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Reviews For: ZeroFive Antennas Multiband Vertical

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Review Summary For : ZeroFive Antennas Multiband Vertical
Reviews: 118MSRP: 469.00
A Multiband vertical for 10 to 160m,41 foot tall feed with your coax or ladder line,For use with a tuner,Made from 6063 t832 AL tubing,Requires radials,5kw cw,10kw ssb pwr handling,Freestanding,Comes with base insulator and tube.
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K5ML Rating: 2008-05-14
Works Great as a 20 ft. Flagpole Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Living in CC&R land, K6OU’s review describing how he uses his 43’ ZeroFive as a 20’ flagpole got my attention. A quick email with a few questions to Roger was promptly answered and I decided to give it a try.

Last Saturday the Russian CQ-M DX Contest was on. 90 minutes before sunset, I fired up the rig and got on 20 cw, with the vertical at the 20’ height flying Old Glory. Using the ZeroFive at the reduced height and running 500 w. out, I worked 10 Russian stations. When darkness fell, I went outside, removed the flag, inserted the top 23’ of the vertical and proceeded to work 12 more Russian stations before the band went dead. In the couple of weeks I've used the antenna at the flagpole height, I've worked stations in Japan, New Zealand and S. America. As a 20’ flagpole or a 43’ vertical, the ZeroFive is a player. Thank you, Tom for an excellent product, and thank you, Roger for an excellent idea.
ARRLBOOSTER Rating: 2008-04-27
Enthusiastic Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is the best antenna I have ever used.I only have 60 radials buried into my small backyard. A small installation footprint was important as was good performance with very little maintenance needs in the future.
It is to bad to see a bitter, "political" post here by George and would ask that he buy one, and than he would be a happy man!
KB3QMJ Rating: 2008-03-28
Unsurpassed performance Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Tom just DONATED to our new Dundalk High School Ham club a 43 ft multiband vertical.
I am blown away by the way this antenna is performing on the roof of our school.
With just 16 radials, the kids are working the world with 50watts.
This antenna simply works and works well.
Customer support---the best and then some. Tom goes out of his way to make certain the products he sells are working as they should and will help you any time you need help.

Thanks to Tom donating the antenna to our school, we could afford to get the kids on the air. Our goal is to get a few licensed this coming weekend. Thats the type of support that really makes a difference for the future of this hobby!!!

The performance of this antenna allows us to make contacts reliably due to the signal we are putting out. That is good for me as the classroom teacher-due to the fact of how short the attention span can be of the teenagers.
Basically, when I want to demonstrate the hobby to new students, this antenna helps me to make qso's quickly! Most ops cant believe Im on a vertical!
Dont hesitate about this product. It truly works well and Tom is a saint in terms of customer support. What more could you ask for?
Thanks, 73
K3CB Rating: 2008-03-19
Well Deserved Ratings Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
In the beginning, WX0B sent me to Zero Five - a company about which I had no knowledge. My need was for a true, 160M vertical, I had no interest in other bands for this antenna. Tom, A9KW owner, told me about his recent experiments with a vertical having an active element 74' in length and 83' overall height, split at the 40' point by a custom insulator and this split being bridged by a custom coil.

Tom and I have been through alot with this antenna. After initial installation, his superb mechanical work was put to the test. The number of times this antenna went from horizontal to vertical and back down is more than 100. I became the tester as a paid-up customer. Needless-to-say , I was anything but a "Happy Camper". The antenna simply had more problems than Carter had little liver pills. I thought I'd been had once again and $3800 was down the drain. Boy was I wrong. Tom hung in there with me through thick and thin. Made more custom parts, helped me understand what he used for design criteria in the first place. Two weeks ago, after months of working with this "beast" - we tamed it! Then Frank, W3LPL, came down with one of his magic instruments and we actually tuned it properly. Tom has all the data and results from my efforts. If you want a rock solid 160M vertical, are prepared to lay down - as I did - 2.5 miles of wire, build a real LC matching network at the base consisting of a series L at 12 uh (33 uh total) and 3500 pf (1500 vacuum variable and 2000 pf fixed vacuum) - OR - get Tom's matching network / Jay's balun - whatever you decide you will have one fine antenna capable of surviving the worst weather can offer in the US and will provide years of reliable service. Tom's patience through all my tribulations is without peer. I can not recommend Zero Five strongly enough. Call if you want more info: 410-745-0138, Owen, K3CB
K6HP Rating: 2008-03-10
Excellent Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased the 43' Zero Five multi-band vertical from Tom, last month. It arrived in a timely fashion minus the issues with FedEx.

