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Reviews For: Kenwood PS-40

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Kenwood PS-40
Reviews: 5MSRP: 219.00
Dual input switchable AC voltage 20/23amp switching P/S
Product is in production
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EA4AZZ Rating: 2014-10-26
Best ever had Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought in 1999 AES Orlando, Florida.
Since 1999 works everyday about 6 hours per day.
I used with TS870, TS440 and vhf uhf transceivers.
Never had a problem and works like the first day.
Solid as a rock.
The best power supply ever had.
K0KK Rating: 2003-11-02
Great Little Power Supply Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've used my PS-40 for about a year with no problems and with no hint of hash or other emissions. It does have some fan noise, but the fan is a high quality ball bearing type, and these tend to be a bit nosier. The fan runs at about 9 Volts as set from factory. I quieted it considerably by placing a paper vacuum cleaner filter over the air inlet; this slows the fan and also keeps the dust out. Output voltage sags slightly (0.19 Volts) under full load. The unit is very well built, with an all-steel case. However, it's bigger and heavier than the similar MFJ supply. (There's a lot of empty space in the cabinet.) I think it's somewhat over-priced at $200 new, but if you can get it used for a discount, I'd recommend it. (Gee-it's fun being a product review writer.)
K6USN Rating: 2003-03-07
A Proven performer! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I purchased my PS 40 back in 1998 and have used it extensively here and overseas on 220V. Works
flawlessly, even from an island on the Great Barrier Reef with high humidity.

I think this model is discontinued now, but if you see one at a hamfest or on eHam, grab it up!

The only minor annoyance is that the fan is
a bit noisy. No 'switching' hash noted on any band (I use mine only on HF with my IC 706 MK II or FT 817.)
VK2NEW Rating: 2002-06-09
Good for home or travelling Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Needing a power supply for home and travel with dual AC inputs, I purchased a Kenwood PS-40 switcher and have been very happy with it's performance.
Good points;
1) No matter how long I tested the supply at high current and duty cycles, the cabinet and exhausted air pressure from the fan was still cold to touch after a fairly long period.
2) High current from such a small package.
3) Interior components, circuit board and exterior cabinet is made of good quality and looks as if it will last through the toughest of DX-peditions and/or portable operating.
4) Dual inputs 110/240volts and removable AC power cable make's it ideal for travelling worldwide.
5) Small size makes it transportable inside a luggage bag.

Bad points;
1) Slight voltage decrease at high demands.
2) Noticed some noise on the lower bands <7mhz (like all switchers), but not enough to consider a problem.
3) Fan noise/speed is much higher than the average high current switcher, but due to the low demands I ask of the supply, I may add a resistor to lower the speed.

"Would I purchase another PS-40 if this 1 went missing".
AB7RG Rating: 2000-02-16
A go anywhere, compact, light, power supply! Time Owned: unknown months.
The Kenwood PS-40 DC switching power supply is a total winner! It delievers 20 amps continous, 23 amps peak, so it'll handle any 100 watt rig. It weighs in at 4.5 pounds, and is only 7 & 1/16 inches wide, 2 & 3/8 inches high, and 8 & 7/8 inches deep. It'll run off of 110 or 220, with just the flip of a switch, is extremely quiet, and runs cool even under a heavy load. It doesn't add much to your carry on, so you can pack it with your rig, mike, keyer, clock, and other goodies the next time you go flying. And it won't take up hardly any space in your shack is space is a problem. This is THE power supply of choice if you travel a lot or are going on a DXpedition. I've had mine for nearly two years and it's performed flawlessly. 5+ gold stars, easy!