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Reviews For: Yaesu DMU-2000

Category: Ham Shack Accessories

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Review Summary For : Yaesu DMU-2000
Reviews: 48MSRP: $999
The Yaesu DMU-2000 option provides a wide array of informative and useful displays for the FT-2000 series.
Spectrum Scope with Limited Bandwidth Sweep feature
Audio Scope/Oscilloscope Display Page
Swept-Frequency SWR Page
Memory Channel List
World Clock with GrayLine Page
Rotator Control Page
Log Book Feature
Product is in production
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GI0ZGB Rating: 2020-04-07
Old School Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I picked up my DMU-2000 for humble money and hooked it up to my FTdx-5000MPL.
I already knew it was old school technology, so I wasn't expecting Flex Radio performance.
That said, it has some useful tools for the Ham shack, but the Log Book will be too basic for many.
I normally use SDRPlay Pro and SDRuno software fed via the I.F. output, so I can toggle between the
two as suits my needs. The DMU-2000 needs an update, but I'm thinking that's not on the Yaesu to do list.
In operation it's agricultural, having low resolution and speed in displaying a spectrum, but given the
processor, I can't see that being improved via a firmware update.
The GPS works well with NMEA 0183 output, but the omission of a mouse is plain stupid.
I use a mini ps/2 keyboard, but the USB keyboard wont work, may be a compatibility issue.
In the end, it is what it is, old school tech, typical of the era, don't expect Flex performance.
KC9RNK Rating: 2016-10-18
I Like It Time Owned: more than 12 months.
After 12 months of owning the DMU-2000, I have to say it is a good tool. I would not pay full price, but used at around $550, it's very helpful. Once you get comfortable operating it from the front of your rig, it all makes sense. This is an extension of your radio, not a computer program on your computer to click on! This is built into the FT-9000. Push your Menu button on your rig, and the Menu number, function and setting appear on your screen. Setting up your radio is made easier and seeing the function and settings is nice. SWR plot is a great tool to have access to. RF scope is priceless. AF scope with the waterfall helps you see a weak signal. I watch this waterfall while doing JT65. Map is eye candy. Logbook is useless in my world. Memory channel list would be helpful to Hams that like Nets. Now the dreaded bandscope repair! My bandscope needed to be repaired. I bought a whole new board,(around $179) as well as 2 filter's (there around 5 bucks) to fix my board. Replacement filter is different from one I replaced, as well as on the new board. I'm assuming Yaesu improved the filter. OK, I'm hoping!! I now have a back up board. AC0C has the repair online.
N3YV Rating: 2014-11-27
No Bad at all, actually is fun Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I just got the DMU-2000 unit for which I was very but very hesitant to buy due to the reviews left here, but I found that the unit it's actually lots of fun to use and it ad's that visual element to the station instead of always looking at the meter or the computer, also you can customize it with colors etc. I do agree that it's very expensive(new) but I like the simplicity of installation without using a PC and gadgets plus downloading and running software that sometimes are so such of pain trying to make them work, for that purpose and to add a few visual aspects to the radio it makes it worth it in my book and I didn't have to swear to it when I was installing it,,,so not bad not bad at all !!!!
WA6MHZ Rating: 2014-10-01
ITS OK Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Just got this a few nights ago, but so far cant get my town to stick in the memory, it won't remember it. The maps and screens are pretty but not particular usefull other than a WHIZ BANG effect. I wanted turn my FTdx5000 into a FTdx9000 which this essentially does. What I want is Yaesu to update the software for more usefullness. I don't see how to use the logbook to any use as How do U get it off the computer. I use a laptop on the desk for computer work. There is so much potential in this, I don't know why they didn't follow through with it. They just kinda made it work just enough to sell. I would like to see them incorporate a sound card into it to read and TX RTTY and PSK31! (maybe CW too) but then I have Ham Radio Deluxe to do all this and CAT Control.
SO it is WHIZ BANG, just not quite whiz bang enough!
WJ3V Rating: 2013-12-14
Nice add on Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Having read all the reviews I was hesitant in buying this accessory. However, they are now selling used for around $650 and that seems to be about the right price for what you get.

As a spectrum display it functions OK. Not the most user friendly but I like what it provides. The display is sharp on my 15 inch monitor.

I find the menu mode fantastic. Makes changing and saving menu settings a breeze.

Also like the audio and scope functions. Really helpful in setting up the parametric eq.

The only downside is the clunky interface. The function keys work OK but can be a pain to use in a dimly lit room. If it could be controlled with a mouse it would be 5 stars.

W7KNX Rating: 2013-11-23
Great Enhancement for the FT-950 Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I always thought the DMU-2000 looked like a fun option for my FT-950 but I hesitated to buy one due to the negative reviews here. My review will be related to using it with my FT-950 which I've had for almost two years now.

