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Reviews For: Smiley 270A Tri-Band HT Antenna

Category: Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Omnidirectional: verticals, mobile, etc

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Review Summary For : Smiley 270A Tri-Band HT Antenna
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Collapsible (but spring at bottom!) SMA HT antenna.
Product is in production
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N0RDD Rating: 2017-02-07
My favorite HT antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've had this antenna for about a month and it has become my favorite HT antenna. I use it mostly on my Yaesu FT1DR. I got the BNC version because I use BNC adapters on all my HTs. The antenna is smaller in length and width than the stock duck that comes with the FT1Dr when collapsed, making it comfortable to carry on your belt. It also weighs almost the same as the stock antenna. Even when extended it feels light on the radio. The performance is excellent on this antenna! I have tried many antenna designs on HTs and this one seems to out perform all of them. After a month of daily use, it's showing no signs of wear so far. For the money, I'd say it's totally worth it. I'm going to order another one for my other HT now as well.
KQ0J Rating: 2015-01-08
Works well, but fragile. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is my second 270A that I have used on my HT's. The first one went bad after a few years and now this one is shot. I have to say that the antenna does a great job ( follow the tuning card on the package for length ) with outperforming a rubber duck but they can not seem to stand up to my portable use for very long without developing intermittent connections. 5 for performance 3 for sturdiness. If you baby it it might last longer.
F4GFT Rating: 2014-09-03
Fine product, excellent service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After trashing the original rubber duckie of my FT-60 (the plastic top got lost on a bike trip, probably due to humidity and vibrations), and a Diamond SRH77CA (broke above the coil, see my review here), I followed the recommendation of another ham and got myself not one but two Smiley 270A, figuring they would not last much longer than the antennas I had before. Was I wrong! Not only does the Smiley perform significantly better than my previous antennas (on 2m the difference is really remarkable), it also withstands my admittedly rough treatment when used bicycle mobile. I think this is due to the loading coil being used as a spring, thus damping vibrations very effectively.
For antennas, size matters, and I particularly appreciate the fact that the antenna can be collapsed to just 14cm, allowing me to securely stow it in my ski vest when I try to DX from mountain tops. In this situation, a smaller antenna simply doesn't cut it, and the longer Diamond 77 was always a bit bulky on these ski excursions.
After about three years of heavy use, I lost the top pin screwed on the telescope (during a bike trip, of course), which had gotten loose during a vacation on which I lacked the tools to tighten it as I should have when I observed the issue. Imagine what, upon my inquiry if these could be bought as spare parts, Lorrie from Smiley Ant Co. simply sent one in a letter, advising me to use some loctite (which I will) this time. The Smiley 270 is an excellent HT antenna backed by an equally excellent service.
KB5ELV Rating: 2014-01-13
Excellent! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought one of these, first, for my Kenwood TH-F6A, years ago...probably at least 6 years ago. It really is an improvement, and the spring in the base really helps a lot as well. Two years ago, I bought a second one for my Wouxun/Baofeng/Puxing handhelds. Passed the Kenwood on to a friend of mine with no radio and kept the Smiley, so I have two...or had...need to replace one that went missing with an HT that also went missing. Anyway, no hesitation in buying the replacement, it's that good. Tip: you can order it with the female SMA for the Wouxun/Baofeng/Puxing handhelds. It's not an available option on the form, but if you call or Email them with your order number, they'll include the correct base. Ask for the female SMA. You want the Yaesu one, not the Motorola one, and if you just tell them you've got a Wouxun or other Chinese HT, they'll know which one you want. That way you don't have to buy an extra base you might not need.
K9XXX Rating: 2013-08-26
Just replaced much-needed lost one Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I just today received my replacement for my long-lost 270A.That's why I checked more than 12 months.
I have reviewed a number of HT ANTS here. I will not be without a 270A, not to say it's the only one I will ever use. Band dedication is important to HTperformance, and that is why I love the 270A.
I wouldn't use it outside in rain on a waterproof
HT. That will most usually the reason to swap antennas.
Great design + great execution = great product!
K7RNO Rating: 2013-03-24
Best compromise Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Dedicated antennas for the individual application (and band) are always the best, but if you want a Jack of all trades, master of some, then this telescoping midget is for you.

