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Reviews For: Rework Eliminator(TM) K2 Option Bypass Headers

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Review Summary For : Rework Eliminator(TM) K2 Option Bypass Headers
Reviews: 16MSRP: 23.50
Rework Eliminator™ Option Bypass Headers are a set of un-modules for the Elecraft® K2. These clever devices are perfect for troubleshooting and tinkering because they dramatically simplify the task of reconfiguring the K2 to re-enable operation upon removal of their associated option. Un-modules are also a key ingredient for building a new K2 that’s “Option Ready” from the outset.

The 1.3" × 3.825" circuit board easily snaps apart forming six postage-stamp-size headers.

A small four-page color-printed booklet of assembly instructions is included.

Product is in production
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VE9KK Rating: 2013-04-08
Don't build without one! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is a great product, I am now building my second K2 the rework Eliminator is a must have. The bypass headers fit like OEM parts from Elecraft. The quality is there as well. I have had absolutely no issues with this product. Having a K2 that is option ready means no adding parts/removing parts from the K2 board. It's as simple as plug and play (along with some menu adjustments)This is a great idea and Ken and Gary offer support that is on par with Elecrafts!
Very nice work guys
G3XYS Rating: 2012-06-22
Just the Job! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is an ongoing update from a post below. I have just completed building and installing the SSB facility in my second K2 (The Green Machine) which I built in 2006. At the initial build time I incorporated the K2 Option Bypass Headers which have proved to be a winner in all respects. I built the SSB board, removed the two bypass headers, installed the SSB board, set all the parameters, tuned in on 40M LSB and nothing could have been easier. Every thing worked first time, no troubleshooting. I would not be without Gary and Ken's Bypass Headers 'for all the tea in China' as the headers are such a simple and effective facility for the K2 and they save time as there is no retro work needed on the front panel and RF board of the K2.

G3TJP Rating: 2012-05-06
Such a time-saver Time Owned: more than 12 months.
My K2 was partly assembled when I purchased the UnPCB kit together with all the components required to make my K2 ready to plug in further modules without stripping everything down again. I was amazed at how comprehensive the instructions were and it wasn't difficult to merge the UnPCBs into my construction.

Since then, I've become involved in repairing and assembling Elecraft equipment for other amateurs. It's great to be able to pop in a header or two or three when fault-finding. It's far better and, IMO, more professional than poking bits of wire into the sockets, which could cause damage to the gold plating inside connectors. One can be assured of reliable contact with the UnPCBs, whereas poked wires are notoriously unreliable and can easily be poked into the wrong holes too!

If a full set are incorporated at assembly time, the only internal adjustment needed is to tweak the VCO voltage so all bands fall between 1V and 7.5V if the 60m/transverter module is being fitted. It's hardly an arduous task and it sure beats having the K2's bottom rear panel off, leaving the PA transistors and their fixings floating around.

I heartily endorse this product and even if you've built your K2, you can still add these items afterwards. Elecraft's instructions are superb and the UnPCB's instructions are even better!

A thousand thanks to the designers for this outstanding product. They have saved me loads of time and possibly some misery as well!

73 Dave G3TJP

Earlier 5-star review posted by G3TJP on 2007-01-03

Rework Eliminators were added to the two K2's I built. The first K2 was already half-built before adding them but the job was made easy thanks to the excellent instructions (which have now been further improved).

They ensure that the K2 is prepared as far as possible to receive the addition of option boards. When option boards are added to the K2, physical disassembly of the transceiver is reduced to removal of the top cover and a soldering iron isn't required to create a "working environment" for the new option. I don't know about you, but after completing an option board, I want to get on with its test and setup, rather than taking the K2 apart each time to remove/add/change components. Naturally, some options require additional K2 tuning, but this is easy when the top cover is off.

The Eliminators remove the possibility of mis-linking when option boards are removed for faultfinding. No need to look up what components are needed to plug into headers and where to poke the wires (to restore basic K2 functions after option removal), just pop in the Eliminator PCB and the job's done. There's nothing to compare with the convenience of a straightforward plug-in replacement, completed in under 10 seconds.

The Eliminators can also be added during a once-and-for-all stripdown of a completed K2, rather than repeating such a performance for each and every new option.

They're more of a luxury than an absolutely essential accessory, rather like adding cream to the coffee!

Vy 73. DaveL G3TJP
W6MK Rating: 2012-05-04
Brilliant! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Ken and Gary who sell these Rework Eliminators are very clever and very helpful. A brilliant idea perfectly implemented. And their service is superb!
HAMILTON_EX_W8GX Rating: 2011-05-15
Fantastic Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Fantastic product! You need to do a little extra work when assembling your K2 but it is really worth it when you add options later! Just plug and play! I wish I would have bought a second set before they went out of production. If they start to make them again GRAB a set! Best investment you can make for your K2 project!

Earlier 5-star review posted by HAMILTON_EX_W8GX on 2010-01-30

These kits are GREAT! I built my K2 a couple of years ago without any additional options. I am just now getting around to adding the SSB option and it could not be easier! I didn't have to disassemble the radio, solder and unsolder parts on the circuit boards and reassemble the radio again. All I did was build the SSB option and plug it into the radio! THAT"S ALL! If you have ever had to rework your radio with out these kits you will appreciate how much work this eliminates. I am thinking of buying another Rework Eliminator kit and putting it away for the day I decide to build another K2. I will never build another K2 with out these labor saving kits! 73
VE3WMB Rating: 2010-12-08
Excellent Product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I recently completed K2 Serial# 5995 using the Rework Eliminator Option Bypass Headers and I am extremely pleased with the results.

