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Reviews For: ICOM IC-756 Pro III

Category: Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-756 Pro III
Reviews: 225MSRP: 2700
IC-756 PRO III HF/50MHz All Mode Transceiver
Product is not in production
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NB3K Rating: 2009-11-11
QST QST GRAB A PRO III QST QST Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have had mine since 01/2009. I love it. I owned the IC-756 orginal, 756 Pro, IC-7000, Kenwood's TS-2000, and Yaesu's FT-900.

THe Pro III is the choice is you are into SSB ragchewing or CW, or Digital modes. Sherwood Eng.

Earlier 5-star review posted by NB3K on 2009-03-31

This is my third 756 I owned the original 756 or the analog version, which was an ok radio until all those lines invaded my display: I refused to replace the display and bought a 756Pro. Buying the 756Pro was a mistake for it had a ton of issues: NB didn't work it actually added distortion in the audio, AM receive was crappy. I almost gave up on Icom and was going to get a Flex or Yeasu until I bought this gem. I am totally happy with the performance of the receiver in this rig. There are locals that say that their 756's non-pros, are damn good. I like to laugh because this rig makes the other 756's seem inferior. I am already saving up for the 7700 thanks Icom for a outstanding rig!!!
W2NLS Rating: 2009-11-11
Wonderful Rig! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I had a 746 Pro that I loved a lot for about a year and a half (see my review of it in that section). I would ordinarily keep a good rig for a number of years but when Icom announced the 7600 was to replace the 756 Pro III the prices on the 756 began to drop. Still, most were pretty high. Then recently I noticed only one place (Gigaparts) still seemed to have stock and the price was great -- and it was obviously last chance so I went for it and am I happy that I did!

First off, the bandscope. I must admit my lust for it was a driving force but I thought it would be more a toy than a tool. Well, in many cases that is true but I was working a rare DX the other day and would have totally lost the contact without the bandscope. The scope enabled me to actually see what "side" of the passband the QRM was coming from which let me very quickly and accurately adjust the dsp filters! OK, it is still mostly a toy but a sometimes very useful one.

Coming from the 746 Pro the learning curve was pretty non-existent. I love the way Icom has designed the adjustment routines for both these radios. I had heard that the 756 Pro III was a 746 Pro with a bandscope and that is about 90% true BUT when it comes to the receiver the 746 Pro is hot but the 756 Pro III is blisteringly hot! The difference is in dynamic range. The 746 Pro just does not have the AF volume that the 756 Pro III has. This means I can back off a lot on the Pro III's RF to cut noise and other interference and still hear everything by cranking up the AF. It is really a big difference in favor of the 756 Pro III.

Overall, I'd say that if you see one of these as I did at a last-chance price -- snap it up! You will not regret doing so.
9V1JP Rating: 2009-11-01
Great Radio Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I purchased my 756Pro3 new two 3 days ago. Never operated an Icom DSP radio before but this one is very intuitive, very easy to operate. The DSP NR is very effective, I've got excellent audio report from other hams. One hell of a radio, definitely a giant leap from my Kenwood TS450SAT.
W2NSF Rating: 2009-10-29
It's the receiver Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
For my one and only tabletop rig, it came down to this one or the Elecraft K3. For the money, I'm glad I went for the Icom. This rig's receiver is wonderful. It is quiet and sensitive and has an abundance of useful controls to help you pull those difficult signals out of the ether. Never mind QRM, never mind QRN, this rig has excellent ears. The NB is incredible. The noise reduction is almost as good as my AmComm ClearSpeech (and that's a compliment). The other features (band scope, RTTY decode, display screen, multi-meter, voice keyer, etc.) are too many to mention and some I'll probably never use. This rig represents the culmination of many years of design evolution and refinement. The build quality is excellent. (...and never mind that row of tiny controls - they're seldom used, but nice to have there when you need them.) Only significant gripe is the heat, but I'm working on a couple of small muffin fans that will manage that. Highly recommended. Get a new one while they're still on the shelves; they're going fast. Icom's "replacement" rig costs at least a grand more. I don't believe there's another comparable rig out there at the price.
K6AER Rating: 2009-10-23
Comfortable Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have had my IC-756 Pro-III for four years. I use it every day when I am in town. The radio is connected to a 4 element SteppIR at 105 feet with 7/8 heliax connecting the two.

I use the radio on 160 and 40-6 meters SSB 90% and CW10%. Having a radio connected to a high performance antenna will put the receiver through a tough set of challenges. Signal levels you never would hear on a dipole or vertical. Butt a legal limit amplifier up to the transmitter side and if it is not clean everyone will let you know.

The radio passes with flying colors.

Several years ago I posted an extensive review of the radio and nothing has changed.

Many have complained about the 6 meter sensitivity and I think some folks don’t realize your sensitivity is only as good as the antenna. I have found the measured 6 meter performance very good and exceeding specification easily.

The receiver is very selective, easy to use and the noise blanker, DSP and auto notch is spot on.

CW operation is a piece of cake and the full break-in is quiet and smooth.

My particular interest is SSB and the radio has a wonderful rich and articulate SSB audio. Typically I see over 45 dB signal to noise ratio giving studio quality audio.

You can use this radio with out breaking out the manual. I have used the K3, FT-2000, Omni VII and Flex-3000 (I own one) and Flex-5000. All are top notch radios but none have the comfort aspect that I keep coming home to. The Pro-III is just an easy radio to use. It has a very low fatigue factor and you can use it during contest with out that feeling of being beat up after 12 hours of use.

