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Reviews For: MFJ-1777 All Band Doublet

Category: Antennas: HF: Verticals; Wire; Loop

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Review Summary For : MFJ-1777 All Band Doublet
Reviews: 8MSRP: $49.95
160 Thru 6 Meter All Band Doublet Antenna
With 100' of 450 ohm ladder line
Product is in production
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VK2IK Rating: 2023-09-18
Great value and the all time classic doublet - cant go wrong Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The classic doublet , one of the best all rounders for HF multiband antennas, if you could only have one antenna, the doublet has to be in the top pick for most hams for good reason. Its simple, its efficient , its multiband, its quiet noise wise and its low cost . At a height of around 10m-12m AGL it really performs well.

I have worked with wire antennas for 30 plus years, normally I just build my wire antennas, however in this case, I had a Christmas voucher and due to its low price and lack of time, I thought I would keep one of these on the shelf for a rainy day or even keep handy for parts and the 100ft of balanced feedline. Turns out it was a great antenna just how it was.

This antenna is good value and uses a design that you really cant go wrong with, its not of heavy duty commercial construction, its MFJ, so its built to a price and purpose that suits the masses, and in that case, being so simple it really works well here and holds up to conditions.

The antenna length is 102 ft, which is around 3/8 wavelength for 80m, so its still efficient and should not stress most common ATU's, it provides good service and radiation pattern for 80-10m, the length is practical and will fit most ham lots. I've also had good results on 6m as well.

The feedline is 100ft (30m) of 450ohm ladder line so will be sufficient for most installations and enough to get started or you will have a few metres spare for your next project. Its also the reason this antenna works well and address the problems with the G5RV and its associated feedline losses. (it has the same radiator length).

The construction is typical MFJ, I was wary of the PCB material for the centre insulator and feedpoint, but after several years in all weather and the harsh VK sun, its held up to extreme winds and storms and extreme UV with out a problem, and its about as lightweight as you can get whilst keeping the wire conductor at 14 AWG which is perfect for a doublet.

The conductor is 14AWG stranded copper so is lightweight without the added weight of heavy PVC insulation, just what you need for a doublet with only 2 supports.

It uses 2 good quality ceramic insulators for the ends.

My tips would be get this antenna up as a flat top at around 10M to 12M AGL (or higher), take care with the feedline run and pay attention to symmetry and balance and you really cant wrong with a doublet.

Sure you can build a doublet easily, and construction of open wire balanced line would be better than the supplied ladder line, but if you want to buy an antenna that's just going to work on all bands really well, or a handy spare on the shelf, pick one of these its a good buy and a great antenna IMO.
N5SKT Rating: 2020-05-29
Nicely made Doublet with plenty of 400 Ohm ladder line Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I deployed the antenna with a carbon fiber pole from Gigaparts. I added a pulley system to the pole and was able to easily create an inverted V. The Antenna is a great performer on 40 and 80 and with my Palstar tuner, it has performed well on all bands. However, below 40, I find my vertical gets me out much further but on 80, 60 and 40m bands where the vertical is compromised due to bandwidth, this antenna outperforms it. I recommend it. Also, I found the antenna well made and is in the same construction style as their G5RVs. I have a G5RV and this antenna is just a better performer.
AD8Y Rating: 2016-06-04
Very good Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Exactly as advertised--basic 1910 style doublet, fed with twin lead. I'm using the MFJ automatic tuner with it, it works very well 80-10. Despite minimalist construction, it has already lasted through three Cleveland winters.
KG4NVV Rating: 2013-05-14
A Good Multiband Performer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've had this antenna up for about 3 years now in an inverted vee configuration with the apex up about 35 feet. I've worked lots of DX with it on 30m through 10m from Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, all over Europe, Asiatic Russia, South America, various Pacific and Atlantic islands and lots of other places, all using this antenna - well over 100 countries (but unfortunately not all confirmed yet for DXCC). I also use it on 40m nets and some on 75m, though it is not the best performer on 75m.

