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Review Summary For : N4ATS Radio & Amplifier Repair
Reviews: 212MSRP: 65.00 per hour/ rated
Radio and amplifier repair. Specializing in Yaesu FL-7000
Amplifier Repair and/or Modifications
Product is in production
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NC4CT Rating: 2017-05-18
NC4CT Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I am am a Senior citizen ham who has been inactive for a while. I sent Bill two Yaesu transceivers that had been unused for at least 10 years. I needed to have them checked out. The first was a FT-897, Bill emailed me that the unit checked out okay and was good to go. I was delighted about that. He charged his going bench rate and shipped the unit back. Next, I sent him my original radio FT-767GX which had been declared non-repairable by the yoyo's at Yaesu. It had been in storage since 2004. When Bill finished with it is just like brand new. His repair/rejuvenation was spot on and the cost reasonable and the whole experience exceptional.
I highly recommend him if want to get your equipment fixed in a timely and equitable manner.
KC9GSM Rating: 2017-05-07
Fantastic Service Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Bill Grassa, N4ATS was recommended to me by a good friend and fellow ham from the Vero Beach Amateur Radio club. I went to his website and contacted Bill and he responded and agreed to take a look at my Kenwood TS-930S and see if it could be repaired. I dropped the radio off on Friday and received a call the next morning that it was ready to be picked up. Not only was he quick but he is also very reasonable. I highly recommend using Mr. Grassa for any transceiver or Amplifier repair.
K4WS Rating: 2017-04-02
FTDX3000 repair Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought a factory repacked supposedly demo radio from a well known dealer. The rig started locking up, I thought because of big fingers hitting wrong buttons-wrong answer. It would always unlock when I hit some menu buttons but finally locked up for good. The dealer was no help, the factory was no help, but when n4ats, Bill, was recommended to me,
I got one of the best, dedicated, fairest, and nicest people to work with on this radio. He tried the factory's input but had to get this rare bird solved himself. I would recommend Bill to anyone! No one seemed to have this problem??
First of all it probably wasn't a demo but had the problem from the original buyer. Bill put a new control board in at his own expense after he thought he had it fixed the first time. I got it back the first time after he thought some solder
points were "cold" joints. He told me to send it back immediately when I got it and it locked. He put the new board in and it did the same, but he wouldn't give up. Thanks, Bill!
AA4UC Rating: 2017-02-26
Fantastic Service Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After reading all the glowing Eham reviews and talking to Bill on the phone about several issues with my AL-1500 amplifier, I decided to put my amplifier in his capable care. Since he is less than 90 minutes away from me I decided to drop it off in person. The very next day Bill texted me to tell me everything was fixed and fully operational. The amplifier now indeed works perfectly! I wholeheartedly recommend N4ATS Radio & Amplifier Repair.
WX3P Rating: 2016-12-31
Excellent service Time Owned: N.A.
I recently had Bill look at a radio for me. I was completely satisfied with the service, time frame, and communication.

I would highly recommend Bill to anyone!
W5WI Rating: 2016-11-26
Outstanding Service Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently purchased a Yaesu FL-7000 from a friend who had purchased a lot of ham gear at an estate sale. He didn't know anything about the FL-7000 but wanted to sell it and some radios to recover his cost. I purchased the amp on condition that if it was non repairable I could return it to him.

In researching repair facilities I came across N4ATS webpage. I telephoned Bill and after a few minutes of visiting with him I sent the amp to him for his normal mods and upgrades and I wanted to fix any problems he found. Bill did find a few problems beyond his normal mods. He made the repairs for a very reasonable price and he shipped the amp back to me quickly! I might add that his packing was much better than mine...

I have recommended him to several friends and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone! Thanks Bill! Dale, W5WI
KA1LA Rating: 2016-11-19
KA1LA Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I had N4ATS repair my Tokyo Hy-Power amplifier. The company is out of business and gave N4ATS a call to see if he would to the job. I gave the Amplifier to him and one day later he sent me an e mail describing the defect and that the parts were ordered. The unit was shipped to me and in my possession one week after he looked at it! He is extremely knowledgeable , curtious and charges reasonably. My Amplifier is working like a new unit. In my fifty five years as an amateur radio operator, I have never experienced anyone like him. I would strongly recommend him for service. I was concerned of the possibility of mailing damage, Bill assured me he was experienced at this. I again, was very impressed by the way he packaged my amplifier for shipping. I don't want any of my equipment to break again but if it does, N4ATS will be the one who repairs it.
KK4ME Rating: 2016-11-13
AL-811 Repair Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I had heard of Bill's (N4ATS) work long ago so when my AL-811 died one morning and after trying to solve the problem myself I contacted Bill and explained my problem. Based on my explanation of the amp dying on the bench, Bill assured me that he knew the problem and was eager to resolve this for me.

Living within driving distance, I opted to drop of my amp at Bill's house, hate shipping things these days.

Amp was fixed, runs like a brand new. Bill went thru the amp top to bottom and this AL-811 is like brand new.

Two thumbs up on Bill's service and communications while equipment in for repair.

Highly recommend Bill for your equipment repairs. Thanks Bill.
N4KS Rating: 2016-10-22
FT5k OLED replacment Time Owned: N.A.
I dropped my FTdx5000 off at Bill's QTH to have the three OLEDs replaced. He documented his work with photos. He did a great job at a reasonable rate and with quick turn-around. I highly recommend Bill!
KI4DN Rating: 2016-10-10
FANTASTIC JOB! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I took a bad lightning strike which took out 5 radios as well as some other components and drove the 2 hours to Bill's house to drop off the radios and amps for inspection and repair.
Amazingly, he called me before I even got home and most of the repairs had already been completed. WOW!
He sent me the photos of the toasted items and believe me, the repairs were no easy job.
I even upgraded my Yaesu FL-7000 while at it.
I sure hope nothing ever happens to Bill or I'll be toast too.