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Reviews For: Astron SS-12

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Astron SS-12
Reviews: 3MSRP: 89.95
Switching power supply: 12A ICS 33% duty cycle, 10A continuous; 110/220V in switchable; 1-3/8 x 6 x 9 inches
Product is in production
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AB2IR Rating: 2014-05-30
Great Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Purchased used, works great. Rear wire connector brass screw broke. Emailed Astron and they sent me replacement part before getting check for it. Bought both new connectors for total of ten dollars. Used for acc. on radio station, and Palstar autoHF tuner. Would buy again. Excellent filtering I am told.
K6DIL Rating: 2010-05-09
Very satisfied Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought this switch-mode supply because I leave my rig up 24/7 as a PSK31 autospotter. A linear supply would waste too much energy in that application.

Voltage out is 13.9 VDC at idle; 13.6 VDC at full load (Elecraft K3/10 + Tokyo Hy-Power 45 Watt amp). It never gets hot or makes any sound (that I've noticed).

Although not specified, the output sockets are properly spaced for Pomona dual banana plugs.
K9TOD Rating: 2007-06-08
It's swell Time Owned: more than 12 months.
It's a swell power supply, what more can I say.