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Reviews For: ZeroFive Antennas Multiband Vertical

Category: Antennas: HF: Verticals; Wire; Loop

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Review Summary For : ZeroFive Antennas Multiband Vertical
Reviews: 118MSRP: 469.00
A Multiband vertical for 10 to 160m,41 foot tall feed with your coax or ladder line,For use with a tuner,Made from 6063 t832 AL tubing,Requires radials,5kw cw,10kw ssb pwr handling,Freestanding,Comes with base insulator and tube.
Product is in production
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KC9DAO Rating: 2008-01-03
GREAT VERTICAL Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I waited awhile before writing my review,So I could test it with my 100 foot longwire @ 36 feet.The vertical is ground mounted with 32 radials 50 feet long connected to one of the radial plates my company makes.
The vertical is stronger all the time on all bands.It has been through several ice storms and high winds and is still standing straight.The vertical is build stronger than all of the other antennas I have had.I am very pleased with the performance and it is well worth the money.
I use an Alinco DX77 And a Mfj auto tuner and 4 to 1 tuner balun.

N1JMS Rating: 2007-12-15
Excellent Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
If you must use a vertical this is the only one to consider. It works very well, almost always better than my wire antennas, especially on the lower bands. As the other reviewers state I can't say enough about Tom's customer service. Mine was custom built & disguised as a flagpole. It is built like a tank. We live on Lake Erie & within 10 days of installation we had 3 ice storms with high winds off the lake. Not only did the antenna stand-tall it still performed well, unlike my ice-covered wires, one of which didn't survive the ice.
N2YXW Rating: 2007-11-24
GREAT PRODUCT Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I finished my setup of this antenna three months ago and can not be more delighted with it's performance. I also have an 135ft OCF dipole @60ft. The vertical outperforms the wire by a few s units for most if not all DX contacts. I used the Array solutions tuner balun and connected 50+ radials to the DX Engineering radial plate. The built in tuner on my 746PRO and PW-1 Amp have no problem loading up all HF bands. I've worked KH's on 75m and a V5 on 40m and countless other DX contacts on the other bands, WITHOUT my PW-1 amp! I've painted the antenna a green, brown and black camo pattern so it blends in with the treeline behind my home. I can't say enough about the great customer service Tom provided both before and after the sale. Also, this antenna is built very well, from the weld joints on the fold-over mount to the slotted sections all fitting together perfectlyand the balun plate drilled correctly for the tuner balun. I would be happy to email pictures of my installation. My email address is
W5MIL Rating: 2007-11-19
Best Vertical - Period Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I wanted to wait at least 6 months after owning my 33' ZeroFive multi-bander before writing a review since I've seen too many hams complain about those who write reviews under the 3 month time frame. I've now had mine for 9 months.

Because I want to staple my radials onto the lawn, I'm waiting for the grass to die for the winter before laying them down. I have used the ZeroFive for 9 months without radials...NONE. And I only run 100 watts.

Prior to owning the ZeroFive, my two best verticals were a GAP Eagle and Cushcraft MA5V. I loved both but the ZeroFive is better...without radials.

I do casual contesting and during CQWW SSB my signal was all over South America, the Caribbean, parts of Europe, Alaska and a little bit of Asia....with no radials.

Everyone on the nets I work say my signal was good before but has improved greatly since using the ZeroFive....with no radials.

This was the fastest, easiest vertical antenna I ever assembled and installed. I live in a HOA and the tilt mount is great but even when I leave it up, no complaints.

Tom is exactly as all the other hams have said about him. This guy stands behind his excellent product and is very helpful. Yes, it is built like a tank. I do not use guys and this thing has easily withstood 50 mph wind gusts so far.

