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Review Summary For : Fldigi - Digital Mode software
Reviews: 99MSRP: free
A digital mode program for PSK31, RTTY, and many other operating modes. Available as free & open source software, coded in C++ for Linux.
Product is in production
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ON6AB Rating: 2023-04-09
For humans Time Owned: more than 12 months.
The best digital software package available - hands down.
I wish more people would re-discover flDigi and all its fine modes which enable you to talk to people instead of to a computer.
K6SDW Rating: 2022-11-15
Swiss Army knife of digital software Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Wow, it took a bit of doing to get Fldigi to talk with my Icom 7300 and Elecraft KX3 but once I did this software does it all...including copying QRQ CW like during HF contests.

Thankfully there are some great YouTube videos suggesting how to set up Fldigi and worth watching.

Hats off the the authors of the software! As a retired computer guy, trust me it takes a lot of time and knowledge to write good quality apps, more time than most people are aware of......

WA9AFM Rating: 2022-11-15
Outstanding Program Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Fldigi is the 'Swiss Army Knife' of digital operations. It's a bit complex to set up initially, but once it's up and running, it's top notch.
VE6KMD Rating: 2022-11-14
Best digital operating software Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have been running this for many years and find it fantasitc to run. I have configured mainly for Windows operation but have helped others configure for Mac.

I like the add on features of Flmsg for forms and Flamp for ensuring 100% information transmittal. Very easy to develop custom forms.

The development team have done a great job of expanding and adding features including new modes to operate on. Have run comparison speed tests with other popular software programs and find this to be best all round to use.

Provides flexibility to do many things and many modes of operation. For Peer to Peer communications, It is great. Have used it for relay through another station a couple of times and it performs well.
Wish more people would get on board with it. I have asked for information to be included and got a prompt reply of how to add the information and then on the next update, it was all included.

Great support software for emergency operations and communications for agencies we may serve. Easy to build custom forms for own group or for specific needs.

I always look forward to new releases to see what the development team have included as new things arrive in the digital world. Very Nice to pick the mode to operate under pending propagation etc. Not tied into any one thing with this software.
KT4WO Rating: 2022-09-08
Worth the price Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Update: Sep-2022
Been running FLDigi A LONG TIME! Almost since it began.
It is by far the BEST digi-mode software out there(Free or paid)
Dave has really put in the work and kept it up to date. And Dave and the groups support is first class. I also stand by my older review below. It does RTTY just as well or better than my KAM or old UTU. And I for one am GLAD it does not support FT8,etc!!!
And hope it never does. It can be simple to setup but has expert
level features if needed/wanted.
Good work Dave and the group!!! de KT4WO

2013 *************************************************************
I have been running FLDigi for many, many years and
Dave has done a great job!

AFSK vs FSK(RTTY)...With the soundcard/interface
adjusted right, you CAN NOT tell the diff.

Like some, I have also had "issues"(crashes)...
Keep in mind, this is FREE software that is cross-platform....the world is not perfect.

It is, hands down, the BEST decoding engine I have used...and I have used them all(if set to the highest level in menu...better have a fast puter

WY1P Rating: 2022-09-07
Works great on Ubuntu Linux Time Owned: more than 12 months.
No problems or issues with the Linux version.
KA4GAV Rating: 2020-12-31
You get what you pay for with support. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've used FLDIGI for many years, and it's always worked great. But lately I upgraded my Mac OS to Big Sur and ran into problems. FLDIGI wouldn't decode RTTY and MFSK, and possibly other modes, but it would decode PSK31. I used ARRL Bulletin transmissions to test FLDIGI on those modes.

FLDIGI does decode psk31 quite well with no problems, so I assumed that the problem was internal to FLDIGI. Certainly the audio was getting to FLDIGI, as PSK31 worked fine, but when you switched to another digital mode, nothing

I looked for support on the Web and found that Mac OS support was on the linuxham forum. Interesting, but Mac OS is Linux based so I gave it a try.

I posted a message explaining my findings, asking for comments. Well, I got a half dozen comments, all suggesting I move to Linux in a Raspberry Pi, or running emulation software under Mac OS. I frankly felt the replies were insulting. I am running Mac OS. I don't want to convert to a Raspberry Pi. If I wanted to run it under Windows, I would buy a Windows computer, not running it under emulation on the Mac. I don't believe I got a useful comment from anyone running Mac OS.

So here I am, three days before the largest RTTY contest of the year with no working software.

I have other Mac ham software that I pay real money for and I get almost instantaneous email response from the developer if there is a problem, as do the other users.

Be aware that if you are NOT using Windows or Linux, there appears to be no support and you are on your own.

I'm very disappointed that I'm left dead with no support, or even an "I'm sorry". If you want to use FLDIGI I would recommend either to use Linux or Windows, both of which seem to be supported. Or better still, look for a better supported program.

That's why I gave it a "Needs Help". The software is great, but their support for Mac is abysmal, especially since they advertise that it works with it.
W2MB Rating: 2020-07-08
Great Software with Great Support Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
Recently I've gotten back into the HF digital modes.

I tried a boatload of different software and have come to the conclusion that FLDIGI is the best for my needs. The interface is clean, the support is great, it is constantly being updated and it supports true FSK Rtty and real keyed CW when used with my Timewave Navigator interface.

It also is contributed to the Amateur community at no charge.

Kudos to all that make this fine product for us!
N8MUS Rating: 2020-02-18
Linux support! Interfaces with CQRLOG perfectly. Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
I use CQRLOG with it setup to run with FLDIGI. This has replaced my Windows/ Ham Radio Deluxe Log and DM780 setup. I Paid for that and was always frustrated with it. Sometimes worked then a forced Windows update or a box checked different somewhere and I was always fiddling to get it working again.

This just works and works well. For hard keying aka com port keying in CW I use a K1EL keyer which you support wonderfully! Keyboard CW with the perfect keying of the K1EL Winkeyer.....running on a Linux system! Now that is a great combo. Keying direct to the transceiver via the key input! Change speed pot supported in FLDIGI as well. I feel that is above and beyond.
Thank You for this great product and supporting LINUX!
PA3HGT Rating: 2018-09-22
Good but... Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Nice multimode software but it's not possible to setup an USB connection to key the rig in CW.I asked on the supportgroup but i gave up when i saw the answer.So in MixW and HRD it's possible so why not in FLdigi.For the rest nice software to use.