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Reviews For: ICOM IC-756 Pro III

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-756 Pro III
Reviews: 225MSRP: 2700
IC-756 PRO III HF/50MHz All Mode Transceiver
Product is not in production
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M0ARM Rating: 2008-08-24
Simply the best! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I currently have 2 IC-756's; the IC-756 "Classic" and recently bought the IC-756PROIII.

My IC-756 "Classic" has given me 10 years trouble-free service without a hint of a problem with the monochrome display which so plagued this model; however, I decided it was time to upgrade my HF/50MHz base.

As with thousands of other amateurs I toiled to the point of distraction between the Yaesu FT-2000 and the IC-756PROIII. In the end I decided to go with the Icom, not least for having a great experience with my IC-756 "Classic" but also the most excellent reviews this rig has received.

Boy, has the IC-756 Series come a long way! I thought the "Classic" was great; however, the PROIII is just streets ahead in virtually every department. What more can I say that hasn't already been said previously!

For the time being I'm keeping the "Classic" - I'm loathed to part with it. I'm sure the PROIII will surpass every expectation and will be in use for the next 10 years, hopefully trouble-free like it's predecessor.

Les, M0ARM
SWL377 Rating: 2008-08-20
incredible rcvr Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just got licensed in April 08. So far I've just had VHF and UHF QSOs. In my quest to get below 144 MHz, I had set a $2000 limit for my HF station... which put a Pro III out of reach. I had been tempted by used Flex SDRs, but they would have required a major computer upgrade which would have taken me over my $2K limit. Besides, I like buttons and dials, a lot. The fates were looking kindly on me and I recently got a killer deal from my local ham store on a barely barely used indistinguishable from new Icom 756 Pro III for under $2K. It still had the plastic on the screen and not a single scratch or mark anywhere. Since the power cord was unused in the original packaging, I wonder if it was ever powered up.

I was an SWL for years before getting licensed and watched many SWLs spend big bucks on receivers. I actually think they should have considered a PRO III even if they never used the xmtr. The receiver blows the doors off my other receivers including Drake SW 8, Sony 2010, Hammarlund HQ 180, Ten Tec RX 320, Ten Tec RX 321, Ten Tec SP 325 etc, but it should have beaten them all given the price differential.

The panadator spectrum scope is soooo useful. It saves so much time. No more tuning and hoping. You can insatntly see what is on the air over a swath of spectrum. It appears to really be IF driven and not one of those cheap slow "scan and graphically log strength" imitations like you seen on scanners such as the AOR 8200.

The IF DSP does amazing things and essentially allows you to make custom filters. Auto notch works perfectly to get rid of heterodyne tones. PBT is very effective too. Add all these up and you can get good copy on a weak signal that would otherwise be wiped out by a strong adjacent signal. Sensitivity is as good as it gets given the noise floor. The two low noise preamps are awesome and allow the use of very small antennas. They are not needed for good receive if you have enough wire out there in the "ether" interface.

I have got to put up an antenna and try transmitting. I'll add a review when I do. In the meantime I'd put this Pro III up against any rcvr in a weak signal copy shootout. I sincerely doubt if it could be beat and those that tied it would likely be something costing five figures from Racal, WJ or some similar govt contractor mfr. where price is no object.

In summary, the Pro III should get some serious attention from the high end SWL crowd. They are spending similar bucks on receivers when for the same or less money they could have an xcvr whose DSP rcvr is world class. The addition of the spectrum display seals the deal. Where else can you find that combo for a similar price?

Before anyone flames me for being another know nothing newbie ham box buyer rather than a builder or tinkerer, I have an ARR 15 Navy surplus receiver working and an ART 13 AM xmtr project well underway. I also have two ratty ARC 5 Command Set rcvrs running. I speak vacuum tube.

Nice job Icom. Your design engineers should be very proud. The 756 Pro III is expensive, but it delivers solid value. There are many xcvrs loaded with features, but there is a difference with the Pro III. The features all work and work really well. We have all fooled around with poorly designed DSP features that change the sound but really don't do much to reduce noise or interference. On the Pro III these features do what they claim, all of them.

ON8AM Rating: 2008-08-16
Fantastic but hot Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just changed my good old Kenwood TS 870 SAT for an Icom 756 PRO III and in this short time I notice the following differences: quieter receiver, better receive audio (strange, I thought the 870 was the top in this field), awesome scope to see free and occupied frequencies, very intuitive handling. I'm just a little worried abut one big difference: the 87O didn't even run hot after hours of contesting, while the 756 Pro III gets very warm near the PA-stage even after half an hour of DX-calling... Anyone had the same experience?
OE3SGU Rating: 2008-07-13
Best radio I ever owned Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have owned a number of good radios since 1990 (FT-990, TS-870, TS-850 etc.) but this one is like no other. Coming from an IC-7000 which has been my main radio for the last 2 years the learning curve was very easy. It took me some time to decide between an FT-2000 and the IC-756 III but I am glad I decided for the latter. The receiver is superb and the display is amazing, every information you will ever need is there. I only wished it could transmit RTTY and PSK with an optional keyboard. This one and the IC-7000 will remain in the shack for a long time.
IW2CZG Rating: 2008-07-11
G-R-E-A-T job Icom ! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just moved from IC-7400 (european version of IC-746PRO) to the 756PRO III.

