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Reviews For: Pyramid PS-21KX Regulated Power Supply

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Review Summary For : Pyramid PS-21KX Regulated Power Supply
Reviews: 3MSRP: 110.00
18 amp / 20 amp surge power supply
Product is in production
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K1CJS Rating: 2009-08-22
Design leaves much to be desired Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I bought this supply used. When I got it, I found the cooling fan was bad, and the cooling path through the enclosure--well, there wasn't one. Too many holes in the case for directed cooling.

I installed a small computer cooling fan, eliminating the factory fan--and the extra circuitry used for it, blocked some of the case holes to make a 'path' for forced air cooling, and I've been running it since with good result.

The only other thing I did to it was to increase the wire gauge on the output lines to the fromt panel terminal posts. If I have opportunity, I may try to install Anderson Power poles on the back, but for now it serves me the way it is.
KB3KCJ Rating: 2006-11-13
No more than average. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Bought mine new. It lasted about three years and all four NPN transistors went bad, but not before it caused havoc with my HF Rig. It seems that there is no internal ground which in turn built up a strong electrostatic field and cost me a couple of trips to the repair wizard to restablize the rig. This last time I was able to do it myself and a great friend drilled a hole in the front of it, connected a ground terminal to it and soldered this wire to the ground terminal of the power supply, so that the case could be grounded. Does it work? Yea, but . . . . .I simply do not want to take the chance of it disrupting my FT-980 again (now that I have two of these beauties).
K4VIZ Rating: 2006-10-18
OK but not great Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I got this supply from the original buyer. It was a couple of years old but never used. I used it to run a Yaesu FT-890 for about 6 months. The main rectifier bridge failed / shorted. I feel this was due to the really big current inrush every time it is turned on. I have 3 faults: 1. the schematic does not exactly match what is inside. 2. The internal interconnect wire size is too small for the rated current. 3. For 2 bucks they could have put in a crowbar circuit to protect your rig in the event of failed regulation. It could use a little inrush current limiting. It makes the lights flicker when turned on. On the plus side, it's easy to fix! I was wooed by the front panel amp meter. Should have kept my Kenwood power supply.