Fully extended on my HT (FT-60), inside the house, I can reach a repeater 34 miles away, if scratchy, so I am told. For listening to the same repeater, the fully retracted Smiley works just fine.

The flexible design with the base spring is a strike of genius. And if it needs to come off the HT, it does so in one twist: I chose the BNC version and use it on a Diamond adapter--a top notch product too.

Both are highly recommended.
KD0PBO Rating: 2012-08-26
Fantastic replacement for Wouxun HT Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
So like many others, I have one of the $109 Wouxon 2m/440 HTs purchased from HRO. Its a great little radio for the price, but the antenna is lacking. I had a lot of trouble trying to reach the local repeaters. Using it mostly around the house, I had to be in certain areas to talk to certain repeaters. After a few months of this, decided to upgrade and heard about the Smiley Antenna Co. Let me just say that this antenna has really improved this HT. Receive and transmit have both drastically improved. I can now hit the local repeaters any where inside my house. Another great thing about this antenna is the universal base. Every antenna is universally thread to fit Smiley base adapters. For the Wouxon I had to order seperate the Yaesu female sma base. This antenna only come with a BNC base or sma male. So I ended up having to pay a total of $33 shipping included. The advantage to this is that you can purchase only one antenna and several base adapters for use with multiple hts. No buying two of the same antennas with two different bases. Overall, its a great antenna and for the price it can't be beat! 73
HFHAM2 Rating: 2011-11-18
Best HT antenna I've come across Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I use this with my Yaesu VX-3R.

It's only 1" longer than the stock rubber duck antenna when fully retracted (5 1/2"). It's a 1/4 wave on 2M when fully extended (22") and can be a 5/8 wave on 220 or 440 by collapsing some of the telescoping sections. Fully retracted, it's a 1/4 wave on 440.

I've noticed a big improvement on both transmit and receive, and it's opened up the other bands that this little radio can receive (they were pretty much dead using the stock rubber duck).

Before buying the Smiley 270A I was using antennas like the Comet SMA-24 and the Diamond SRH-320A. Both good antennas giving similar results to the 270A. That said, the former was annoyingly "whippy" (which often affected the transmitted signal), and the latter is expensive and not so good for the extended coverage that the VX-3R is capable of. In addition, both were too long to leave attached to the radio full-time, so were a hassle in needing to be transported separately and screwed on/off as needed.

With the 270A however, I leave it attached to the radio all the time and only need to extend it when I want to transmit; in fact, I don't even need to extend it to transmit on 440 (1/4 wave).

It seems to be very well made (solid), has the (covered) spring at the bottom to protect your antenna connector and is inexpensive too.

Not quite as sleek as the stock duck, but a small price to pay for the much improved performance.
K1GUY Rating: 2011-09-22
An improvement for your HT Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I live quite a distance from the nearest stock rubber duck antenna worked ok, but the reception and often the transmissions were weak. Bought the Smiley 270a. There is a noticeable improvement. Clearer and stronger on transmissions and reception. I like the spring loaded bottom of the antenna with a good support for it when you extend the antenna. Precision made.
The sma connector fits snug on my Alinco HT. I now leave it on my HT almost all the time. Thank you Smiley !
N5OFQ Rating: 2011-05-14
Good compromise Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
On my FT-60R, this is much better than the stock duck and even smaller than the duck when collapsed. When extended, the 270A is lightweight. Comparing collapsed and extended with my old Anli AL-800, the AL-800 pulls in signals about 2 S-Units better but it's large and heavy. Overall, I think the Smiley 270A is a good compromise between a duck and a serious whip.