First, I will say it was difficult to set up and figure out how to use due to the poorly written manual. I spent some time trying to figure it out and after a while it became quite easy to use.

There a total of 8 screens to use as follows:

1. "World Map" with or without grey line (easy to toggle back and forth)that allows you to display 2 cities for "local time" and 6 more for "world time". There is an extensive list of world cities already programmed in from the factory and you can display up to 11 cities on the map. Contrary to what I've read here you can add any city in the world you like.

2. "RF Scope". I'm at a loss to understand the criticism of this screen which is essentially a spectrum analyzer as seen from the first IF of 69.45 Mhz. You can look at 5 Khz of spectrum up to a maximum of 2.5 Mhz. RX and TX. It's simple to scroll through the span choices and I find the graphics quite satisfactory on a 17" LCD screen. I have and use HRD and do not agree that the spectrum analyzer graphics are inferior.

3. "AF Scope". This screen allows you to analyze the RX or TX audio two ways. On the left is an audio spectrum display called "Audio Scope" which displays the audio spectrally, 100 HZ to 4 Khz. On the right is a a standard oscilloscope which displays the waveform. There is also an external input if you want to use the scope for looking at other audio signals. Again I think the graphics are great and you can choose from multiple color schemes (which apply to all the screens) which are obviously well thought out by Yaesu.

4. "Logbook". This is a standard logbook which you can use if you add an external keyboard (PS2 or USB). I'm happy with XM log so I probably won't be using this screen.

5. "SWR". This screen provides a chart you can use to plot the SWR of your antenna. It also provides useful PA information at the top of the screen, including PA heatsink temperature which I find useful during RTTY contests.

6. "Rotator". This is a screen you can use to control your rotator. You can choose between a standard 360 degree plot or a great circle map. I might use this screen in the future.

7. "MCHLIST". This is a screen where you can store frequencies in memory. I generally don't store frequencies in memory on any of my HF equipment. It's too easy to perform direct entry.

8. "Menu". This screen appears when you access the menu with the FT-950 menu button. This is so much easier to use when setting or experimenting with some of the menu features like the parametric equalizer or the DNR than the radio front panel.

I absolutely enjoy using the DMU-2000 and find it to be a fabulous addition to my FT-950. My main criticisms would the poorly written manual and the cost. I'm not sure why the price is so high.

N4WSH Rating: 2012-09-30
Disappointed Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
When I purchased a pre-owned FT-2000 the owner gave me a great deal on his DMU-2000 too as he didn't want to go through the hassle of selling it. Within a few weeks I sold it as I was very disappointed. As others said it is old, clunky, lacking in many areas and runs like it's an old 386 pc. The display was very grainy. The best news was I sold it for much, much more than I paid for it. This is first product that Yaesu has made that I'm disappointed in, and I'm a BIG Yaesu fan.
W0BKR Rating: 2012-09-19
Very Poor and "OLD" Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Had it briefly and fortunately, got my money back. Way over priced for what you get. Get free HRD or Power SDR software downloaded and buy an IF-2000 interface/LP Pan and you get a whole lot more. To think I was going to let go $1000 for this DMU to hook up to the 950, which is nearly the price of the DMU, ridiculous. What was I thinking. Slow, clunky, old technology, not sure what Yaesu was trying to to, add eye candy to the shack with a band scope, etc? Anyway, glad I got my money back. Didn't have it long, but certainly wasn't impressed. One problem with not being able to check out actual hardware these days at a real dealer.
K3DNF Rating: 2012-01-30
eh? maybe Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
All the criticisms of the unit are totally true. But what is the expectation? Much of ham equipment is outdated, by modern processing power standards. And if its not, by the time you finish reading this, it will be.

The DMU-2000 definately elevates the FT-950. If nothing else, the menu screen makes navigating and adjusting the various menu parameters MUCH easier and quicker. The quality is not in question, and deserves a "5". If the price were closer to 400USD, it would have gotten a 5.

I reviewed this elsewhere in reviews, and will repeat my summary as follows: if you are on a budget, there are more useful ways to spend 1000USD for sure. But if you have the extra jingle, this unit certainly enhances the radio and makes it a more friendly machine. Is it worth it? Up to you.
DL6AN Rating: 2012-01-06
Unfortunately outdated.. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I had this Unit, i can't believe how Yaesu can sell this Unit, it is from technical side Lightyaers behind, it is so slow, the Software is very outdated, you feel like back on a C64, 30 yaers ago. The Idea is very good and if they could pack a "Up to Date PC" with a proper Software, we could be very happy. You Guys from Yaesu never seen a SDR Radio how it performs today wth a proper Software and Hardware.