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Review Summary For : HyperLog 4.xx
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HyperLog is a full featured Amateur Radio logging program. It provides all necessary functions to log your contact, control your radio, watch the Packet Cluster for countries you may need to work, look up address information in any of several callsign databases, and print reports about your contacts in a number of different styles.
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W8MIS Rating: 2007-10-09
What a Mess Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I wrote a review quite a while ago. Poor! Since then I have not been able to use the program at all. I even sit down and typed in all my other contacts (yrs) and then find that I can not use the program and worse yet even though I did a backup of the program and files I can not find a program to convert the files. A real pain in the AZ....
WA4THR Rating: 2006-10-09
Excellent Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used versions of Hyperlog for over 20 years, and have been using the latest version (4.14) since it came out. I have always found it to be user-friendly and very reliable. Intermediate upgrades were readily provided and major upgrades were reasonably priced. When I picked up a Ten Tec Paragon several years ago, a radio not known for much software support, I was delighted to see Hyperlog was compatible with the radio, even with the Giehl chip, and allowed automatic trasfer of frequency/mode/and band info. I see the Hypersoft site is down, so I fear there will be no further updates, but this last version included provisions for adding countries so it should do for years to come.
AL1F Rating: 2002-03-11
Great Program Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I have used Hyperlog for over 2 years now without any problems. I like the simple user interface and the help file. The help file, unlike some other programs, is actually quite helpful.
I agree that Hyperlog is not super fancy like some of the other programs. But the information it displays is well organized and the print options are easy to understand and highly configurable.
Hyperlog also eats up less resources. I can run it at the sme time as some of my digital mode programs without stressing out the CPU.
The one time I had to call with a question Joe was very helpful. In fact, he mentioned several other tips that allowed me to personalize the program for my own use.
WB4IUY Rating: 2002-01-02
Love it, great support. Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've owned several versions of Hyperlog. Been running it since somewhere around 1993. I use it on an old IBM Model 80, with a 486 snap-in upgrade. This is a bottom end PC, I use to run 4 packet TNC's (5 frequencies), APRS software, SEDAN software, TNC programs, and Hyperlog... all DOS programs, and all at the same time via WIN3.1. Hyperlog is real easy on the overhead, easy to use, interfaces with my packet cluster TNC, and tracks WAS/DXCC stuff flawlessly. Joe has always been helpful, when I had a question, and I have many thousands of contacts logged.

I've tried several other logging programs, but this was the easiest to use for me, and ran the best on my lame logging/shack PC. Money well spent.

WB4M Rating: 2001-12-04
Left in the dust Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I first began using Hyperlog when I discovered it on a BBS years ago. I registered it and it worked fine. As time progressed and other programs were being written, Hyperlog fell by the wayside and I never made the upgrade to the 4.xx versions. Joe had a new program called 'Hyperlog Professonal' in the works and I have been a beta tester of that program. Sad part is, after 4 years (or more) it is still a beta and Joe never finished it. I like the 'Pro' version and still have it on my old 486 machine, but it is still a 'crippled' beta program. On the Hyperlog webpage Joe says there is a 32-bit version in the works but I have never heard anything out of it. I guess Hyperlog Professional is dead and will never be finished, and I can only assume the same of a 32-bit version that never came out. There are many programs available now that will do more than Hyperlog. I suggest you should look at some of them and forget about Hyperlog, because I have.
N1EDM Rating: 2000-03-01
Good for low-end logging Time Owned: unknown months.
My first logging program was Hyperlog and I have followed it up through Version 4.10. For what it does, it is a very good program. If you have a low-end PC in your shack all you need is DOS to run this. The program will also export to a dBase format (dBase III) for file manipulation and supports ADIF Imports, but not exports. It appears that there is a Windows version in beta-test but I have not seen or heard of when it might become available. Still, for the price, and if you are not looking for anything fancy, it is a useful program. It also interfaces with your TNC for access to DXClusters and has RS-232 support for many popular radios. A limited-use demo version is available for download. Send in the fee, and Joe will send you a file that will 'open' your demo to full capability. I have logged over 5000 contacts in my version.

However, Hyperlog has not seemed to have kept pace with the new technology. Most every shack has a low end PC now, even low-end pentiums. I have switched to WIN95-based software for my needs.
VE3GID Rating: 2000-02-03
Hyperlog gud & bad Time Owned: unknown months.
Hyperlog is simple, installation on a lowend, medium and Windows pc is 'no problem'.

