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Review Summary For : N4ATS Radio & Amplifier Repair
Reviews: 212MSRP: 65.00 per hour/ rated
Radio and amplifier repair. Specializing in Yaesu FL-7000
Amplifier Repair and/or Modifications
Product is in production
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KA4ZOO Rating: 2016-03-27
Yaesu FT-847 repair Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just received a Yaesu FT-847 for my birthday from my brother and within a week, it developed multible problems. I was referred to Bill by AES Orlando, called and was able to hand carry my rig for repair. Great communication over phone and email with detailed description of the repairs. Bill completely cleaned the unit inside and out and repaired all problems. It looked like a new transceiver when I picked it up. I am very grateful for all the great service, fast turnaround and reasonable cost. Recommended to all.
KC8BA Rating: 2016-03-14
FT2000 dead rx Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Rx went silent on my Yaesu FT2k. Found N4ATS's email (and perfect feedback) on this site. Sent radio to Bill and he found the problem and the cause and repaired radio very quickly at a reasonable cost. I looked at the repair with a magnifying glass and SMD soldering is EXCELLENT.
If anyone has problems I would recommend N4ATS.
WB0MHH Rating: 2016-03-11
Great Service Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
First time Customer - Sent Bill my Ft-2000 that had been damaged by UPS. Bill not only does a great job with minimal turn around time and fair prices, but is also a good communicator!
If you are wondering - wonder no more!
73,Lyle WB0MHH
N5UMJ Rating: 2016-02-07
Excellent Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I would like to thank Bill for his outstanding and professional service. He repaired/modified my FL7000 in no time. I Highly recommend his services. Thank you.
N2ENM Rating: 2016-01-30
Great customer service was provided by Bill ( N4ATS ) Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Recently had issues my FT2000D receiver going dead twice in a two month period. Owned this radio for 4 years and was a late production model with all of the updates from Yeasu.Sent in to Yeasu and waited for over a month for repair. Radio worked for a month and went out again. I decided it was not going back to Yeasu and Bill ( N4ATS ) was recommended by a friend. Sent the radio into Bill and it was promptly fixed and returned in about two weeks. I am also a retired technician but do to poor eye site can not work on the newer equipment. As such I am very particular but how repairs are done and the neatness of them. Bill did an exceptional job ! I am quit impressed. Any repairs I need in the future will go to Bill.
KT0DD Rating: 2015-12-24
Great Service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Sent my TS-480HX in for a no transmit problem that developed last Field Day. Complete turnaround was about 2 weeks including shipping time & radio works fine. I went with Bill since he is an RF Engineer for Lockheed Martin so he sure knows his stuff. I recommend him for radio repair as well as his specialty with the Yaesu FL-7000 amps. Thanks Bill for a job well done.
KG4GGG Rating: 2015-11-17
Very Professional - Attention to Detail Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I would recommend Bill Grassa (N4ATS) to anyone. His attention to detail and little things like sealing the radios in an OEM looking bag shows how much he cares about his work.

I brought in a FT-990 and TS-140s to have checked out and aligned that I bought from a SK estate. Since they had not been turned on in 5 years I wanted to make sure they were in good working order. Bill checked them out, replaced a burn out meter light on the FT-990,aligned them, and gave me a report with the power output for each rig. The TS-140s was also very dirty and both units came back looking brand new. I was so impressed when I picked up the rigs I dropped off mine and my friends IC-706mkiis to be aligned and checked out as well.

It was was the little things that really stuck out that impressed me with Bill. From packing the radios in sealed bags (like one the radio would come in new) to the organization of his shop where he had my radios stored awaiting pickup.

I would highly recommend Bill Grassa to anyone needing their radio repaired. In fact, I did!
KB1DSB Rating: 2015-10-25
Honest and Great Service Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I had my main VFO go out on my FT1000MP MKV. Maybe not a big problem for some hams, but I preferred to go to a reputable repair tech for help. Bill first gave me a couple of email suggestions to try. But, they did not work. I sent the rig to him and he found the problem, a shorted ribbon cable, replaced it and gave the rig a go over. With a weekend and 4 days total in hands of FedEx, I had my rig back and on the air in a week. I realize it was not a major and costly fix. But, Bill took the time to take care of it and not attempt to fleece me like some other place might. Honest, helpful and patient with my queries on the front end and great work and prompt return at a more than reasonable price.

Thanks Bill.

73 de Karl, KB1DSB
KF7ZVG Rating: 2015-08-27
Top Notch Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I highly recommend Bill Grassa for any of your repair needs… READ ON...!

I bought my amp from a local ham in Phoenix, back in mid July this year and promptly sent the Yaesu FL-7000 to Bill for a full run through, since the seller did not provide a full performance run-down at the time i purchased it. He was in the middle of moving (my first mistake)… So i wasn’t about to power it up without knowing if it was going to cause an issue with my other equipment.

So Bill got the AMP and this was his reply after his initial analysis on the bench:

"Can you get a refund? This amp has at LEAST $725 worth of needed repairs. The Power Supply needs rebuilt ($100) , the PA transistors need replaced ($525) and the Protect Board needs a lot of work ($100)”

Imagine how I felt after spending $950 for the AMP. I spoke to Bill and explained the situation and asked him to do some limited repairs and see if he could bring the cost down some how, since tracking down the seller was now almost impossible..

Bill spent more than 5 hrs of his time rebuilding that power supply which brought a few things back to life. All in all he did:
60 AMP Upgrade - REBUILT / upgraded
Ant Selector - REBUILT
Protector - REBUILT

AND, tested, checked and verified OK or adjusted and modified over 35 other critical items in this amp and did it for $200.

What that says about Bill is that he is a man of integrity, he could have soaked me for the $725 but instead he went out of his way to rebuild and salvage as much as he could without jeopardizing the life or performance of this AMP. I got it up and running to the rated power without a hitch and the signal reports are outstanding....

I’d trust Bill with any of my equipment issues, without question. Bill, you have earned my respect and trust. I hope to do business with you for a very long time.

Rob M.
K9BBT Rating: 2015-07-29
Excellent Time Owned: N.A.
I received Prompt,reasonably priced, friendly service on my FT100D. My questions were also addressed promptly. Thanks Bill.