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Reviews For: Battery Base for Yaesu FT-817 by WN8ATM

Category: Ham Shack Accessories

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Review Summary For : Battery Base for Yaesu FT-817 by WN8ATM
Reviews: 4MSRP: 59.95
Professionally built base for FT-817 that adds the power of 2 RC batteries (switchable) to an angled support making the FT-817 even MORE portable and available for emergency use.
Product is in production
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K8RBW Rating: 2008-07-27
Fine Product Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I usually like to wait a few months to review products. The previous reviews have accurately and fairly described it. It is extremely well constructed and carefully thought out. Indeed, it serves three purposes: an excellent support for viewing the FT-817, a great source of battery power in the base, and an accessory that is as readily transportable for portable use as the FT-817 itself.

73 de Dick, K8RBW
KB5DRJ Rating: 2008-06-09
Very excellent case! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Had been looking for something like this for awhile. When I saw it on eBay I added it to my dream list. I ordered it on June 2 and got it in the mail on June 6th via USPS Priority. Item came really well packed.

The quality of the construction is very excellent. The case is light and sturdy, and has a good coat of flat black paint that has a rough texture. There are pads for the 817 to sit on and a rubbery vinyl feeling coating on the front vertical brackets. This case will not scratch the 817. At the back there is a hole for connecting the ground wire to the 817 while at the same time grounding the case. I found that the screw that came with the 817 is a bit short and replaced it with a longer screw. The case screws and washers are black and match the case very well and screw into high quality machined holes.

Inside the case I found that the connecters, wires, fuse and switch are of excellent quality and assembled really well using shrink tubing on all the connections. I was surprised to find that there were included the mating molex connectors in case your battery packs don't have the right connectors on them.

The angle of the case is perfect for the 817 and makes the display much easier to read.

I am looking forward to taking this out of the house for the upcoming field day.

I believe that this is the best looking and most functional stand available for the FT-817. Other stands look like they were made in Frankensteins laboratory. I highly recommend it. I believe the design is clever and near perfect. I am very happy with my purchase.
N4TZH Rating: 2005-05-25
Fantastic stand for FT-817 Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought this stand from Mark, WN8ATM at the Dayton Hamvention 2005. I am extremely satisfied with the craftmanship of this item. I would recommend this to all 817 owners.
KG7DX Rating: 2005-03-18
Must-Have FT-817 accessory! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Bought one of these from Marc on eBay (he also sells them direct). I'm impressed with the professional craftsmanship that this slanted, vented-base FT-817 support offers, BUT wait! There's MORE! He's provided space and wiring for 2 RC car batteries (easily found at Radio Shack and other hobby stores) each of which can provide provide 9.6V at 1.8 amps, thus tripling the available battery power available to the FT-817 or FT-817ND. Much like the built-in feature on the FT-897D, there is a switch which allows you to choose between the 2 auxillary batteries. Internal wiring is pre-matched to the 2 pin Molex connector provided on the RC batteries so all you have to do is open the case and plug them in, and the power out lead matches the lead on the Yaesu power supply, thus powering the radio from the batteries. Mark provides nice touches like foam on the uprights to protect the radio from scratching, padding for the batteries internally, and add-on rubber feet for the base. I've never met Mark, but I can testify to his commitment to craftsmanship. As a new FT-817ND owner, I'm VERY pleased with this combination stand/power source for this popular radio!