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Reviews For: Elecraft 2T-gen Two-Tone Test Oscillator

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : Elecraft 2T-gen Two-Tone Test Oscillator
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Elecraft's 2T-gen provides a standard two-tone (700 and 1900 Hz) audio
source for testing of SSB transceivers and linear amplifiers. This type of
testing is almost universally used as a measure of transmitter linearity for
amateur radio equipment. Linearity impacts both SSB fidelity and the amount
of SSB splatter that causes adjacent channel interference.

The 2T-gen provides sufficient output (0-200 mV) to be connected directly to
the microphone connector of almost any transceiver. Transmitter linearity can
be determined by observing the 2-tone envelope on an oscilloscope or
station monitor. For more exacting IMD measurements the output can be
measured using a spectrum analyzer; qualitative measurements can be made
using only a ham-band receiver. Full instructions on how to set up the 2T-
gen and other gear are included in the manual.

Like Elecraft's other mini-modules, the 2T-gen is quite small: the PC board is
just 2.5"W by 3.5"L. Rubber feet are also included so the unit can be used on
the workbench. The unit includes an on-board 9-V battery.
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SOLARDX Rating: 2008-02-15
OK Time Owned: more than 12 months.
It works great, however the on board jumpers make using the oscillator a pain in the rear end. I will someday mount it in a box and add my own switches.

The lack of suitable boxes from Elecraft is a pity. I would like to see Elecraft bring out one box where i can mount all these different instruments from Elecraft in one box.

The unit is expensive for what it is. It would have been nice if a amplifier tuning pulser was included. It would not have taken much to add this feature.
K6AER Rating: 2006-04-13
Elegant Test Solution Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Ordered the test audio oscillator to do third order intermod testing on several transceivers.

Kit arrived in the mail about 5 days after I ordered from Elecraft. Service was very professional. All the parts in the kit were first class, well marked and packaged and directions were clear, concise and well documented. Design was very good and performance was as advertised. The two tone oscillator has a balance and level output control, on/off switch with a LED to indicate it’s on condition. Dual composite sine wave is very low in distortion. Jumpers to isolate each oscillator are provided.