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Review Summary For : Begali Sculpture
Reviews: 89MSRP: 550 + $26 s/h
Stainless steel dual lever magnetic paddle using carbon fiber finger pieces, gold contacts, instrument grade racing bearings. The best of the best in a stunningly beautiful, virtually indestructible package
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KC0TRK Rating: 2023-01-09
Stunning! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I ordered my Sculpture Mono with the black finish. Bruna and crew know that their packages with pass through many hands and package each key with superior care. Tracking code is provided, so you can curse FEDEX with each delay! Finally, it arrives! It's always fun to unpackage-not unlike unwrapping a Christmas package (wrapped by my daughter)! Once the key is revealed (enclosed in its own bag!), anticipation reaches almost a fever pitch! Unbagged, the heft and beauty is revealed. Simply, wow-sers!!!!!
AD5MD Rating: 2022-11-12
Dream Keyer Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Having had the Signature model for 5 yrs, which has been a very good keyer, I still have the itch to get my dream one....the Sculpture! Long story short, I checked with Bruna if the stainless one is available and with the usual prompt communication, she said yes. However, I saw the Black finish with the red finger piece....enticing, so I ordered that one instead.
And just like a kid awaiting for a new toy, I was so excited to have it and when it finally came, I was awed by the finish, construction and heft of the key. I did some minor gap adjustment and I was out and sending code. The key was a delight to use...the feel and finish is awesome! Will it make me an even better OP? I don't know...but it sure was an upgrade from the nice Signature model.
Thank you Bruna for the flawless transaction....Pietro, for a fine work of art! 73 de AD5MD
AB4PP Rating: 2022-01-14
Very Good. Highly satisfied. Great asset to my station. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I went to the Dayton Hamvention in Xenia. My first ever and while searching at the booths I found the Begali group. I had already ordered a Magnetic Traveler Light and was using that with my KX3 for portable operations. It is a little heavy for that but a marvelous paddle. It is easily used for that. Then I met Pietro and his daughter Bruna in person. I had talked on the phone. I sat and tried out several paddles. I found the Sculpture and immediately fell in love with the feel and action of the Sculpture. I took it home and it has been one of my primary paddles for operation on my desk since then. The adjustment is very easy and when set I leave it there. I have had many other models and the closest feel is my N2DAN/MERCURY. This is a wonderful paddle for me. I now own an HST-III and am waiting to get my INTREPID for the desk next.
K9UW Rating: 2020-11-01
Lives up to expectations Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
This is my 4th Begali paddle (preceded by the Simplex, Simplex Pro and Signature) so I knew the workmanship and value would be outstanding when I ordered the Sculpture.

This buying experience was different than those previous three orders because I emailed Bruna during Italy’s COVID Pandemic lockdown in late April 2020 to ask if they were open for business. Bruna replied less than 24 hours later to let me know that their stateside rep was out of Sculpture paddles but they had them in stock at the factory and that she hoped to resume filling orders soon. I ordered my paddle and, despite the Pandemic, it was at my door two weeks later. DHL tracking enabled me to follow the package and it actually arrived one day ahead of schedule!

Part the fun of receiving a Begali paddle direct from the factory is to behold the box it comes in. The paddle is packaged with the same care and attention to detail that the paddle receives when it is manufactured. The box is completely covered with a shiny brown tape that is perfectly applied, all lines tight and straight. You have to smile when you think about how much time and care someone took to do it right.

After a few weeks of use I realized that the short finger pieces were harder to get used to than anticipated (all of my previous paddles had the longer finger pieces). I had several pairs of long finger pieces from previous paddles but they did not fit on the Sculpture. I emailed to ask if there were longer finger pieces available and they soon showed up in the mail - another example of the Begali passion for customer service.

The Sculpture is the second thing I touch in the ham shack each day (after the power switch). The pleasure of using it never gets old. Sometimes I turn the rig off and use the Sculpture with an oscillator, sending text read from web pages or magazines, just to enjoy the feel of the paddles. Sending is effortless, characters flow from your fingers.

If you’re thinking about ordering a Begali, take a look at the currency exchange rate. At the time of my order the Begali Simplex was only two dollars more than the BY-1 Bencher paddles. The Begali product line combines engineering, art and customer service, a combination that makes them an exceptional value!
AG6MW Rating: 2020-06-26
Beautifully made; a work of art! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just took delivery of my beautiful Sculpture Mono key.
I wanted to buy the best and I am very happy that I chose a Begali!
The level of engineering precision and finish is beyond excellent.

I am a beginner to code operating and Bruna was very helpful in assisting me to choose a key.
WL7CSD Rating: 2020-06-26
Smooth, extremely well made, very own able! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I love Begali keys! Smooth, extremely well made. I also have the Sculpture Mono and the Spark. I can only use one at a time, but there is a driving force to have a collection. Only one microphone, that will be enough!
W3DS Rating: 2019-06-18
Superb Paddle Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I've purchased two Sculptures and they are the best of the best. My second Sculpture has the optional V-shaped arms and metal finger pieces. A nice addition in my opinion. The Sculpture is one fine paddle with superb quality and precision.
M0TRN Rating: 2019-03-12
Beautiful, precise, joyful Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is an instrument of surgical precision, also beautifully made and my most valued possession within the realm of ham radio.

It's easy to adjust perfectly, and keeps the adjustment over long periods of time. When correctly adjusted, it takes but the lightest touch to activate while still providing sufficient tactile feedback to prevent many mistakes. I can send faster and cleaner code with this than any other paddle I've tried, up to 45+ WPM.

If I had to choose just 3 pieces of radio equipment to bring with me to a deserted island, those would be a KX3 (with wire for an antenna), a solar panel, and my Begali Sculpture.
W3PH Rating: 2016-08-17
Never thought a set of paddles could be this good Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
My operation has been 99.9% CW for 55 years. I've used a wide range of bugs and paddles, the best of which have been a Schurr Profi and a Begali Signature. Decided to get myself a present and ordered a Sculpture, engraved with my call. The Sculpture arrived quickly, well packed. After using it for 2 weeks with the default finger pieces, I asked Bruna for a longer set since I was used to the long finger pieces on the Signature and Profi. The new ones were only slightly longer, but made a big difference and it only took a few days to get the Sculpture dialed in and me to get used to it. The comment that the paddle becomes an extension of your fingers is right on - there's nothing between me and sending good CW. I've had the Sculpture about 3 months now and still go over to the desk when I'm in the room and not on the air yet and send to myself for a few minutes just for the pleasure of using the key because the Sculpture feels so good.
K0MD Rating: 2016-06-14
The Maestro of all Begali Products Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have owned four Begali keys - Signature, Pearl, Traveler Light and now the Sculpture. All are great keys - the best worldwide in my experience!
My favorite is the Sculpture - it is smooth, quick, the proper size and heavy enough that it will not slide.

The mechanisms are smooth and the CW that it produces is amazing.

I like to send > 35 WPM and this key shines with higher speed CW.

If you only want to buy one Begali, this is the one!

PS - I had a minor issue with my first one - Bruna stood behind me and the product, corrected the issue and shipped it airmail to me from Italy - Customer service the best way!