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Reviews For: Meanwell S-250-12 Power Supply

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Review Summary For : Meanwell S-250-12 Power Supply
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12v (adjustable) 18 ampere switching power supply
Product is in production
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KC4YLV Rating: 2007-01-04
Inexpensive but great Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I picked one of these up off ebay for a total of around $70 after shipping. I am rebuilding my station after a decade-long break, and wanted to keep it 'current', and I felt that one of the ways I could do that would be to go to switching power supplies.

This power supply comes with a barrier strip for all connections, so be careful and crimp/solder spade lugs on the 120 line. You don't want a stray wire strand ruining your day. Don't lose the plastic cover that goes over the barrier strip.

Also, the power supply is set for 220v at the factory. Flip that switch, or you'll let the magic smoke out first time you start it up.

I have connected (simultaneously) right now an icom 208H dual band mobile, an old Alinco DR-119 2m mobile and an ic-735 HF rig. I am not hf-active yet but it powers the 208h (12-14 amp draw at 55w out) all day long.

There is a quiet 80mm cooling fan on the back side of the power supply, and a green power LED. There is no switch on the power supply; the ebay vendor I bought it from included a 2-prong polarized plug with a lamp-cord style inline switch. I went ahead and chopped up a spare IEC cable and added 3-prong capability (there is a ground lug for the AC in).

The manual takes care to warn you to not short AC ground to DC ground. My shack has a unified ground system so even though I'm not directly shorting the two, they are connected at some point. I have noticed no 'hot spots', rf or stray AC/DC at any connection.

A strong power supply at an unbeatable price - it's not tiny or an awe-inducing Astron 35 amp supply, but it does the job without you having to think about it - and that's my favorite kind of power supply.