Installation was simple with the marked sections. Had it mounted on a 2" pipe with only 8 radials in a couple of hours. (The antenna is going to be moved across the driveway - so this is temporary).

I was able to work Ducie Is Dxpedition on 10-80 with the Zero Five antenna very easily. I have not used this antenna on 160m yet so I will save that for a review after a year of operation.

A great antenna !! Also, the service from Tom is exceptional. I highly recommend the Zero Five antenna.

I also purchased the Array Solutions balun recommended by Tom. It is as advertised and Jay from Array Solutions was very helpfull with some questions via email.

A must have vertical multi-band antenna!

WB7TXG Rating: 2008-03-04
Excellent Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Excellent material construction. All sections pre-marked making assembly a snap! Had the antenna together and ready to raise up in 30 minutes.All clamps are pre-installed on the sections making it a breeze. No guessing and trying to find the right part - they are already in place.

The antenna mount supplied is top grade material and raising the antenna up was just as Tom described. One man job!

Ordered the recommended array solutions 4 to 1 balun and feeding with LMR400. No radials up yet due to lousy weather here but my signal on 40 and 80 has not been this good in over 30 years!

Tom builds a top notch product that is followed up with outstanding emails and suggestions for installation.

We've already had winds at 40+mph since putting the antenna up. It moves with the wind as designed and stands as straight as an arrow wind the wind it calm.

Would I buy this antenna again? Without question! Am I impressed? Absolutely! Get one. You will wonder why you waited so long!

73's Chuck
K3KV Rating: 2008-03-04
After a year-Fantastic Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Okay now for the review.
I cant say enough good things about the performance of this vertical, its construction or the guy that builds them.
This antenna performs like a dream. Before this antenna, I had a R8 cushcraft.
The Cushcraft cant even compare. They are not even in the same league.
With the Zerofive--I am working stations I never thought possible with 5w or less!!!!--and I dont even have the recommended minimum number of ground radials installed.
Please consider this vertical before any other vertical. It is built like 10 tanks--dont believe me??--look at the pics on zerofive's website. It is even more impressive in person.

To be honest--Im getting married in less than a year--so--because most women are soooo supportive of ham radio (hihihi) my goal was to buy bullet proof products BEFORE the big day-hoping to buy products that will last a lifetime.(so my purchasing is done before im married hehe)
Toms products fit the bill.
One more thing--the guy that builds them.
You wont find a more understanding, patient and honest fellow in ham radio than Tom. When you buy a zerfive antenna, you are not just buying from another company---you are buying from TOM.
Thanks for a great product Tom. Keep the good stuff rolling--It makes a better hobby for all of us.
God Bless and 73
Greg Sarris KC8OKG 73
N5PTV Rating: 2008-02-20
Rugged Performer and Excellent Customer Service Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The quality, performance, and durability of the Zero-Five multi-band vertical is a refreshing shift from typical amateur radio products. The components and fasteners supplied are above and beyond average. The level of customer service is nothing short of outstanding. Every email to Zero-Five was promptly answered and to my satisfaction. When I experienced a shortage due to the incompetence of a carrier, Tom was quick to remedy the situation. He simply wanted me to get the antenna setup as soon as possible and provided me with a replacement of the missing component.

I purchased the 43 foot model along with the Array Solutions AS-200-Tuner balun and the Penninger radial plate. The antenna was mounted in temporary location, pending XYL approval, and three 43 foot radials were deployed. Usually a minimum of 16 radials should be placed around the antenna at 0.1 wavelength long on the lowest band used. However, I have had good luck with matching the radial length to antenna height in the past and I didn’t feel like cutting 16 radials while the antenna was not in its permanent location.

