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Reviews For: RF Calibrator for FPM-1 ( NOT A KIT )

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : RF Calibrator for FPM-1 ( NOT A KIT )
Reviews: 2MSRP: 89.00
The M3 Electronix, Inc. RF Calibrator is a convenient, single source, instrument that provides a fixed 10 MHz reference sine wave output with +0.00dBm, -10dBm, -20dBm, and -30dBm selectable outputs into a 50 lhm load. It is intended as an accessory to the M3 FPM-1 Frequency Counter/Power Meter Kit.

Four switches control all of the outputs from the calibrator. The toggle switches were selected for long life and are high quality, epoxy sealed, with less than 10 milliohm initial contact resistance.

- The ON/OFF switch controls power to the calibrator.
- The 10 MHz/20MHz selection switch provides two separate frequencies suitable for use as frequency standards. The source of these two frequencies is a 20 MHz TCXO with an accuracy of less than +/- 2 ppm from 10 degrees C to 60 degrees C. All calibration procedures for the M3 Universal Frequency/Power Meter (M3 FPM-1) are performed using the 10 MHz signal.
- The two level switches control the calibrator output from 0.0dBm to -30dBm. For 0.0dBm output, both switches must be in the DOWN position and for -30dBm output, both switches must be in the UP position. The output levels on the RF calibrator have been set to within 0.1dBm at the BNC connector. A calibration sticker is affixed to the back of each calibrator listing the actual output levels measured.

The M3 RF Calibrator requires a DC voltage between 8 and 15 volts @ 40mA applied to the 2.5mm power jack located on the side next to the ON/OFF switch. The center pin of the DC jack is positive. After powering the calibrator on, allow at least 15 minutes for the circuitry to stabilize before use.

The M3 RF Calibrator includes a DC power plug and male-male BNC adaptor.
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VA7ION Rating: 2009-11-10
Outstanding products, outstanding after market support Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This review was long overdue: bought every single piece of equipment this company has to offer. Never disappointed, outstanding products, outstanding after market support.

Thank you Mike and Mike#2
KC0DLP Rating: 2006-02-19
Excellent product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Bought this along with the 40dB tap attenuator, and the FPM-1 Freq/Power meter. This is an outstanding piece of test reference equipment. Given that test equipment like a frequency meter is only as good as the reference standard it is set against, I thought I should have a good one. This was designed to go along with the other two products, and the documentation for all 3 products are cross-referenced. The product is excellent, and I feel like I got more than my money's worth. The units these replaced are already "recycled" into my parts box. Technical support is outstanding from this company. Very quick, friendly, and courteous. I'm getting the Semiconductor Analyzer next, and all of these products will be fixed to my test bench for years to come.