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Reviews For: ICOM IC-275A/H

Category: Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Base/Mobile (non hand-held)

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Review Summary For : ICOM IC-275A/H
Reviews: 28MSRP: 800
VHF Radio
Product is not in production
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KA2EEV Rating: 2023-01-12
TOP NOTCH ALL THE WAY! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
OUTSTANDING RIG! This is absolutely one of the best 2 meter "all mode" transceivers ever made! Excellent receiver sensitivity with great adjacent channel rejection, pulls in those weak signals while preventing overload from strong stations that might otherwise bleed over on nearby frequencies. Love the adjustable power output too! Front panel control makes it fully variable to deliver RF power anywhere between 10 to 100 watts! Many other smart features that earn the IC-275H well deserved high marks. This is a fine quality rig that meets up to high technical aspects while being a genuine pleasure to operate.
HG5AZR Rating: 2020-03-21
receiver problem RF overload Time Owned: more than 12 months.
For europe version:
If I hear on 145.675Mhz a stronger repeater in FM mode I hear it on around
146.665Mhz because 146.665Mhz is out of band(more than 146Mhz)and filter doesnt
work but I cant hear it on 144.685Mhz because 144.685Mhz is inside of
band(144-146Mhz)and filter is works.My radio is europe version.Difference is
about 990Khz.
If I hear on 144.675Mhz a stronger station in FM mode I hear it on 143.685Mhz
because 143.685Mhz is out of band(less 144Mhz) and filter doesnt work but I cant
hear it on 145.665Mhz because 145.665Mhz is in band(144-146Mhz)My radio is
europe version.Difference also 990khz.

If you have usa version(144-148Mhz)filter is different.
please test it in case:
If you hear on 147.500Mhz a stronger repeater in FM mode you hear it on around
148.490Mhz because 148.490Mhz is out of band(more than 148Mhz)and filter doesnt
work but you cant hear it on 146.510Mhz because 146.510Mhz is inside of
band(144-148Mhz)and filter is works.Difference is about 990Khz.
If you hear on 144.500Mhz a stronger station in FM mode you hear it on
143.510Mhz because 143.510Mhz is out of band(less than 144Mhz) and filter doesnt
work but you cant hear it on 145.490Mhz because 145.490Mhz is in
band(144-148Mhz).Difference also 990khz.
Poor design,RF overload.
I asked same amateur and they have same problem.
VE2AIU Rating: 2017-12-15
Great performer Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I've owned this ICOM IC-275A for a few month now, I purchased it at a ham flea market for $250.00, even though the seller said it had a problem with the VFO I still bought it,I'm in the process of repairing the VFO, replacing the sensor on the VFO unit, the radio has a couple of other issues that do not impede performance, and I'll get to them in due time, besides the issues it's a great performer and I've had great compliments over the air.I really like the look and the performance of this rig.
W4KVW Rating: 2017-06-02
AWESOMENESS Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Shame that the 275 series of transceivers were discontinued & there is no demand for mono band VHF/UHF all mode rigs any longer.I much prefer a mono band rig for VHF/UHF for use in my shack.I just purchased my current 275A after selling my 275H back in the 1990's & wishing I had just put it in storage after it was gone.These transceivers are so much better quality than anything made today in my opinion.All the older rigs need is a good DSP Speaker & they are every bit as good as anything available on today's market.I got a great deal on this rig & just hope that it last me a long time.Looks as if it will get far more simplex usage than SSB usage since SSB stations on 2 meters are becoming few & far between.We have had some great openings in the last year but there have been only a handful of SSB stations & three times or more than that of pretty strong stations on FM Simplex.The serious operators that were once there are a dying breed so I'll take what I can get even if it's on FM.I also have the IC-271A & the 275 is just a sharper looking rig & the functions are a bit easier too access.Both are great rigs but the ICOM 275A will be holding down that space under my ICOM 7600 on my main operating position awaiting a local or a long distance 2 meter QSO.Get you one of either of the 275 versions & you won't be sorry.It's just Classic Awesomeness that is no longer being produced by anyone & a dying species worth saving for future generations to come.Once they are gone they are gone forever & then all that is left are stories of their greatness. {:>)

Earlier 5-star review posted by W4KVW on 2009-01-21

Well I thought I had written a review before for this rig but if so it's no longer here.I had a 275H for several years & loved it.The 100 watts was VERY nice.It is ONE of the BEST 2 meter all modes I've EVER owned.I think the 25 watt Kenwood TR-751A(mobile)has slightly BETTER ears but lacks the output power.I have had TWO of the 751A's & loved them both.I currently am using an ICOM 271A & with the optional preamp has just a LITTLE less in the ears department than either the IC-275H or TR-751A but it's close.I sold the last TR-751A & made my entire shack "ALL" ICOM & am NOT sorry.If you buy a 275H you will love it since it is a GREAT rig for anything you'll ever need for the 2 meter band.ICOM would sell so MANY of these if they still made them & added an ICOM DSP unit it would be the "PERFECT" 2 meter rig! }:>)

Earlier 5-star review posted by W4KVW on 2008-06-25

Had this rig(275H)about 2 years.I has GREAT ears & transmit audio.It did NOT hear as well as my Kenwood TR-751A which I sold to buy this rig but it was VERY close.I am an ICOM MAN but I just bought another KENWOOD TR-751A because of it's ears.The 100 watts output is a plus & I would be VERY happy if I owned the 275H again.It does EVERYTHING a GREAT 2 meter ALL MODE should.A++++ rig & ICOM dependability! }:>)
W0LD Rating: 2017-01-13
Best 2 Meter All Mode Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I recently acquired another IC-275H. I have been looking for one for several years. I sold my original unit and have regretted it every since. This time the 275H will run at about 25 watts as a beacon. If you can find one of these great radios buy it!