On the first weekend, dividing my time between my 9-month-old and house chores, I worked J39BS, KG4SS (Guantanamo), XE1YQQ, TI7/VU2YAM, VE6AL, XE2EX, CO7PH, and CM6RCR. Most of these contacts were on 75 meters. The lowest signal report I received was a 5x5 with 100 watts.

I have been using the internal antenna tuner in the radio to clean up the VSWR. The radio tuner can only match between 16 and 150 ohms, so the antenna/balun combination is doing a great job at keeping the VSWR at or below 3:1. I do have an amplifier, but have not yet used it with this antenna. I am in the process of deciding which high power auto antenna tuner will best fit my needs and budget. The amplifier may be able to handle a 2.5:1, but I am not going to risk a set of tubes.

This antenna replaced a popular trap style vertical. This wasn’t because I was not happy with it or its performance, it worked very well for what it was. I ended up donating the antenna to the local ARC to raise money. I discovered Zero-Five in the process of looking for a replacement a short while later. I read the reviews, talked to Tom and figured I’d give it a go. I really liked the idea of no traps, coils, capacitors, capacitance hats, or other do-hickies that would require adjustment and may sizzle under QRO. The balun mounts to a nice little plate just below the radiator and is housed in a weather tight case held on by stainless fasteners. It really looks like it means business. Since it is self-supporting, the antenna can also be folded over in a minimal amount of time. It requires two ¾ inch wrenches and one person can lower and raise the antenna. This is a great feature for maintenance, bad weather, and snoopy neighbors.

Well, there you have it. The Zero-Five 43 foot multi-band antenna has exceeded my expectations for performance, build quality, choice of materials and simplicity. The customer service I received from Zero Five was superb.
NA4U Rating: 2008-02-03
Superb Value Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I have the 43' version. It is a very strong aluminum stick with a great tilt-over mounting system and BALUN mounting plate. There are no traps, no coils, no capacitors, no sticks, and no tricks. The noise level is as much as 2 S-units down and signal levels are as much as 2-S units better than my G5RV. This antenna is no where near as good as a G5RV for communications out to about 1100 miles, but for the next 11,000 miles it is often working stations that cannot even be heard on the G5RV. You will need a high angle radiator like a low mounted dipole for close-in stations.

Mine goes up at nightfall in about 90 seconds. The Array Solutions AS-200-T BALUN keeps the SWR low enough that my old tuner can easily tune the residue to 1:1. Its okay on 160, good on 80, and great on 40 and above for DX.

Tom, the owner of Zero Five, promptly and honestly answered my questions by email or on the phone. He could make a lot more money if would just train other amateur radio vendors on the value, processes, and procedures for obtaining and maintaining quality in customer relationship management (CRM). He is rare and a welcome relief.
TRB000 Rating: 2008-01-29
Great - ZERO-FIVE = 599 Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This is an update to my earlier review of 9/11/2007. The Zero-Five has proven itself to be a great antenna, well beyond what I expected.
As I wrote in my earlier review the antenna is built like a tank. The winter here is Chicago has thrown everything at us from 50+ mph winds, rain, ice and snow all in one day and the Zero-Five has survived all of it, expect for the plowing service who must have had Mr Magooo as a driver that brought it down. I have since replaced it with the 43’ version.
The performance of the antenna has been great and allowed me to get my WAS and WAS for PSK31 and no problems work DX on SSB or digital modes – worked Italy twice today on PSK31 at 30w. Signal reports have always been good. I have no problems tuning the antenna using the Array AT-200 Balun tuner and the LDG-200 for the final touches.
The craftsmanship and quality of materials is the best and Tom’s personal attention to detail is clearly present in every antenna. This is not an assembly line antenna; each antenna is made by Tom and no one else and service after the sale is always there.
Bottom line doesn’t waste your time and money on other verticals like I did, go directly to the Zero-Five. If you have any questions contact me at