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Reviews For: RoMac 10 Band Equalizer

Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

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Review Summary For : RoMac 10 Band Equalizer
Reviews: 8MSRP: 39.95
Windows based DSP equalizer. Works with a 16 bit sound card and Windows 98 or higher. Demo version available.
Product is in production
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K6QE Rating: 2014-03-19
The very best! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I need not repeat as I mirror all the other reviews! The tech support is great and all of my inquiries have been answered within a couple of hours. His software makes me proud to be a ham!

Jim, K6QE
VE3PKM Rating: 2012-10-22
Best bang for the buck in audio processing Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used the W2IHY audio gear (eq &eq+) as well as Bheringer gear and let me tell you this little gem blows them out of the water in my opinion and for a fraction of the price. The RoMac 10 band Equalizer has so much more to offer then the high priced gear on the market today. This Eq works on the transmit as well as the receive ,it offers you a pulser for tuning your amp,cw id'er,effects processor,and the best part of all are the presets being able to store different audio profiles is very handy for changing microphones or chasing dx. I am so impressed with this software that I actually sold all my other audio gear. The support that you get from Roger is outstanding.My Eq runs all my voip applications as well as my Flex 3000 through the use of virtual audio cables and it also communicates with my capture program for my log thru a virtual serial port. I was having some issues trying to get it to all work properly but Roger connected to my machine via teamviewer and ten minutes later voila all was working as it should. Great product and great support
WA6NUT Rating: 2011-06-25
Useful with Virtual Audio Cable Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've been using the RoMac 10 Band Equalizer "connected" to other software with Virtual Audio Cable (VAC). The interface to VAC is simple to use, and makes the Equalizer especially useful with Software Defined Radios (SDR's) and sound card modes.

The Equalizer has many features (I use it as a bandstop filter with specialized sound card software for Narrow Band TV).

RoMac provides outstanding customer service -- Roger, W8RJ, responds to e-mails with very short turn-around time. The software is reasonably priced, especially considering its performance and the great customer service. Definitely deserves a 5 rating.
VK5LA Rating: 2009-07-14
Works GREAT with the USB enabled Icom IC-7200 Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have been using the RoMac 10 Band Equalizer with my new Icom IC-7200. I have found this software to be a near perfect match for Icom's new USB enabled rig.

I am using a Rode Podcaster USB microphone into my laptop with the RoMac software and then out of the laptop directly to the USB port on the rear of the radio. Just one cable does the lot - Audio in/out and Rig Control using the CIV protocol.
What could be simpler? NO Blasted-Linking-Tiger- Bux-Box interface to worry about and the associated nest of cables everywhere!

The Romac 10 Band Equalizer software really gives you incredible control over your transmit audio.
On Transmit, the software incorporates a Mic preamp, a compressor/expander, a noise gate and a 10 band graphic equaliser into an easy to use package that is quick to set up and get going.

Roger has thought of just about everything and has included some very nice touches, too many to mention here but suffice to say there isn't much the software won't do.

I got unsolicited "good audio!", "Fantastic Audio"
and "Great sounding Rig" reports with just a little bass boost, around 3db of compression and a touch of highs with the software.

You can set up to 6 preset settings that can be recalled at the touch of a buton. For instance, set preset 1 as a powerful DX TX audio setting to cut through a pile-up. Set preset 2 as your nice full sounding rag-chew audio. Now you can effortlessly swap between the 2 with the push of a button. Instantly.
Try doing that with a rack full of pre-amps processors and effects!

The noise gate works really well and I really like the receive audio enhancements such as noise reduction, noise blanker and notch filter. If you have an older non DSP radio, then this software could be all you need to improve your receive capability, instead of outlaying a lot more money to upgrade.

Interfacing the software to your rig is easy, especially if you have experience with the Digital modes. The comprehensive help file has all the diagrams, schematics and information you need to get you on the air quickly.

The software is outstanding value for money and a serious alternative to big dollar rack gear and can make just about any mic sound great. The trial version is fully functional and allows you to test drive the software for 30 hours.

N4AZL Rating: 2008-03-02
Great Software Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have been playing around with audio for quiet awhile, external audio equipment mostly. Decided to give Rogers Romac 10 a try and found that it will master about any type of microphone. I had a little trouble getting it set up but Roger was with me all the way from start to finish. If you are thinking about getting into audio processing in amateur radio I highly recommend the Romac 10 software. With Rogers’s software and a good sound card you can create some great audio without breaking the bank. 

W9AC Rating: 2008-01-20
Excellent Voice Processing Software Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I've been using Roger's software on all my voice applications, including a laptop PC when I run Internet remote control in conjunction with the IP-Sound software codec. Within the limit's of the transceiver, Roger's software can make nearly any microphone sound as if it's a studio condenser. It's the most well-thought implementation of voice processing software for amateur radio that I've tried.

The software is much more than a simple EQ; it contains an intelligent compressor, expander, noise gate, special effects, and my favorite...a dedicated 160 Hz notch filter with variable Q. Unlike other software packages, installation and use is super easy. Highly recommended.
ARCHIE00 Rating: 2008-01-20
Studio quality at your fingertips. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been using the RoMac 10 band equalizer for some time now and finally giving it the review it deserves. This well priced software is a studio at your fingertips enabling you to transmit or and receive with it's various filters and 10 band settings, I am complimented each and every time on the quality of my audio. The beaut layout enables you to store settings to suit different bands and modes where your audio needs adjusting on the fly with a simple click. There are too many features to mention with this software, get in there and try it, you will be hooked!.

Footnote: Great value for money, very simple to setup and run doing away with overpriced and expensive hardware, not to mention the version upgrades are free!
WD5Y Rating: 2006-03-17
Great Software And Support Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I had been working with receive (DSP) software for quite some time but never found anything for the transmit side. Well, here it is. This software has many many features available, transmit EQ, receive filtering, CW ID. I am running four different amateur radio software packages on my pc at the same time, this software worked fine with no glitches. Roger also offers other packages and some free of charge. I bought the complete package. I built my own interface and installed it into the pc, Roger also helped with the interface hardware info, which also is on his site. There is so much discussion about software and amateur radio, this is the only software for amateur radio transmit EQ that I have found and it works great. I am running a TS2000 which goes through two sound cards (transmit and receive), along with software for controlling the rig and amplifier.