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Reviews For: AAG Model TAI8515 1-Wire Weather Instrument Kit V3.0

Category: Weather Stations

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Review Summary For : AAG Model TAI8515 1-Wire Weather Instrument Kit V3.0
Reviews: 5MSRP: 79.00
The basic unit includes wind speed, wind direction and temperature for $79! Additional modules can be added for humidity, pressure, and rain gauge reporting. One-wire system plugs into a spare USB port (with optional adapter) with power provided by your computer.
Product is in production
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KE7IOD Rating: 2011-04-25
Still working Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The weather station is still running

These are not industrial, but they are still working.
Every year I HAVE to replace the bearings, and this winter the cups on the wind guage broke off. Seems the plastic wasn't up for three years of exposure to mountain top weather. I suspect hail is what finally did the station in.

The really bad news - I don't think AAG makes these anymore.
Regardless, I had three of them in the shack, so I keep parting them out and replacing the parts to keep them working.

Also, here is the info on the bearings:
Bearing R166ZZ 3/16"x3/8"x1/8" Shielded
You can buy replacements here:
I go with the stainless bearings

Earlier 4-star review posted by KE7IOD on 2010-11-28

I have had my weather station on the mountain top for almost five years now, and have mixed feelings about it.
You can see it here:

I have gone through 4 weather stations, 2 to bearing failure, 1 to lightning, and one du to the board failing.
I have ordered bearings and do my best to replace them every year, if I don't the bearing seizes and it wears through the plastic.

I purchased a Lacrosse WS-2300 for my shack and I am much happier with that, it does barometer, humidity, and rain guage. Not certain how it would do on a mountain top.

Regardless, this is the best bang for the buck weather station I have used and recommend it for hobbyist. I do NOT recommend it for industrial mountain installations.
Earlier 4-star review posted by KE7IOD on 2006-11-30

The weather station is still running on Pikes Peak, right next to an amature repeater. After 6 months the bearings on the wind speed wore out! Not a huge problem, new bearings are only $15. I wonder if I can but bigger bearings in it somehow, Hmmmm.....
Maintenance was documented here:
Earlier 5-star review posted by KE7IOD on 2006-07-27

I have one of these running here
Only drawback is I am using linux, on windows its not as flashy. For me, this thing works great, so gread I am getting another one for the house
VE4VID Rating: 2008-12-27
Disappointed Time Owned: more than 12 months.
It was better than the Walmart specials but after replacing the circuit board once and then a year later it died again. I added a Hobby Boards temp/humidity sensor soon after my purchase and it never failed. Still have it if anyone needs it.

I've moved on to a Davis Vantage Pro2 when funds became available. Yes I know you can't compare apples to grapefruit.
RFSOAKED Rating: 2008-10-29
Where to Buy... Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
After posting the review i got a few messages on here asking where to buy it...

AAG is difficult to deal with at best, instead go over to and you can purchase the station as well as all the optional sensors. They even have stuff that AAG doesn't for the 1 Wire system.

Earlier 5-star review posted by RFSOAKED on 2008-10-29

We have one of these running on a tower along with our VHF repeater, there is also a slaved UHF link repeater at this site, and everything works perfectly as it should. It's wired to a OpenTracker+ and the data has been steady and reliable. We don't seem to have the solar heating problem some mention with the temp sensor in the unit. Its usually within 1-2 degrees of other nearby stations. Its fed with Cat5 cable, about 120ft from the unit to the OT+ and radio in the building below.

A hint, if you use it with the OT+ you get a nice remote site monitor. The OT+ has an internal temperature sensor that when placed in such a location as to not be heated by any equipment allows you to monitor the building temperature and the voltage input to the OT+. This lets us monitor the temp of the shack and the voltage on the output of the repeater power supply via APRS. Along with the outdoor temp, wind direction, and speed of course.

Perfect solution to adding weather data as well as doubling for a remote site monitor.

If need be, you could use some three conductor shielded cable to relocate the temp sensor from inside the OT+ to somewhere else inside the building you want to monitor.

KF6UZB Rating: 2008-01-03
Okay for the price Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The 1-wire network is picky about wiring, so it's not quite plug-and-play. My wind instrument is still going, but the humidity sensor died after about a year, and the other users on the weather list all seem to have that same issue (1-year lifespan of the humidity sensor). Temperature sensor located in the wind instrument is fairly useless due to solar heating, but the humidity sensor continues to work as a temperature sensor. Wish I had spent a bit more on a Davis, but if you're willing to put some work into installing the station and maintaining it (as well as replacing the humidity sensor every year) then go for it. Barometric sensor calibration is easy, just plug your altitude into a formula and use that as the calibration value.
(I have the TAI8515 wind instrument, TAI8540 humidity sensor, TAI8570 barometric pressure sensor, and TAI8586 counter in a Davis rain bucket, in service for ~3 years)
KC2HZW Rating: 2004-10-20
Great Weather Station! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I was interested in setting up a weather station in my ham station. After looking at the very expensive name brand units, I found a link on the TAPRS site for AAG. The unit is cleverly designed using chip sets by Dallas Semiconductor. Currently fed with CAT 5e cable, it works well in my high RF environment. Easy to install and the software works well. The one-wire system is a bonus; no fancy cables or connectors needed, just a pair of RJ-11 connectors. The unit is modular and additional functions can easily be added at a low cost. A great little unit!