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Reviews For: Alpha 2100 Dummy Load

Category: SWR & Wattmeters & Dummy Loads

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Review Summary For : Alpha 2100 Dummy Load
Reviews: 5MSRP: 1950.00
You know what goes nicely with a full legal limit amplifier? A dummy load capable of dissipating four times the legal limit (6 kW) for 2 to 3 minutes and legal limit (1500 watts) till the cows come home. We think this a dummy you’ll want to get to know. With its forced-air dry heat sink cooling system, temperature controlled fans, multiple metering capabilities and full bypass shunt this thing is pretty clever for a dummy
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WA4FOM Rating: 2013-02-06
Time to swat the fly with a sledgehammer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This thing is serious overkill for a dummy load,
but I have to admit I have been completely pleased
with it, unlike my experience with their amplifiers.
The internal temperature sensor cacked out a week
before the warranty expired, but they shipped me a
new one with instructions on the use of high-
temperature epoxy to secure it in place.

This thing is the perfect 50 ohm Black Hole into
which you can pour all your RF. It's just a
shame they discontinued it...
K1TKL Rating: 2012-02-13
Update to review of Feb 27, 2011 Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Finally this unit is fully functional (after 2 years -- I will get to that later).
The issue was the transfer relays that switch the unit to bypass (antenna) or to the dummy load.
I have one of the first units built. The relays used were automotive relays. No problem with that as the current rating of the relays is capable. The automotive relay used has the common (30) input also tied to the 12 volt operating coil of the relay. RF was being applied directly to the 12 VDC coil (I haven’t examined the relay to find out which side of the coil the 30 input is connected). Automotive applications use short cuts to reduce the amount of wiring in a vehicle as this reduces costs and labor time during vehicle production. Evidently in the design build up of the 2100 this was not known or overlooked.

The new relay board provided by Alpha uses a different relay. The unit now operates correctly, without any RF floating around.

Two year effort: Almost a year ago, this design deficiency was related to me by Alpha. They stated they would ship out a new relay board. I waited, no board received. I purposely waited for several months (almost a year) and then fired off an email asking the state of that delivery. Then with their embarrassment they shipped the board.

Lesson learned from this; don't buy early serial number production equipment.
The last time I checked on the 2100 instruction manual for this equipment, the revision was even worse than the original version.

I still have consternation over the suspended disbelief by the Alpha personnel with my initial contacts with the factory.
WB3JGP Rating: 2011-07-22
Not what I remember Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I am new again to ham radio after a very log absence so all a lot of things have changed over the years. The last time I dealt with a dummy load it was in a paint can filled with mineral oil I think. So I may not be the best judge of what makes one thing better than another. This thing is bigger than a paint can, heavy, good for rack mounting and also delivered exactly what it's advertised to do - be a well matched dummy load. And it doesn't leak mineral oil like I remember my old one did from 30+ years ago.
N1JMS Rating: 2009-03-03
Rugged & Handsome Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought mine used. It is simply indestructible. I really didn't want to spend the $$$, however, I'm glad that I did. The very unique "in-line" design is very practical. Now that I've experienced this unit I realize that it IS worth the retail price. You do get what you pay for.
CIGARSMOKER Rating: 2007-01-27
The dummy that's a Genius Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Alpha 2100 is the third piece of Alpha gear that I've bought. I also own and use the Alpha 87A amplifier and Alpha 4510 Power/SWR meter. Like the other 2 pieces of equipment, the 2100 is, at worst, everything the manufacurer says it is. It is well built, handsome, and outperforms any competitor. I've used it with two setups - a Ten Tec Orion with the Alpha 87A, and a Flex SDR 1000 with an Acom 1000. It handles either without any stress. It does'nt even breathe hard; that is, the fan does'nt turn on because not enough heat is produced. I deliberately tried to overdrive the unit to assure myself the fan works. It does.

A few of my friends have asked why I would buy something that is so expensive. My thought is it is a question of value. The 2100 outperforms any other dummy produced for amateur use. I never have to consider if it has been under load for 90 or 180 seconds. It is the last dummy I will ever buy. Considering the increasing cost of other equipment - transceivers, amplifiers and tuners, the congestion on some sections of the bands, and the increased use of high power amplifiers a high quality dummy load which will meet any and all amateur reqirements and will last "forever" is essential.

Finally, though none of my Alpha gear has needed service, when I've called with questions I have gotten quick, courteous and to the point response.

The 2100 is everything a high quality purchase should be. You forget the price and enjoy the experience.