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Reviews For: Thunderpole Silver Rod five eigth wave

Category: Antennas: HF: Verticals; Wire; Loop

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Review Summary For : Thunderpole Silver Rod five eigth wave
Reviews: 2MSRP: 25 apprx
Standard low cost telescopic vertical 10 meters
Product is in production
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M3XPR Rating: 2009-01-27
good project antenna Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
For the money you can’t go wrong.
If you want to use this antenna on 10 and 12 meter then you are set just adjust for the CB band and it will cover the two adjacent ham bands.
Or you can remove the marching network and adjust to cover the 20 meter band.

I have even used this antenna as a non resonant vertical using the versa tuner in the shack.
If you go down the non resonant root it will cover 10 to 40 meters but use a short section or good coax (like RG213 or westflex 103) in a very short length as you will get loss form the coax mismatch.
I use mine as a ¼ wave on 20 and it works very well for such a cheap antenna.

I have just ordered another to build a base loaded 40 meter antenna.
Cheers and 73
Paul M3XPR.
2W0AXI Rating: 2005-08-31
If your short of space and cash.. Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I bought one of these as an experiment after discovering that the tuning coil in my Versa Tuner was identical to the base loading coil on the Hy-Gain 18VS.

The Thunderpole was mounted on an 18 foot scaffold pole with no radials, but was earthed to a ground spike at the bottom of the pole. It easily tunes for the center of the 10 meter band and I worked the Bahamas on my first try!

Stick the Versa Tuner on it and it will tune 12, 15, 17 ,20 and 40 meters. Honestly believe me for 25 dollars US it's worth it just for the experiment. I've worked all of Europe, North Africa, Russia and down the east coast of the US on this thing. I know the purists amongst you will hate the idea, but when space and cash are limited this will get you working on the bands. Just don't tell anyone! Say you are using a Hustler, Hy-Gain or Cushcraft.