Would I buy another one? Absolutely. Only problem is with the HOA, the 33 footer is all I can put up and keep it hidden behind my house and trees. It can only get better after I lay down the radials in January.
K6OU Rating: 2007-11-09
20ft Flagpole or at 43ft -Great Antenna Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
The Zero-Five 43 ft Multi-band Vertical has been like two great antennas for the price of one.
Due to CC&R's I run it during the day and many times at night as a 20 foot flagpole. It makes a handsome flagpole and a very good DX antenna in this configuration. I have the AS-200 Tuner Balun at its base with 100 feet of coax to a TEN-TEC 238B Hi-Power Tuner in the shack. There are about 50 radials of various length. I can tune 160M thru 10M with better than 1.1 to 1 SWR in this flagpole configuration as measured on my Array Solutions Power-Master SWR/Wattmeter. I cut a hole in a tennis ball and capped the top of the "flagpole" to keep rain and debris out. It makes the flagpole look even more authentic. The 20 foot flagpole easily handles a 2 x 3 foot flag. I really enjoy looking out of my breakfast window to see the shining tapered aluminum mast with the sun shining on "Old Glory".
Unlike other "Flagpole antennas" that I've seen, my ZERO-FIVE Multi-band vertical is not limited in power handling ability or band coverage. At 20 feet it really works as an antenna and really looks like a proper flagpole.
Thanks to the convenient fold-over mount, when evening comes it only takes minutes for me to swing down the antenna/flagpole, remove the flag and tennis ball, and add the extra 23 foot top section to operate in the 43 foot configuration. Different settings on the Tuner in the shack, but still less than 1.1 to 1 SWR from 160M to 10M. At its full height the DX performance improves even further.
The CC&Rs cannot prevent me from having a flagpole since the U.S. Congress passed the "Freedom to Fly the American Flag" law after 911. This federal law expressly addresses and supersedes CC&R restrictions. See the following websites for more details on this. and also
The antenna is a good product with good service that is built to last. Thank you ZERO-FIVE.
NX2X Rating: 2007-11-06
Excellent Performer! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is my first permanent antenna in a number of years, and I have to say that I'm DELIGHTED with the results. The workmanship on this antenna is TOP NOTCH. I was brilliant enough to sink a 2 and 3/8" fence post in a 12" diameter by 4 foot base of concrete, and fortunately, there is enough tolerance in the foldover base to accommodate a 2 and 1/2 inch U-Bolt. I used a DX Engineering radial plate with 55 43' radials and the Array solutions balun. All this was fed with 200 feet of 1/2" andrew heliax. I've never owned a tower or yagi, but I can honestly say that this is the best antenna I've ever used. I'm actually COMPETATIVE on 80 and 40 meters! I've had a ball during SS CW, and I'm greatly looking forward to CQWW CW this month. Tom has an excellent product and turn-around time, and I wish him continued success on a great product line.

73 - Pete NX2X
KB2DE Rating: 2007-11-04
Great antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used this antenna for a couple years, most on 40m and 80m where it beat my full sized 80m loop handily. I used it for a few hours in the CQWW contest recently when my tribander was down for repairs. I spent most of the time on 15m and worked about 40 countries. I heard more but I was mainly looking for new ones.

I found it very competitive. I didn't get through on the first call, but usually made it within 3 or 4.

The antenna is ground mounted with 120 thirty ft radials. It works great now, but it worked well with only 4 radials the 1st winter it was up.

If it is the only antenna you can buy, it will give you good service on all the bands.
KA3NXN Rating: 2007-10-06
Fantastic Performer Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
First of all let me say that Tom is an incredible person. His passion and support towards his product and the hobby is 2nd to none. I took down some OFC wire antennas because of serious RFI issues. I have a very steep hill in my back yard that is really good for nothing. I decided to put my vertical on this hill. I wasn't sure if it would work on such a slope being ground mounted. I had another's manufacturers vertical on this slope and after I messed with it for over a year. I gave up, it would not tune. The Zerofive was a snap to set up and tuned across the board even just being ground mounted before I laid down any radials. I tried this passed week to really put it to the test. First of all the bands are really poor. Low part of the solar cycle, and Yaesu FT-817 with a whopping 5 watts to the antenna and the cheap LDG 100 watt tuner. I managed to keep up with some guys on 75 phone. The real test was the 14 stations that I worked on 20 & 17 meters one being a Russian and a Ukrainian station. This is the best vertical on the market period! I have had others from GAP to Hustler and some home brew ones, but Tom's is by far the best in quality and performance. I had the thing up and on the air in less than an hour. Not days like some of the others. What more could you ask for? Easiest to set up and best performer.
KB7ORD Rating: 2007-09-20
Outstanding Antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought ZeroFive's 43' 160-10 meter (mini skyscraper) antenna based on Tom's fantastic service/response to the questions I had about installation, recommendations from him for my installation, eHam reviews, and his patience in helping me, this antenna really works beyond all my expectations. The antenna is very well built, everything (antenna hardware) is included to install in just over an hour. With the combination of the ZeroFive Antenna and the Array Solutions AS-200-Tuner, this setup gives me the lowest SWR I've ever seen for a multiband antenna - no higher than 1.3:1 on all bands, contacts are no problem with 100 watts.

GREAT JOB Tom and thank you!

Randy - KB7ORD
WV0T Rating: 2007-09-04
Fantastic!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This antenna is a work of art! It is obvious that Tom didn't cut any corners on the design. Just look at the mounting assembly for an example of how things should be done. The rest of the antenna system is just as great. If you are looking for a multi-band vertical, this is the antenna you have been looking for. It can handle anything you can through at it.

For my installation I used the DX Engineering radial plate. This plate can now accept a 2" saddle clamp so it can be clamped to the 2" pipe that Tom recommends.

Pictures of my installation are at