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Reviews For: AB5N - Icom HM-151 - IC-7000 mic. modification

Category: Microphones for ham radio

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Review Summary For : AB5N - Icom HM-151 - IC-7000 mic. modification
Reviews: 159MSRP: 39.50
Modification to the Icom HM-151 hand microphone that comes with the Icom IC-7000. This mod fixes the poor FM audio that this microphone and radio combination has from the factory. The modification replaces the mic element and a capacitor, adds a shaped acoustic foam shell, widens the mic opening, adds a wind screen (pop filter) and a 1oz weight to the microphone shell.
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W5WDV Rating: 2019-09-24
Best mic service in the world! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Bob has modified several HM-151 mics a few years back.... recently, I revived for use an Icom 208h and wanted a little better audio. An email sent and the HM-133 was on the way for a much needed update.

As most have stated, the customer service is outstanding and the turn around time is unbelievable! Now the 208h sounds like a high quality rig rather than a low level entry transceiver.

If you have a mic problem, drop Bob a line and he is sure to fix the issue(s) in record time. I highly recommend his service!
N3GSB Rating: 2019-05-09
HM-151 for icom 7100-wonderful Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I sent the HM 151 mic to AB5N for his mods for use with my Icom 7100. Just a few days later I received the modified mic.
Wow!!! Huge improvement including hf ssb and uhf/vhf fm.
The extra added weight made the mic more comfortable to use. I have received several compliments on the quality of my
Audio and I always respond by giving AB5N,s modifications the credit for my great sound. I recommend that if you are
Using a HM-151 microphone with your icom 7100 that you send it to AB5N and let him modify it. You will be very pleased with the improved audio quality. Oh yeah his turn around time is very swift.

N4SJW Rating: 2016-08-01
Another perfect 5 Time Owned: N.A.
Not sure I can add to the feedback below. I sent two microphones to Brian on Thursday. He replied to email that he received them on Saturday morning, made the modifications and got them back to the post office by noon on Saturday and received them back on Monday afternoon. I just doesn't get any better than that! Initial reports form local hams is excellent and I'm very happy with the little bit of extra weight.
W5CSM Rating: 2016-07-15
Excellence Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Bob, AB5N can not be commended enough. His turn around time is exactly what his web site claims. My audio reports are now glowing. My bandwidth is perfectly rich in the Wide mode and narrow now provides me the pileup busting audio drive we all seek. I waited until my PTT switch was failing to send my mic. Yes, he has an upgrade for that also. Don't replace... upgrade!
W6UXB Rating: 2016-02-06
Excellent! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
All the superlatives about Bob's mic mods are warranted, I sent him 2 HM151 Chinese clones that came with my Xiegu X108G, even though the circuit boards were totally different Bob spent the time to trace out the circuit and modify my mics, lightning fast return and now they sound like they should have in the first place! great Bob!
AD0AR Rating: 2016-01-29
Excellent product, service and value! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Hello all! After thinking I could make a miracle happen by endlessly adjusting compression, bandwidth, and mic gain on my IC-7000 I finally resigned to calling AB5N Bob and sent both my HM-36 and HM-151 in. About 5 days later I had my equipment back and sounding like broadcast quality microphones!
I was concerned that the AM modulation would not be affected as that has always been an anemic issue with the 7000. Lo and behold when talking to some elmers local to my parent's house on AM I could actually be heard and with compliments on sound quality! Enough said with that statement!
In God we trust, all others we monitor AD0AR
KC8Y Rating: 2016-01-29
5++++ Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought an IC-7200 on sale, this past holiday in Dec., 2015. I must totally AGREE with all comments, that were made by KC9OVD. The audio specs for sounding on the hand mic, HM36, are super great!!!!

His service is great and the cost is reasonable.

Ken KC8Y
KC9OVD Rating: 2016-01-29
Excellent mod and service above and beyond expectations. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
This is the best $51 I have spent on mics.

If you have not had this mod done you need to strongly consider doing this. I sent my mic to Bob on a Tuesday and he received on Thursday of the same week. To my amazement he did the mod and shipped it back to me the same day. Awesome service that you do not experience very often in this day and age.

Audio reports on this mic before the mod where terrible and I was very discouraged after spending the $ on this radio. After the mod was done the change in audio reports was "an order of magnitude" better!

Not only was I extremely happy with the service and the audio quality, Bob has taken the time to give you the changes in parameters for setting up the audio on your radio after the mod is complete!

I am a very satisfied customer and would highly recommend this mod to anyone who has an IC-7000.
W7TKO Rating: 2015-08-08
Outstanding work! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I had issues with the PTT switch so off the mic went to Bob for a full upgrade and PTT repair. Turn around time was phenomenally quick (less than 6 days door to door from NV). Had a spare HM-151 for comparison against Bob's handy work. The on air results are nothing short of amazing. If you have the HM-151 mic and haven't had it worked on by AB5N, please don't wait!
M0OIC Rating: 2015-07-03
Excellent with IC7100 Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
On receiving my IC7100 some months ago and chatting to stations I was given early advice on the hand mic "put it in its box and throw it in the back of cupboard" There it has lain until reading reports on Contact was made with Bob AB5N.

From the UK to USA a 10 day turn around which was not expected. I found Bob to be very helpful in answering questions asked. Best of all is the microphone HM-151 which I used for the first time this morning during a RSARS net. Yes, they can be critical at times which is what we need when testing out an upgraded Mike. The first two comments were "have you bought a linear you nearly took my ears off hi!"

I hadn't initially informed members that I was using a different rig, the Icom IC-7100 with upgraded HM-151 microphone but all came back to me with excellent reports. One visitor to our net also gave a 59 plus report with excellent quality audio. Much better than expected I was tempted to say but on reading other reports, I will simply say as expected.

Shipping to and from the UK to USA was a bit eye watering, isn't it always. However I think Bob's charges were very fair and have totally transformed audio from the IC-7100. Money well spent.

It all depends on voice of course but for me settings are: Gain 60%, Comp ON, TBW Mid which produced 7 excellent reports from other net members on 40m. Best comment was "sounds very solid, clean and cutting through the noise 59+10" I don't have a linear so it was 100 watts into an inverted V 40/80m trapped dipole.

Thanks Bob, great job.