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Reviews For: ELENCO F-2800 analog frequency counter

Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

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Review Summary For : ELENCO F-2800 analog frequency counter
Reviews: 1MSRP: 99
Compact Ni-Cad rechargeable Analog LCD unit from 1mhz-3ghz
Product is in production
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WV4R Rating: 2006-12-03
Good Looking, Pocket-Sized, 1mhz-3ghz, Analog Frequency Counter Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Elenco F-2800 Frequency Counter – Product Review - 3 December 2006

My Personal opinion is every self-respecting ham shack should sport a Frequency Counter INDEPENDENT of the hammy radio equipment. So, for over 25 years I have proudly displayed one in my shack just to give me confidence my stuff is not out-of-band.

Finally, after over 20 years of faithful service, my ole Opto-Electronics frequency counter was sold at a tailgate since I had been using it for at least ten years without the Ni-Cads which were a nightmare to replace in that unit.

I started rounding up the usual suspects. After talking to the Elenco factory sales representative, I selected the F-2800 as the best compromise of features and price. For you hams who love to Compare… the BK PRECISION Model: BK-103 is virtually Identical at much higher cost.

The F-2800 is an ANALOG counter but then it is only $99.00 as well. I like the compact portable size of a pack of cigarettes. It is cosmetically very attractively manufactured in its anodized aluminum case.

The 4-AA Ni-Cad pack is user friendly to replace like a portable telephone pack. There is a standard 12vdc jack for charging and use without the batteries… it comes with its own 12vdc wall wart. It should run for SIX hours on a charge, which is really Low drain & more than enuf fer hammy radio, eh? There is an ON-LED & if you forget how long it has been ON, there is a Low-Battery indicator.

The large 10-digit LCD display is easy on the eyes even though it is not backlit. The top-mounted, 50-ohm, BNC jack is handy & it is supplied with a neat black 7-section telescopic BNC antenna with pocket clip that looks more like a felt marker than an antenna.

Of course there is a 16-section RF strength bargraph for sniffing out any hams who might come over for an eyeball wearing a wire within 3 meters or more away.

Reading direct up to 300mhz , it is a 1-PPM and 0.1hz claimed accuracy & goes all the way to 3ghz. Heaven help you IF you ever have cause to suspect it’s accuracy, there is a Front-Panel hole for calibration with an appropriate standard. Yes, it has 4-Gates & Hold too.

Did I say it looks great? Hmmm… what did I forget… well you can find out more stuff by going to Elenco website: for much much more.

Features, design, size, readability, range, ease of battery replacement, sexy antenna, did I say good looks? Earn this Elenco F-2800 Frequency Counter the WV4R “Five-Star” rating. 73 es God bless, murf/wv4r.