The radio worked first time with no issues. I subsequently built the Elecraft KAF2 and the K160RX options. Installing the audio filter was just a matter of unplugging the Un-PCB and plugging in the real audio filter. To install the K160RX was almost as simple .. except I just had to install and connect the extra BNC for the RX antenna .. there was no need to remove the K2 bottom cover/heatsink and worry about shorting out the PA transistors in the process.

I must add that the documentation was excellent !
I am so pleased with Rework Eliminators that I just ordered the IMA (internal mic adaptor) kit.

Michael VE3WMB
AL7B Rating: 2010-01-30
Clean Upgrade Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
The Rework Eliminator is one slick option. I recently built K2 #6850 and was reluctant to build options into the K2 during initial constriction. My fears were unfounded. My fears were put to rest during the Phase 1 alignment and the RE filter header was plugged into the Control Board. At that moment I knew I had made the right choice.

The RE documentation merges very easily with the Elecraft documentation. While preparing to build the K2 I noted the RE page number on the K2 page which related to changes for that portion of the build. The RE documentation uses highlighted pages from the original K2 manual. The highlights are color coded to reflect which K2 option is being addressed at that time. It was a very simple matter to use the Elecraft manual until coming to a circled RE page reference then switch over to the RE manual.

The RE header circuit boards are top notch and look every bit as good as the boards used by Elecraft. The quality of material used for this upgrade does not cheapen the quality of the K2. The documentation includes drawings and charts to show the changes being made.

Other than noting the RE page document in the K2 manual I found it helpful to plug the holes of component locations on the K2 boards with solder while building. The RE manual is very clear about components and jumpers that are not installed, plugging the holes serves as a helpful reminder for those of us who might wander from the instructions and be tempted to insert a missing component.

I bought several options with my K2. The Elecraft options include all the jacks, plugs and components needed for the option boards. However to save having to dig through the various option bags I elected to purchase the parts kit from Rework Eliminator. The cost is minimal and worth the time saved having to go searching through the K2 parts bags.

The parts kits are shipped with individual, color coded bags for each option. It made for easy grouping and finding of the parts when needed.

It also makes sense to purchase the Internal Microphone Adapter Kit to add the finishing touches to the K2.
N4FSC Rating: 2009-12-07
Mandatory for the K2! Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
After building the Elecraft K2, I am very glad that I used the Rework Eliminator "un-modules" as part of the initial K2 build process.

I bought the *very* simple Rework Eliminator kit before I started to build the K2. The kit consists of a few very small PCBs with some headers, resistors and capacitors. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble this kit. The price of the rework eliminator PCBs is very low and their website includes a nice color-coded addendum, to the Elecraft manual, downloadable in pdf format.

Why is this un-module kit so nice? The excellent Elecraft K2 manual guides the purchaser how to build the basic K2 radio without any of the Elecraft options. This means not installing some parts and jumpering across some pads on the Elecraft PCBs.

That is not so bad, right?

Well when you decide that you want to upgrade your K2 with the Elecraft options, you have to disassemble the radio multiple times, unsolder jumpers and components on the Elecraft PCBs and then install additional components to make the K2 ready to accept the option that you purchased.

Some of the K2 disassembly steps and desoldering is not trivial. For example to add the K2's SSB transmit option, you have to remove the K2’s front panel, remove the front panel's PCB from the front panel Aluminum bezel (which requires removing all of the radios knobs which you have set so well with the Allen screws). Other options require the power transistor mounting screws and heat sink washers to be removed.

If you use the Rework Eliminator Option Bypass Headers, you can build the K2 one time and then not have to disassemble it to add the Elecraft options as you later build them. When you want to add an Elecraft option, you just assemble it, remove the Rework Eliminator bypass header that you plugged in on the initial K2 build, and install the newly built Elecraft option PCB!

I am very glad I did some research on the Web to learn about this kit before I started my K2 build.
WA2DTW Rating: 2009-05-04
Very straightforward and easy to use Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just finished building my "option-ready" K2. This easy-to-use kit allows the builder to prepare for installing new options without having to go back and mess with already-built circuit boards. Ken was very responsive and helpful when I had a question.
If there is any chance that you will add options to a K2 that you are building, I very much recommend this kit.
Steve WA2DTW
KC5WA Rating: 2008-03-28
Super Value for the K2 owner Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.

"The Rework Eliminator" Header Kit's time has arrived.

This is a very small kit.
However In size of importance and value to the K2" owner it's HUGE and almost priceless".

The Quick Start Instruction sheet is so small you might throw it out with the packing but don't do that. One single sheet with printing on both sides. Yup! That's it. BTW! DON'T DISCARD THAT HUNK OF PRETTY PINK FOAM!

That's it! 3 resistors, two capacitors, some SIP pins. Look close some of the SIP pins have longer long pins. It takes longer to read the instructions than to install the parts. Now! Where is that hunk of pretty pink foam?

After breaking apart the PCB's stick them into the foam so that they don't just rattle around inside something.

Now! Just why did I purchase the "Rework Eliminator" Header Kit? If I should have a problem with any of the several options that I have installed in K2 #6321 I am able to remove the option and plug in the appropriate header and continue to use my radio. With out the header I would have restore the K2 to its before option state to use my K2. UGH! THAT'S TOO MUCH REWORKING.....

IF I HAD BEEN A TINY BIT SMARTER I would have purchased the "COMBO KIT then I'd have had the "OPTION READY KIT" and installed it during the K2 build then I would have ELIMINATED REWORKING my K2 to install the desired options. The options could then be installed any time I was ready to do so....

BTW I'm just a very satisfied customer.