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Reviews For: Dentron MLX-Mini

Category: QRP Radios (5 watts or less)

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Review Summary For : Dentron MLX-Mini
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Monoband QRP HF transceiver. Only prototypes and a handful or production units were made for 80, 40, and 20 meters. Others were put together from leftover parts. Based on the Mizuho SG-9 board.
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KM4BA Rating: 2006-11-14
Neat little rig Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought a 75m version of the MLX-Mini at Dayton when Bill K5BDZ was selling the remnants of Dentron's stock.

It was used mobile for 2-3 years, as well as camping.

For it's day, it was about the most compact 25w HF rig you could get. Performance was on par with the larger Alda & Atlas mobiles.

Power usage was quite frugal with the LED and Dial lite's off.

The heart of the rig is the high quality SG-9 9 Mhz SSB module developed by Mizuhu.

It's not contest level in the selectivity area, but it does have an Xtal filter, and is on par with it's contemporaries in this regard.

The rig is easy to use, and appears to be reliable. The LED drivers have been known to fail, and the rig uses a frequency counter chip to display the frequency.

Once the radio comes up to operating temperature, it's vfo is quite stable. The frequency counter makes it easy to net.

The mechanical construction is very robust, better than many mainstream rigs. There was no evidence of microphonics, etc. In appearance and ruggedness it reminds you of the SGC-2020, but without some of the quality issues the SGC rig seemed never to be able to shake.

All in all, if I ran across another one I'd buy it. I've used a 20m version, and it was a blast.

On 75m, with a full sized dipole most cannot tell the difference between this radio and the traditional 100w HF station.

Have fun!

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