Using this radio is like sitting in front of a cabin fireplace, sipping some brandy and having you boarder collie curled up next to you. It is that comfortable.

Earlier 5-star review posted by K6AER on 2007-01-03

I love this radio.

Very sensitive, low noise floor, great DSP, easy to use, configurable filters, great carrier notch, configurable AGC’s, smooth and rich receive audio, fantastic transmit audio, it has 6 meters, all mode, accurate spectrum display for receive and transmit, smooth VOX, noise reduction and noise blanker are top notch, flawless CW break-in, brick wall DSP filters, bright and beautiful TFT display, compact design, very high quality construction, low cost ($2500) and very easy to use with no other radio coming close in this price class.

I use the transceiver coupled to a four element SteppIR at 105 feet and transmit very often through an Alpha amplifier. The transceiver must be clean with this set up for I can have up to 30 dB more gain than a standard station on a dipole. At 5 KHz from carrier, the sidebands are down 63 dB. This is about the best in the business.

The receiver performs extremely well in contest situations and the dynamic range is excellent. Transmit audio has over 47 dB of dynamic range. Over the air reports have listeners raving about the audio.

This model will go down in history as a milestone radio to own.
N1FDX Rating: 2009-10-23
Love it Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I had the 2nd IC-756 in the New England area ordered from HRO. Upgraded to the ProII when it was introduced which was damaged in a lightning strike last year when I replaced it with the PROIII. Every time I operate this rig I like it a little more. It seems to do everything as advertised and very well, simple to use. I plan to keep it in the shack for a good long time.
Crazy, but I don't think I could live without the scope.
KU5Q Rating: 2009-10-23
The end of an era. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
For all the accolades, criticisms, and every gradient of expression of true and faithful owners, and impostors, detractors, but resolving in the end to those that had a feeling and belief about the PRO Series, ending with the PROIII, you have to admit....loved or hated, the PRO, PROII, and PROIII received A LOT OF ATTENTION!!!! Who knows for sure how many are really out there.

It would be totally worthless for me to say much more than the aforementioned.

I have the (in ICOM DESK TOP HF/6M XCVRS) PROIII, 7600, 7700, 7800. I expect someone to generate a 0/5 review just BECAUSE, after this post.

I'll probably never get rid of my PROIII.

At 51, I'll probably hang onto it for my grandson.

But that's okay. All those that have enjoyed the PROIII know the truth about a very good product. And in the end, that's all that matters.


K9OZ Rating: 2009-10-23
Better than I remembered Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Last year I sold my 756ProIII to finance purchase of K3. Love the K3, but missed the Pro III. Saw a Pro on e-bay for under $1,000, so picked it up. Liked the Pro, but K3 was rig of choice. Saw ProIII on close-out, so sold Pro and bought another ProIII for about what I sold my old one for last year. Last week did side-by-side with K3 during Illinois QSO party. Guess what? I like the Pro III better than the K3. I can't quantify the difference between the Pro III and Pro, but it's just a nicer CW rig. And after a year of running LP-Pan with K3 to have a panadapter, you still can't beat the band scope on the ProIII. This one will stay in shack for a long, long time. Great radio at current close-out prices.
NN9Q Rating: 2009-10-23
Excellent Radio Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I will not repeat the many accurate comments that praise this radio, but relate only my side by side testing of the radio with other rigs, including the Omni 7, a modified Icom 765, a highly modified Icom 740. Overall this radio demonstrates better sensitivity than the O7 with about the same selectivity. Its AGC is excellent. The P3 matches the sensitivity and noise to signal performance of my supercharged 740 and 765. (This was not expected.) However, both the 765 and the 740 have a marginal advantage on selectivity owing to layers of crystal filters. (Both my 740 and 765 operate with added DSPs.) Like so many others I find the band scope very useful. I have added an external audio DSP to my PRO3 (The Gap BHI unit) to the signal chain and the results have been spectacular. I engage but turn down the PRO3 Noise Limiter to about 9:00 oclock, and set the Gap unit to about stage 4. The only filter combo I have seen that removes lighting strikes!

This unit is a very good buy at close out prices. I believe this radio will hold its value for a long time because of all that it offers.
W0DKM Rating: 2009-10-17
Great Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have bounced around from rig to rig lately. I had a PRO2 for several years, it was so good I was getting bored. It handled most the cities noises I deal with. Then the FT950 came out and I traded straight for it new. The ft950 is a great rig, but I was adjusting, tweeking, and upgrading quite often to get it as smooth as the Pro2. Then I buy a IC746pro. The receiver was incredable, handled anything. Alot better then the ft950 at noise handling, ect... The 950 roofing filters are nice for tightening up your working freq..

So I boxed the ft950 and the IC746pro up. Sold them. Got enough cash to buy a IC756pro3.

Just a perfect rig for me. The noise blanker and noise reduction are near perfect. EVERYTHING on it works as it should. The scope is great. I had it on 10 meters last weekend with the scope on. Had the scope as wide as possable. And after a few hours of nothing, the signals started popping up. And I made some contacts. YEP, just like a fish finder. I like fish finders.

I have had the 756pro, pro2, now the pro3. And all are Great rigs.

This Pro3, For the price they are right now 2009. is unbeatable.