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Reviews For: ZeroFive Antennas Multiband Vertical

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Review Summary For : ZeroFive Antennas Multiband Vertical
Reviews: 118MSRP: 469.00
A Multiband vertical for 10 to 160m,41 foot tall feed with your coax or ladder line,For use with a tuner,Made from 6063 t832 AL tubing,Requires radials,5kw cw,10kw ssb pwr handling,Freestanding,Comes with base insulator and tube.
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K4OWR Rating: 2019-03-05
Amazing! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Now that conditions are so terrible on 15 and 10 meters, and even a beam can't make 20 open, I decided to try a low angle antenna that I did not have to wrestle to the top of my tower. I installed my 43' Z5 about 150 feet from the shack and fed it with 1/2" hardline. I am an avid contestor and as a result have lots of opportunity to work all kinds of DX. This is an amazing antenna! Even when stations in Europe are so weak one would not even bother calling, I call and magically they seem to hear me almost every time. Comparing to my dipole, the DX may be stronger but they don't answer. It works extremely well on 40 and 80 too. I love this thing and would recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to a beam for working DX.
KL7EZ Rating: 2018-12-05
I purchased a Zero-Five 43’ 10-80-meter Elevated Radial Antenna last November (2017). The assembley of the antenna was very easy as each section is “sharpie marked” by the manufacturer to identify the correct location of tube over-lap. This process probably took me less than an hour to carefully assemble. I applied a thin coat of Harger (HAAJC8) antioxidant joint compound at all overlapping tube joints. I also applied a thin coat of Permatex Aluminum Anti-Seize Lubricant to the SS worm gear clamps that secure each tube section. This process was followed to assemble the driven element and all six elevated radials.

I surveyed a clear area behind my home that is relatively flat with no trees within the proposed 86’ diameter radial field. (Note that ground wire radials are not necessary, but I have the room. Plus, I also have a separate random wire antenna that utilizes the same radial field). The antenna is located approximately 200 feet from the back of the house and approximately 75 feet from a 30’ x 50’ metal shop. I’ve experienced little if any interaction with the metal building. Following the layout of the antenna and radial field, I used a post hole digger to punch a 12” diameter hole to a depth of 4 feet. Lowe’s provides a 12” diameter cardboard Sonotube that works very well. After the hole was complete and the Sonotube installed, I poured about 6” of ¾” shot gravel into the base of the hole to provide adequate rain drainage for the antenna’s pipe support. Home Depot sells a 10’ section of 1-1/2” diameter schedule 40 galvanized water pipe (Lowe’s didn’t stock the 10’ length of galvanized pipe). The outside diameter of the pipe is 1.9”. The 10’ section of pipe is threaded on both ends. I screwed a tee onto the ground hole end of the pipe and screwed two 4” nipples into each end of the tee. This is also probably over-kill, but I didn’t want the pipe to twist loose inside the concrete. I buried the base of the pipe below the gravel. I centered the pipe into the hole and provided temporary lumber/stake supports to ensure the pipe maintained plumb during concrete pour and cure. The pipe sticks out of ground approximately 6’-6” from grade. One could add a coupling and an additional foot or so length of pipe if the ends of the elevated radials are eye pokers due to uneven terrain. The elevated radials sag just a bit. The concrete cured for a few days prior to antenna installation. During this stage, I pounded two 8-foot copper clad ground rods into the ground. The rods are spaced two feet from each side of the center of the pipe. The ground rods are located 4-feet from each other.

I cut an approximate 200-foot long, 4” wide x 18” deep trench from the house to the antenna. I placed 1-1/2” Schedule 80 electric PVC conduit in the trench. I pulled one continuous length of 8 conductor control wire and one continuous length of LMR 600 DB Coax through each 10-foot length of conduit as I glued each section of PVC. I use the control wire for a remote switch. LMR 600 DB may be a bit over-kill, but it sure works great and should last for many years.

My son and I climbed up a couple rungs onto a 7’ ladder to safely lift the antenna over the galvanized pipe. The antenna base slid easily over the pipe and fit perfectly. We carefully torqued the set screw bolts on the antenna’s base to the galvanized pipe. I installed a DX Engineering supplied SS radial plate at the base of the pipe at approximately 3” above concrete grade. I attached the ground rods to the radial plate with a length of Georgia Copper supplied 1-1/2” strap copper. I cut 73 each 43-foot radials made from 14 gauge insulated THHN stranded wire. These radials are in addition to the elevated radials provided with the antenna. I used approximately 700 each lawn staples, provided by DX Engineering, to secure the radial wire to the ground. I wanted the wire secured close to the ground to prevent a lawnmower disaster while cutting grass. I was skeptical about laying radials on the lawn in fear of lawnmower issues. To my pleasant surprise, one season of grass growth and all wire radials are totally invisible. There were no issues with my zero-turn lawnmower cutting grass to a 3” height. After radial installation, I purchased 60 each 12” long x 8” wide x 3” thick landscape bricks to provide a 6-foot diameter circle around the base of the antenna. A 6-foot diameter course requires 20 bricks. These landscape bricks provide cosmetic appeal and add a protection barrier for the radial plate. The attractive bricks were supplied by Lowe’s.