With a tuner, I have no problem working all ham bands from 80m through 6m with this antenna. With such capability, at about $50 it is probably the best antenna bang for the buck that I have ever owned. This antenna in the inverted vee configuration has withstood many storms and still keeps on ticking! A couple of times some rather large branches have fallen on it and broken one wire or the other, but it was easy to splice the two ends together and get it back in operation. So far the center insulator and connections have held up well.

All in all, I highly recommend this antenna or its cousin, the MFJ-1778 G5RV.
W6RAD Rating: 2012-02-09
Very nice for the price Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I put this antenna up a few weeks ago, after resoldering all of the solder joints and where they crimped but did not solder, just in case, something MFJ is known for in the past, ( cold joints )
To be fair to MFJ I would resolder any other antenna too.
I put up three 10' fence top rails with a bolt and nut through the slip joints of the railing, they are not a tight fit but I nave used these for years with no problems and mounted a pulley up top with a PVC stand off and attached the antenna at the center feed point with nylon rope for raising and lowering. I also cut about half of the 450 ohm ladder line to fit my installation, the 100’ is not critical and can be trimmed if needed.
Now for the antenna review. I check into a 40 meter net from time to time from Coquille, Oregon with net controls in Grants Pass, OR and Reno, NV, and Shingletown, CA. They have all given me very good signal reports compared to my old home brew dipole. I get S-9 to 20 over reports from these stations and other stations that include Idaho and Utah. I am very pleased with this antenna on 80 and all other bands, Its been good from Japan to Whales. I have not set it up for 160 meters, I intend to build a 142' sloper for that. I use a Kenwood TS-2000 with a MFJ 969 tuner @ 100 watts and have no trouble tuning this antenna, my auto tuner works well too with this antenna.
Overall I like this antenna and would recommend it to anyone.
KT4EP Rating: 2011-09-26
Using it for a Loop antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I wanted a 17 meter loop to be fed by 450 ohm ladder line. I cut the ends off this doublet, giving me two pieces of wire with insulators for a possible 20 meter dipole, and used the remaining portion of the antenna with the middle insulator and ladder line for a 17 meter loop. I ran it back across the top of my house from about 30 feet up on my tower and connected the ladder line to a MFJ-912 W9INN remote balun box. Then the rest of the way to my tuner with RG8x. The 1777 is sturdy and well made, similar to the MFJ G5RV. If not for the G5RV up there in place, I would run the doublet, instead, with a tuner.
KF6E Rating: 2011-06-03
Works OK; poor quality assembly Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The wires are crimped at the ends, not soldered. While the antenna was still in my hands, while putting the rope on one of the end insulators, the crimp fell apart. I took the antenna back inside and soldered the ends around the insulators. It would have been annoying if the crimp had lasted just long enough to get the antenna up.

Works OK once the assembly flaws are corrected.
M0VEY Rating: 2009-10-24
Okay for the price Time Owned: more than 12 months.
No longer owned, but worth it at the time for the 450 ohm feeder alone.

Now running a Windom for 80m - 10m

Earlier 5-star review posted by M0VEY on 2006-02-17

I took advantage of the strong pound to buy one of these antennas direct from MFJ. £50 in the emporiums in GB. & $50 direct from MFJ in USA. Even with p&p & charge for money conversion this antenna was less than £40. This antenna is same size as a g5rv, but fed with 100' of 450 ohm ladder line! (how much would 30m of 450 ohm ladder line cost?) the elements are made of good quality flex-weave. My first contact was with ZL6LH & a report of 5/9 . Just using 100w from a Kenwood TS870 & the antenna up at 40' with one end at 35' & the other end at 25' I have used a Full sized g5rv before & this antenna was like having the g5rv but with an rx amp & a tx amp coupled up as well. I took my 40m dipole down as the doublet out performed it. & it beat my carolina windom cw160s on 40m, 20m & 17m bands.
On 160m I use the antenna as a Marconi T (both elements fed at the same time & worked against ground) & it works a treat. Won't be as good as a topband dipole, but for limited space (102' top) I don't think you'll get much better. This is the 1st antenna I've taken time to review (& I've had a few!) & thought I'd best share my thoughts,as for the price, this is one multi-bander that has to be a really good compromise antenna.
If anyone needs any more details, please feel free to e-mail me Thanks, Phil.