Size it's about the same and I wasn't forced to replace any of the accessories in my station.
It just gets a little bit more warmer than IC-7400.

At first glance looks like the receiver is more quiet and has the capability to pop out of the noise every little signal is presented at the antenna connector.
DSP performance are slightly improved.
What I really like it's the "spectrum scope" functionality and the voice recorder.

Very solid construction, adequate size also for DX-speditions.
Operation is a breeze: no complicated menus and a knob for every function. You can forget the user's manual.
Specific modes for digital modes automatically exclude the mic signal, compressor and TX tone setting for a convenient one-button- mode change.

Always had a pleasent audio and good reports.
Frankly speaking I cannot understand why there are some negative reviews about this very nice toy; probably bad luck ....
I would like to rate it 5++ if I could.

What I would like to see implemented onto the "PRO IV" to make the *perfect radio*:
- 200 W output
- transflective TFT display (to be seen under direct sunlight)
- 2 USB ports for firmware upgrade, RTTY / PSK full operations and PC interfacing
- advanced fan management
- RX tone control (already implemented in the IC-7400 ...)
- larger memory size for the voice recorder
- better display customization to have all the informations *I* want on the display

I got many other HF RTX and this is the best radio I had by far.

I strongly recommend it. Life's too short for a bad radio :-)
KB3LAZ Rating: 2008-07-07
Great Radio! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Well I finally saved up enough money to purchase a new IC-756ProIII (not an easy task). I have only had the radio for about 24 hrs, but I have used one before. I liked it then and I love it now. Unlike my 746 it has a low noise floor, no more unnecessary noise! The receiver is great and is comparable to my IC-7000, but on steroids. I am obviously an Icom fan, so I upgraded from the 7000 to the ProIII. In a side by side comparison the 7000 definitely holds its own, however the proIII is a better radio all around.

The thing I like the most is the mini scope function as it comes in real handy. This function allows me to use my multi-function meter at the same time. The muti meter is my second favorite function because it is more convenient than the analog meter.

The adjustable filters are fabulous, just like the ones in the 7000.

I mainly run SSB, but I also do a little CW. On SSB it sounds wonderful and even better on CW.

Now as to the tuner I am surprised, I would not have expected it to work so well! I am using a homemade dipole cut for 80m and it tunes up great on 80/20/40, unlike my old 920 or the 746.

Also it is quite simplistic in design, there are no difficult menus as there are with the 7000 and similar radios.

If you are thinking about buying a ProIII dont hesitate, they are wonderful.

73 de kb3laz
W7KFO Rating: 2008-07-02
Excellent Performance Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This is the finest transceiver I've operated in this price range. I tried several others (including the FT-2000) before purchasing the Icom and the 756ProIII is hands down the best.

Operation is very intuitive, no need to keep the manual on the operating desk. The receiver is extremely quiet, and sensitive enough that I rarely need to use the preamp(s). The noise blanker is extremely effective, and of course, adjustable. The DSP works superbly on stray signals and noise, and the band-pass filter options are astounding. The transmit audio is outstanding, and infinitely adjustable. And the spectrum scope has quickly become indispensable!

I'm keeping my IC-746 for portable use since it covers 2 meter sideband, and it makes a good field EmComm rig.

P.S. - I mainly operate SSB and RTTY. YMMV.
K3ICH Rating: 2008-06-24
Intuitive operation, No PHd required Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have not found a single advertised feature that doesn't work flawlessly with this radio. I really wanted a new FT-2000, but half the "features" on it are non-functus! When and if I ever get a new IC-7700, it'll probably outperform the PRO III, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the PRO is way above the latest from Yaesumoto. I also have a "Field". I like it, but can never put the manual away. The PRO III is infinitely easier to use and every bit as good a radio. I am basically a casual operator and I like the fact that I didn't have to take a college level course on how to operate the Icom. That in itself is a good indicator of a manufacturers' committment to produce a superior product. I've had a PRO longer than any of them and will probably keep it even if I DO get a '7700.
KX2V Rating: 2008-06-24
Great Rig!! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is a great rig.
Giving it a 1 (like I saw in here) is so ridiculous it's stupid!!
Maybe they don't understand how use it??

I had the PROII,traded for a 950SDX,missed it so much I got the PROIII.
Receiver is great just set up the filters properly. Transmit audio is excellent considering the 2.9k restriction. The FT2K & 950SDX are better in the Fidelity area. But this 1 easily holds it's own!!

It's very user friendly & well worth the $$$.

ZS1NAZ Rating: 2008-05-30
To hot not to BUY Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Owned the Icom Pro3 for more than 3 years,I have yet to fault this fine piece of equipment.You cant go wrong to purchase this radio, I hope Icom JAPAN will build a Vhf/uhf base station radio with a colour spectrum display and features like the Icom Pro3 has, It will compliment it side by side.

This radio gets a 5+ from me