I installed an SGC SG-235 automatic coupler at the base of the antenna. The coupler is rated for 500W. I also use a Palstar AT1500CV manual antenna tuner when I disconnect the SG-235 coupler. When using the SG-235, I disconnect the 4:1 UNUN provided by Zero-Five. When I use the Palstar, I reconnect the 4:1 UNUN. The advantage of using the Palstar AT1500CV is that I can transmit 1.1kW without an issue.

How does it work…

This antenna works extremely well. The materials are very strong and each piece fits perfectly. I live in middle Tennessee and experience high winds during thunderstorms. The antenna is very flexible and is as vertical as the day of installation. The antenna is simply beautiful. I have to look carefully from my back porch to see the antenna. Even though the antenna and pipe support extend approximately 50 foot from grade, the system is stealthy. I utilize 0.2W WSPR (WSPRLITE Flexi) with this antenna and have confirmed my signal reception from users all over UK, Europe, Netherlands, Canary Islands, Caribbean, South America, South Africa, Australia, Tasmania, Antarctica not to mention US east to west coast & Hawaii contacts. If this antenna works this well when transmitting only 0.2W, imagine how well it works on CW/SSB when transmitting 100W, 500W or even 1.1kW.

Prior to purchasing an amplifier, I heard F4BEW (George), located in France, on the 40-meter band. It was around 11:20 PM Central time during the summer. I operated a barefoot Yaesu FT-1000MP MKV that night. George was calling CQ on SSB. I returned his call thinking I was transmitting 65W. I really didn’t think he would hear me. George returned with my callsign on my first call informing me that he received my signal as 5-9. After the contact, I realized that I was running 20W and not 65W. This antenna has a low take-off angle with the provided radial field.

The antenna was super easy to assemble. Shipping was fast and I experienced no shipping induced damage. Cost was very reasonable. I’ve had a few conversations with the owner of Zero-Five (Tom) and he is extremely knowledgeable, patient, professional and responsive. If you’re on the edge of purchasing a multi band vertical antenna, consider Zero-Five. I’ve had a wonderful experience. Take time to think and plan through the details of your installation. Installing ground radials take time, but plan your installation over a few days. Yes, you need radials. It really isn’t too bad. Grass quickly grows over the wire radials. Once you have an effective radial field, swapping different antennas will be ultra-fast. I’m an extremely pleased customer.

Scott (KL7EZ)
Gallatin, TN
AI4MS Rating: 2018-06-19
Excellent Results & Service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought the ZeroFive Vertical four years ago. I live on Cape Cod where strong winds prevail. We had 4 consecutive Nor'Easters this winter - I used the antenna through 91 mph winds working CW. Winter is tough but not for the ZeroFive. In four years I have checked the Zerofive every six months and never found a problem. The tapered size whips off strong winds easily. Slim and not obtrusive to neighbors. Connections and baluns are first class, rain never affected enclosures. Easy and intuitive to raise, lower and maintain. 36 radials are in use. Would definitely buy again.
Want a low take-off angle? Consider a ZeroFive. It's the best performing part of my 100 watt,200 DXCC station.
2E0TES Rating: 2018-03-30
Superd kit Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have the 40-10m HF vertical that I brought back from the USA with my luggage. The build quality of this antenna is superb. Mine is mounted about 8" above ground and sits on top of a small tree to which a support pole has been attached. Withstands 70mph south coast gusts without a problem. Receive 5/9 into the US on 50w when conditions permit.
KE5GGY Rating: 2018-01-13
It Works...Bigtime!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I became a 'student' of the Zero-Five about 6 years ago when I started to come in contact with stations using the 43 foot vertical. Compared to other verticals I heard on HF, the signals I heard from this vertical were louder...and often from stations running just 100 watts! I was also impressed at the simplicity of the antenna design and the ease of installation/operation that I consistently heard.

I purchased my ZeroFive vertical in November of 2017. Assembly and installation were pretty straight-forward. And Tom's phone support is just outstanding. He and I talked almost daily for about 10 days prior to my installation and he was always available and eager to answer my questions.

Radials are important for this antenna to work well. For my radials, and with Tom's recommendation, I've tied into 3 strands of a barbed wire fence on my property, which is roughly half a mile long.

First week, and running just 100 watts on 40 meters, I was getting 5/9 plus 10 signal reports from Wisconsin and Minnesota from my QTH in Denton, TX! On 80 meters, I run about 500 watts and am heard coast-to-coast with no problem. All this to say, I'm having a blast on this vertical! I'm also impressed with the workmanship from ZeroFive. There's an obvious 'attention to detail' in every aspect of this product. I also like the fact that this antenna is very simple: no coils, traps, adjusting the antenna outside, etc. Just build it and they will come!

I'm still a neophyte user of this antenna, but thus far, I'm very pleased.

