cleanly and solidly soldered. This is a VERY well made antenna. I expect, barring accidents of nature, this will be my last antenna.
W8BBM Rating: 2017-10-24
Simply Outstanding Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I was looking for an antenna to put up at my cottage station and I build this antenna 11 years ago on a whim from an article in the old CQ magazine. To my pleasant surprise this antenna performed incredibly well. I worked DX regularly on ALL BANDS including 160 meters. The antenna has been durable and has survived 11 wind blown summers and winters on the shores of Lake Huron without a single issue. Unfortunately I recently had to take it down as Ash Bore took out all of the Ash trees I had in the back yard leaving me short of areas to tie it off. I am now going to figure out how to put it exact same antenna back up. It looks no worse for the wear.

Earlier 5-star review posted by W8BBM on 2012-12-17

I found the original article from CQ some 5 years ago on this antenna and decided to build it as the primary antenna to my cottage station and it did not fail to impress. I have built and used many antennas in the past but in short, this antenna perfoms exceptionally well and had decent 2:1 or lower SWR on all bands except 17 and 30 but was still very usable there with a tuner. I have worked tons of DX with it and even some nice 160 meter DX on phone with the leads shorted as suggested. I am located on Lake Huron with very high winds being a regular occurance and the antenna has always stayed together just fine. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it would rival a beam but for $50 dollars in material and ability to work pretty much anything I can hear using only 100 watts, I struggle to find anything that could compete for the money. Build it and enjoy!!!
KD6SX Rating: 2017-05-03
Excellent wire antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had this antenna for over a year now and am very happy with it. I have it installed as an inverted vee with the top at 40 feet and the ends at about 15 feet.

The SWR is 3:1 or less on all bands except on 30 and 17 meters where it is considerably higher. But my rig's internal tuner tunes it just fine on all bands. I was surprised and pleased to discover that it is at least a couple of S units better than my 32 foot vertical on 40 meters and at least as good as my 132 foot doublet on 80 meters. It is very good, of course, on 20 meters since it was primarily designed for that band. It does a very adequate job on the rest of the bands also.

I had to experiment a little to get the right coax length to keep my rig's tuner happy. I ended up adding 8 feet to my initial coax length and that did the trick.

It's nice to have one wire antenna that works well on all the bands on which I operate--and without needing to keep tuning an external antenna tuner when I change bands.

Good antenna.


HB9EGO Rating: 2016-02-19
New world Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've had the W5GI Mystery Antenna from K4TR for almost two years somewhere in the shack waiting to being used! Last week I found the W5GI Antenna in a plastic bag and decided to make a last effort!
My QTH is surrounded by buildings and heavily wooded hills. A headache are the neighborhood and my lovely XYL! My most preferred equipment is the Drake TR7 line.
Till now I worked with OCD and end fed Antennas with various UNUNS and configurations. Contacts with the US or Asia was more than a dream.
With the W5GI I entered in a new world of Ham Radio.
For the first time I made QSO with US and Far East even with moderate propagation.
I would like to point out the good Service, Quality and quick delivery time of K4TR.
KC8RGV Rating: 2015-12-12
Great Antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I Bought The W5GI Mystery Antenna SR 160/6 And What A Awesome Antenna It Is My Lot Is 100/75 Feet And On My ROAM 45 G Tower At 50 Feet At The APEX It Fit Right In With No Problem And Looks Good To For A Wire I Am Having A Lot Of Fun On 160 With It Getting Good Reports On 80/40 Also But I Have The 80/6 Also And Get Good Reports On 80/6 On It As Well. What A Great Set Of Antennas They Are The Best Money I Have Spent For The Space That I Have. Awesome Antennas.
KT4XP Rating: 2015-07-02
Great 80 thru 6 antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have had this up for one month.I have used this on 80,40,30,20,17,15 and 6.(band condx on 12 and 10 seemed not good) all with good results.Today I worked Market Reef on 17 meter CW,I wont say it was easy with 100W and a wire antenna,but after a few calls and two or three repeats,I got through.17 meters is not that great a match on this antenna(a decent amount of SWR)but my ic-746 pro auto-tuner had no problems on any band.20 meters is the best performer for this antenna,(phase reversing stubs come into play on 20 meters)using the optional matching stub(20m) very low SWR.This antenna replaced a Carolina Windom in the same exact location,and I believe it beats it in performance Hands Down,No line radiation,etc.If your considering one of those antennas I would recommend the W5GI,and the line isolator for 20m from K4TR Joe Dube.Great service and fast shipping.The only mods I did was to replace the silicone sealant with polyurethane sealant and tightly over wrap the wire where it is wrapped at the end insulators with super 33 electrical tape(I get nervous when I cant solder that connection).It is configured as a flat top,the height is about 40 feet.
N7AG Rating: 2015-01-27
WORKS! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Built the Wireman version, initially used 20M tamer.

WORKS well 80m - 10m. Will use twin bleed & tuner in the future. Can't tell about 3db gain on 20m, however a good all-band antenna.

Earlier 5-star review posted by N7AG on 2011-11-27

Affordable, goes together easly, tunes OK on all bands w/internal tuner. (I have 20M 'Tamer'). Not sure abt gain, 80M a bonus. Can'tsee 160M, unless you use it as a short verticle - top loaded - against ground. If yoy have more or less 100 ft, this is a go-to antenna.