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Reviews For: Weller WCC100 Soldering Station

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : Weller WCC100 Soldering Station
Reviews: 1MSRP: 120.00
The Weller WCC100 Soldering Station is an electronically controlled station that Weller developed to meet government specifications (1990s)-- including the Military Standard 2000. The temperature is adjustable from 350 degrees F to 850 degrees F and is stable within 10 degrees F at idle. The 40 watt pencil is fitted with an ETA tip and can be used with the full range of Weller ET series tips to cover many soldering applications. A zero voltage circuit ensures that no high voltage spikes are present to damage sensitive components.

This model was DISCONTINUED by Weller in 1999.
The Weller WES51 is the Weller replacement station (uses the same "ET" tips).

==> WCC100 is a BLUE plastic base unit & iron
==> WLC100 is an ORANGE plastic base unit & iron
(See product review for the Weller WLC100 model).

+ Wireless temperature lockout to prevent user from exceeding specified temperatures
+ Tip Temperature Calibration
+ Quick Heat up & Recovery
+ Slim Comfortable Hand Piece
+ Durable for Production Use.
+ Four Foot Cord Length

Diagram of the Weller WCC100 station
Product is in production
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W9GB Rating: 2007-12-28
Informational Review Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Weller WCC100 is a temperature controlled soldering station that was discontinued by Weller in 1999. Parts and documentation for this station are non-existent on the Internet and Weller does not currently provide the following information on its support page. This station does use the “ET” series soldering tips, which are used on current Weller soldering stations.

Parts numbers for Weller WCC100 solder station

WCC101 – Replacement Iron w/ETA tip
WCC102 – Replacement Heater (120 V)
WCC103 – Temperature Sensor w/Spring
WCC104 – Sponge
WCC105 – Spring and Funnel Assembly
WCC106 – Control Board
WCC108 - Weller Barrel Nut
SW120 – Switch (Carling LRA series illuminated rocker)

I acquired a WCC100 soldering station, via eBay, that was non-functional in December 2007. I was able to repair this WCC100 station, due to my ability to obtain key parts from Weller distributors that still had parts inventories

In my case, the temperature sensor (WCC103) had failed (open) in this station’s iron.

Suppliers that have these parts “in stock” as of December 2007

Allied Electronics

WCC103 Temperature Sensor (115 units in stock)
Allied part number: 984-2267, price: $ 7.30

Santa Cruz Electronics

WCC102 – Replacement Heater (120 V) - $ 21.34
WCC104 – Replacement Sponge - $ 1.50
WCC106 – Control Board - $ 5.74
WCC108 - Weller Barrel Nut - $ 7.52

GC Electronics
SW120 - Replacement Illuminated Rocker switch
GC Electronics part number 35-3740 - ~ $3.00
Carling Curvette LRA series - LRA211C.
LRA211: 125V Neon Lamp; 16A 125VAC; .250 QC Tabs;
OFF-NONE-ON (SPST); Red Transparent, Black bezel.
Nice station, but the base it "light in weight".
Care / Safety should be taken to prevent tipping (children and pets).

Earlier 5-star review posted by W9GB on 2006-08-20

==This review was mistakenly posted to the Weller WLC100 model review ==
== These models are totally different designs - NO interchangable or related parts, other than the form factor of the plastic molded base!! ==

My 1999 Weller Model WCC100 station was a $30.00 promotion [close-out of model] and it has been 100 percent reliable for me.
The WCC100 is light blue in color that tends to fade to an institutional light green in UV light.

The soldering pencil is hard-wired into the base unit. So IF I had to find something wrong with mine, it would be the absolutely tasteless Color the plastic fades as exposed to UV light!

For almost Six Years of fully dependable service... In Spite of the Color... it warrants the WV4R FIVE Star Rating.

73 es God bless,


[BTW, the WCC100 is now discontinued - replaced by WES51. The "ET" series tips and heater are available - BUT replacement control boards no longer made by Weller - g. beat]