If you want to hear this antenna, stop by 3.916 MHz any night from 7-10 PM (Central) for the Ragchew Crew and The Tailgaters Nets. ( You can also reach me via email at ke5ggy at gmail dot com
K7QBW Rating: 2017-12-24
Excellent Choice for those who tried them all! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I just purchased a new 43 footer from Tom, I was using the 27 foot HOA model but wanted to try my luck with 160 meters.

The 27' performed excellent from 80 thru 6 meters and was loaded with a LDG AT-100ProII and 24 radials under it. The 43' easily popped in place of the 27' and would load on all bands with the LDG tuner except 160 meters. Tom highly recommended the Palstar AT2K and HRO in Portland had one. The combination of this tuner and this antenna loads just fine on 160m and have made several contact with setup. I've notice an improvement on 80m as well. It was worth the upgrade.

I've been using verticals since the early 70s. Hustle, High Gain, GAP Titan and Butternut. All have been a pain to setup and all have been pretty much an air cooled dummy load. Of them all the Butternut worked the best.

That was until I discovered Zero-Five antennas. Not sure where I first learned of them but the write ups here were great so I purchased the 27 HOA to start with. It was easy to setup, clean looking and once painted in camo colors blended in with the trees. A big plus was the XYL's approval, she was against a Butternut or another GAP antenna in the backyard. And we didn't have room for one anyways.

I can't say enough good about the Zero-Five,excellent construction, easy of setup and it actually works! Plus the excellent support that Tom provides either via email or a phone call.

If you're on the fence about purchasing a vertical antenna then highly consider the Zero-Five I don't think you'll be disappointed.

KB6HRT Rating: 2017-11-14
Better than Before! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Have had this antenna for a while use it on 160m most of the time, called Tom an asked him how I could help 160m, his replay was add a TOP HAT, Tom gave me some Idea's. Added 3 30' radiates down about 3' from the top of the antenna, the antenna has picked up 2s units on receive, that's lots, have 130' of antenna an wire in the air after tuning SWR is flat, am picking up lots of station on 160m from about 2am till 6am AZ time, most of the station's I talk to are on 1863 and they sound closer to this QTH now.
This antenna is a winner for the small lot I have . Do have 3000' radiates under the antenna as well.............73s...........kb6hrt

Earlier 5-star review posted by KB6HRT on 2011-02-11

Update on the 43' vertical I brought in Nov of 2009, had most of the radials installed in the backyard before I got the vetical about 3500' of them from 65' for the longest ones to about 18' for the shortest using Nr 14 THHN wire. Used the Palstar AT2K tuner and 150' of LMR 400 coax, antennas would work all bands with the UNUN installed! About December desided to mod the antenna as such, I am using a Scorpion 10-80 Mobile base screwdriver antenna, feeding the ZeroFive 43' vertical direct, bypassing the UNUN. How does it work you say, well have been talking on 160M starting at 5:00AM AZ time in the morning my signal was just over the noise before but never had to repeat anything running 200+ watts, now after the mod using 100 watts they say I'm S9 when I kick on the ICOM PW-1 it will load the antenna to 1000 watts with out using the AT2K and the signal is between S20 to S40 to most of these stations, that a differance one can hear. This antenna systen is an antenna system that meets my objective of a low wind load, crisp incoming signals and both of antenna are first class antenna, that make up the system! Both Ron and Tom were of great help to me an were great guys to work with. KB6HRT
WB0AOD Rating: 2017-11-01
43 Foot Vertical Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The 43 foot, 80-10 meter ZeroFive vertical is an excellent performer. Best vertical I've used to date. The antenna is mounted 10 feet from the saltwater shoreline (seawall). I placed 4 - 10 foot ground rods spaced 8 feet apart along the seawall. The rods are in saltwater. No radials installed. I work all kinds DX with 100 watts especially grey line communication. The windy Florida WX is not a problem the antenna can handle it. I do have the tilt over base which comes in handy during hurricane and tropical storm warnings. ZeroFive has excellent customer/technical service. Follow the directions and you'll be on the air.
VE2BBC Rating: 2017-09-04
What a service...!!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Before installing my antenna, I sent an email, since it what labor day weekend, I was expecting an answer a couple of days after, I was wrong, didn't take a couple of days, but a couple of minutes.... that's a 5 stars service. Thanks I recommend this guy....VE2BBC
N2JOR Rating: 2017-07-07
Excellent Quality and Product Support Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Antennas have been a big issue for me and been doing much research, basing some of it on feedback from EHAM. My first antenna is an inverted-L which is doing fairly well. I decided on a vertical due to the low angle of radiation, which is good for DX. I recently installed a Zero-Five 43ft ground mounted vertical with 125ft of RG213 coax. I agree with all the positive comments. Following is my feedback:
1. Fast delivery.
2. Exceedingly well packaged.
3. Quality of antenna is outstanding. Really heavy duty.
4. Instructions very clear. I misread the mounting pipe size and used a 2” inside diameter pipe. However, managed to use muffler clamps from the auto parts store that fit perfect.
5. I made calls to Tom before and after installation. He really knows his stuff, providing outstanding support.
6. So far, I have had contacts in Russia, Germany, France, Spain and as far west as California.
The quality of the product and level of support is the best.