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Reviews For: FDLOG by WB6ZQZ

Category: Ham Logging Software

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Review Summary For : FDLOG by WB6ZQZ
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The Field Day Logging progrom (FDLog) cohesively ties together the stations in the Field Day activity, maintaining copies of all data on all computers via the (802.11 wireless) network. If a computer crashes or becomes unavailable it does not matter - the data is already copied to all the other computers. It allows the stations to choose bands knowing the status of the other stations in the group at a glance. It helps manage the number of transmitters active and allows everyone on the site to see "what's going on" at all times. The input system is designed for minimum keystrokes, and it is optimized for Field Day operations. It is capable of preparing nearly the whole FD Entry form for ARRL submission, making it much easier to actually send in the results. It keeps time synchronization between the stations. It is written in Python, available as sourcecode, and is available at no charge. It runs on many platforms.
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WA6ZTY Rating: 2016-01-31
Not just Field Day Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've used FDLOG for over 10 years. It doesn't require a month to learn how to use it, and its ability to send messages to the other operators at the FD site is quite handy.
In addition to FD use, I also use it regularly for VHF contests.