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Reviews For: AB5N - Icom HM-151 - IC-7000 mic. modification

Category: Microphones for ham radio

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Review Summary For : AB5N - Icom HM-151 - IC-7000 mic. modification
Reviews: 161MSRP: 39.50
Modification to the Icom HM-151 hand microphone that comes with the Icom IC-7000. This mod fixes the poor FM audio that this microphone and radio combination has from the factory. The modification replaces the mic element and a capacitor, adds a shaped acoustic foam shell, widens the mic opening, adds a wind screen (pop filter) and a 1oz weight to the microphone shell.
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K8CHD Rating: 2008-07-02
Gotta Say it..... Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I bought a new IC 7000 and love it. First thing was to send the microphone to Robert, AB5N. The ICOM owner's manual should be ammended so that step #1 is "Send microphone to AB5N." Reports are great and the feel with the added weight is too. If you haven't...don't wait to enjoy.
KQ4MK Rating: 2008-06-29
Fantastic Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I have commented about the quick turn around, and prompt replies by Robert on other sites, but now that I have been using the modified mic on HF, and VHF for a few weeks, I thought it was time to post a review here.

As I explained to AB5N, I have owned many mics, and many rigs over the past 20 years or so. I enjoy ragchewing on 75, VHF, and UHF, as well as working DX when the time is right.

I bought the 7k because it seemed speced to do most everything I want a rig to do very well, covers all bands of interest, all modes, and is really portable. My only concern was the audio quality (I have heard other 7k radios on the air with stock mics, and was not pleased), and how to correct it without losing the control functionality loaded into the stock mic.

That's where AB5N came in. Based on other reviews, I sent Robert the mic before I put power to the new 7k. I sent it from NJ late on a Saturday via Priority mail, and he sent me an email on Monday or Tuesday stating that it arrived that day, was already modified, and on it's way back to me. It was in my hands on Wednesday afternoon!

After reading all the glowing reports about turn around time, I was thrilled to see it in real life with my mic. If I buy a second 7k for a permanent mobile station, AB5N will modify that mic too.

After the modified mic arrived, the first thing I noticed was that it 'felt right' with the extra weight installed. I'm sure that the stock weight was designed for safety in a mobile situation (less mass flailing around the cabin in a wreck), but the stock mic just felt like a toy. Now, it feels just right. As for audio quality, on both HF, and VHF, people who have talked to me for years in the past, and those who know me in person all rave about the fine tone, and good 'punch' of the 7k with the AB5N modified mic.

ICOM has it's reasons for neglecting the 7k mic, but they do not matter, as AB5N has provided a cheap solution that transforms the 7k into the powerhouse performer that it's specifications suggest in the first place.

This is one of the best deals in radio, and I hope that ICOM builds many thousands of 7k units for Robert to modify, or just hires him to get it right in the design stage...

73, and enjoy your 7k at it's full potential.
W7ZRC Rating: 2008-06-23
Excellent Turnaround Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Mailed my IC7K mic to him on Tuesday and it was back on Friday. This is outstanding service. Mods are as described. Would definitely recommend his service and mods to anyone. 73, Rod w7zrc
KC7ZZ Rating: 2008-05-30
Great Modification Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Robert Nagy, AB5N, is an honest, talented man. He has researched the operation of the HM-151
mic and has come up with modifications that work really well!

Available is a PTT switch revamp, if you request it, a ballast weight that feels good in the hand and a change to a new (higher output) mic element. All for a very reasonable price and fast turn around. I am quite pleased with the results.
W9GSD Rating: 2008-05-19
GREAT INVESTMENT Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I mailed my micropone on Saturday morning and had it back on Wednesday. The audio was a big improvement over the standard mic. It was clear, crisp and could not be happier.
On FM, you turn the mic gain down from 85% or higher down to 25% and WOW. Three more operators from my area just sent there microphones in after hearing the results I received.
THANK YOU AB5N for the help you gave me.
G7KDZ Rating: 2008-05-16
Simply Amazed !!! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Well what can i say that everyone else hasn't already said, just look at the review score above.

Bob Nagy is a great guy who bought my icom7000 to life, the same radio had three previous owners from new, who let it go on without the proper ab5n mod being done to the mic, one guy who lives across town didn't believe in the mod, well bob proved him wrong!!!

In short the audio from this radio is now being reported to me as astounding on all modes, my friends are really impressed with the audio at rag chewing time aswell, as they heard the mic before the mod was done.

I would give Bob a 10 if I could, and for anyone who is thinking about getting this mod done, my advice is "Do it"!, as Bobs inhouse communication with me was ongoing from the moment he recieved it in the post, until the moment it was sent back.

You're a great guy Bob, thanyou for your help, from a very satisfied customer in Liverpool, regards Joe
KE5UBG Rating: 2008-05-08
A MUST HAVE MOD! Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I found AB5N before I bought my IC-7000 and it only took about 5 minutes to confirm the problem with the mic during the initial checkout of the transceiver.

After a fast and efficient round trip to AB5N for the complete mod (including adding additional weight), the mic performs as it should have out of the box (better IMHO).

Bob received the mic, checked it, performed the mod, rechecked it and sent me a status email on the day he received it.

Great work! Great price! Thanks Bob!

KB3EOF Rating: 2008-05-04
Rare Quality Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I ordered the IC 7000 on 21 April 08 and sure enough could not get the mike to drive the dialed in power without using compression. Robert Nagy fixed the problem and turned the mike around in one day. Now I easily get full power with a normal voice plus the audio quality is crystal clear. Who says you can't get a silk purse from a sow's ear? Hams everywhere owe Nagy a big thanks for researching the problem, finding an optimal solution and then offering to fix it at a bargain price. All that plus instant service and a money back offer with reversal of the mod if not satisfied. It is so rare to find somebody with Rob's well known reputation and abilities willing to offer this kind of service. I recommend everyone with the HM-151 mike that comes with the IC 7000 take advantage of this generous offer.
AB3EN Rating: 2008-04-25
Great - What else can I say? Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
Service - Faster than a speeding bullet.
Quality - Icom needs to pay attention to what AB5N did and fix their own issues. The mod does what it says. worth twice the price.

It works as promised and no problems.
What else can I say!
K3VW Rating: 2008-04-25
ab5n Mod is great !! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I sent my HM-151 off to Bob and three days later it was back before I sent off my check ! How's that for great service and trust ?!! I have received excellent audio reports on it now. Don't miss the boat if you have audio problems with your IC-7000. He probably can fix other mic's too !!