Hyperlog lacks somewhat is robustness. It should have been more easily modifiable and the reports formattable. In lieu of canned reports.

I have used exclusively hyperlog and find it by far the simplest program to use, that doesn't take functionality away. Its one screen operation makes logging a live QSO extremly easy and intuitive. I use it while on the air and it is a tool like the IF SHIFT of my 767. I wouldn't do without it.

The product is good to great and you get what you pay for. Let's face it, in this day and age, programmers like to rip off the end user by selling something that is misrepresented, this S/W is well represented. I will confess its developer seemed uninterested when I spoke to him, but I may have been the n-th caller in a long day.

Buy it and use it everywhere, laptop to pc. I did.

KG2MY Rating: 2000-02-01
Excellent program for those with low end computers Time Owned: unknown months.
I totally disagree with N2NFG's comments. They are the words of an angry man who didn't pay attention to the onscreen instructions and then proceeds to blame the software developer for his own mistake.

I have used this software for 4 years, and have installed it on several machines for friends. The program VERY CLEARLY prompts you BEFORE you install it whether or not you have a previous version installed. If you answer that you do, it will NOT write over your databases. The Y2K version was released almost full year before Dec. 31, 1999 ever came around. Joe also included some nice new features. The upgrade was definitely one he should have charged for. He also gave a grace period for those who bought it within the previous six months prior to the upgrade. Joe is very quick to fix bugs, and never charges for incremental upgrades. He only (rightfully!) charges for major version upgrades.

This program is fast, uncomplicated, and the easiest to learn of ALL the major logging software out there. I write a logging software review for my local club. I have bought several different logging programs and have used all of them extensively. I also solicit comments from the hams in my local area. Given all this, I think I know of that which I speak!

Whenever anyone asks me "What's the best logging program to run under DOS with a low end PC?", Hyperlog is my answer. Whenever someone asks me, "What's the easiest logging software to learn?", Hyperlog is my answer.

It doesn't do all the things that the large, bloated Windows programs can do, but it gets the job done if you all you want to do is track DXCC, WAS, and WAZ. Most hams tell me that this is all they need. QSL'ing is also VERY easy to manage with this program. Unless you are a QSL manager (it doesn't support multiple callsigns), or an awards chaser (it doesn't track IOTA, counties, etc., etc.), I highly recommend this product.
N2NFG Rating: 2000-02-01
There's better stuff for free Time Owned: unknown months.
I bought a version of HyperLog several years ago, enclosing a check for the advertised price. Installed it and it worked ok. Shortly thereafter, I saw that the program had been upgraded, so I downloaded the new version and tried to load it. Not only would it not load properly, I wiped out my entire data base in the process. (Yes, I was stupid and did not make a backup) Called up the guy and asked what was up. He said that I owed him money. Seems that the price had gone up between the time I sent the check and the time the program was sent to me. He said a bill was enclosed with the disk. I happened to have the disk mailer so I checked. Sure enough, it was in the bottom of the mailer. When the disk was sent to me, the bill was folded
in half with the disk in the bottom of the crease. When I got it, the disk came out and it did not look like there was anything else in the envelope. The last thing I would be looking for was a bill for something I thought I had already paid for! No new bill was ever sent to me and there was no message for me at the site where I thought I had successfully downloaded the upgrade. The guy (Joe, I think) basically said tough s--t, I should have seen the bill. I pay my bills, so I sent him what he said I owed him. Haven't used HyperLog since. To me, a program is totally useless without the "human element" to provide support when needed. In this case, Joe seemed to take some sort of perverse pleasure in screwing me up because of a small amount of money I never knew I owed him. SAVE YOUR MONEY.
PS...I use WF1B, CT, and WRITELOG. Never had to call about CT, but Ray, WF1B, and Ron at WRITELOG have been great on the phone when asked questions they are probably sick of hearing.
N8MIS Rating: 1999-12-13
Nice Program But! Time Owned: unknown months.
Shortly after buying the software I noticed it was not y2k ready. The program would not support the upcoming yr 2000. I see he has a upgrade for this but you must pay $20.00. I am happy with the older version and think that the problem was known and should have been corrected without a upgrade as $50.00 should have covered it.