Earlier 5-star review posted by W0LD on 2003-05-18

I have owned a 275H for over eight years. It is the best 2 meter all-mode radio I have ever owned, and I have owned most models. It is superb for weak signal modes such as tropo, eme and meteor scatter. The receiver is really hot when used with the ICOM preamp that is designed for the radio. I also have the optional cw filter, this really helps with weak signal work. The 100 watt outputĀ is very useful for driving most high power amplifiers. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Earlier 5-star review posted by W0LD on 2000-06-06

I have the 100 watt version of the radio. It has a great receiver, with the cw filter it has good selectivity. It drives my linear to full output. The audio is excellent on SSB. I have the ICOM preamp, and it hears exceptionally well. In my opinion, it is the best all round 2 meter box ever
built. I have had about every 2 meter rig ever produced, contested with them, used them on EME, etc., and this radio really fills the bill. It is too bad that it went out of production.
M0VRL Rating: 2016-12-30
Brilliant Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Icom 275H
Had this radio for many years It been compared to many other 2m ssb radios. always has the edge on rx
still used daily.Buy another anytime

KB3RMX Rating: 2014-01-22
THE BEST Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had this radio going on 5 years now. Bought it on Ebay in 2008. Only problems with it was blown out panel lamps. I sent it off to Burghardt to have new lamps put in and an overhauled. Wanted it up to specs. Needless to say they did a fantastic job as they always do. I use this as my two meter rig all the time. Its out performed all my expectations as a 2 meter rig. I do a lot of FM work, but has done very well on ssb also. Audio is great on all bands. Pulls in weaks signals very well on ssb without a pre-amp. I'm using the Heil Icm microphone and get great reports. Though out the years I've always bought and sold radios, but the IC-275H has always been at my station. Even when times were hard and I needed money, I never gave this radio up. Its the best radio I've ever owned. If you run across one, snatch it up. Even if it needs repairs, the investment is worth it. Will be the last 2 meter rig you'll ever own.
K8TIY Rating: 2012-10-23
Follow up! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
This is a follow-up review to my previous. Still love the radio, and replaced the hand mike with one of Icom's older flex mikes, which I like a lot.

I think my statement about the volatile memory issue is untrue. I believe it is true for the earlier IC-271 family of radios, and others, but strongly suspect now that having the battery go will not make the radio into an expensive doorstop. Now I like my 275 even more!

Earlier 5-star review posted by K8TIY on 2012-02-20

I purchased 275A based on what I had read here, via Ebay, and am delighted with this radio. Have not been able to evaluate well the SSB and CW performance (except, I note that QSK work on CW does not exhibit the distracting relay "clunk" I hear with my FT-950 on HF, this radio is dead silent) because of limited activity at QTH (I expect to change that!) but on FM this radio absolutely rocks.

For three consecutive nights I have gotten in-net or after-net feedback (whether on the net or SK monitoring) about my signal. All positive, in fact this evening the OT treasurer of the local club indicated I had (as I can recall) "the best signal on 2 meters I have ever heard, bar none." All that, and I'm using lower power now.

So for prospective buyers, the downsides. Evaluate carefully:

#0: This radio sucks (just kidding, I want to buy a bunch of them and want to drive down prices ;-)
#1: Mine has the optical shaft encoder problem on CCW rotation, meaning the freq jumps around a bit. Sometimes up, sometimes down. At least it trends in the right direction eventually! Icom has service bulletin, and if that fails the good guys at the ICOM Service Center - MI have replacements. I will prolly have it fixed. Eventually. I'm having too much fun with it right now to bother. Direct frequency entry would be nice. If you require it, shop elsewhere.
#2: This is an expensive radio. Until the three bigs resume making 2m all-modes you are stuck in a seller's market. I think partly it's the 2012 TEOTWAWKI scare combined with the QRP movement.
#3: When the coin cell battery dies, the rig dies. pseudo-Permanently. The radio's microprocessor brain is sustained in a battery-powered volatile computer memory, and when the batt gets low there is a procedure for removing the board, attaching an external power source, desoldering the batt and replacing, and getting everything back together. To heck with that. Piexx has a replacement non-volatile module you can drop in. The radio's "operating system" is preserved, and all you have to worry about is your personal memory settings on a dead batt. It's a no-brainer but add 59 bux to the cost of the radio if you're in the used market and your target does not have this upgrade.
#4: (Is this a downside??) The US repeater band plan is not programmed in, so you have to tell it you are operating duplex. It defaults to standard 600, so it's not automatic but still pretty slick. You don't have to crawl thru fifty levels of menus (oh, did I forget to say, there *are* no menus! You got to love that) to tell the thing that you are using an oddball offset.

I wanted to clearly articulate the limitations of the radio, please do not take into account the absence of a list of "pros". They should be self-evident, if you read the user's manual and the glowing reviews on and elsewhere. You work around the problems and this radio still gets a solid 5/5 in my book. I am a total Icom convert. Thanks for reading!

Cheers, 73 DE K8TIY
KP4GE Rating: 2010-08-10
Great base station radio. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I am the satisfied owner of a still great IC-275A. I don't think there's anything in the market that can replace this fantastic model that Icom put out nearly 20 years ago. The only thing mine is lacking is proper illumination of the front panel displays due to the fact that the lamps (except one) have failed. If anybody out there knows how to replace them please let me know.
WI2Q Rating: 2009-01-21
14 years and still going Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Best all mode 2 meter radio I've had. I've compared it to many others over the years and can't say it's been beat... especially if used with the mast mounted preamp. Fantastic FM radio and SSB radio... haven't used it much on CW lately but did well in a couple contests. If you can get you hands on one.. go for it. I have the 100 watt version and still love it.