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Reviews For: Alinco DM-330MVE

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Alinco DM-330MVE
Reviews: 17MSRP: <-- 100 - 170 euros
Small and powerfull adjustable power supply for Ham station.
Product is in production
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SV2CLJ Rating: 2018-04-12
best mach. fm Alinco! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I am a very happy owner of this Alinco Power supply more than 15 years.i use it almost 300 days per year .. also running many DXpeditions with it!I never own something from Alinco ... but one of my Elmers suggest to me this PSU for my first DXped.Since tehn I bought 3 more PSUs from Alinco ... I did not believe that the switching power supplies can be so "Quiet".At last my first PSU after 10 years of "strong" operation I change the 24V FAN with bigger (thicker) & better quality (Ball Bear.) also the big caps inside (1000 uf -200V 105C)
DH5AK Rating: 2014-12-05
Not bad BUT... Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I owned the DM-330MVE for four years. The first thing I had to moan about was the mains line: it had no protective earth conductor! I could feel that I received a small electric hit from my radios microphone into my lips. This was REALLY uncomfortable - it was even DANGEROUS! The EMC filter caps were leaking current and I received the current leaking through these capacitors. We had Christmas time, I was not willing to return the power supply to the dealer as I wanted to make QSOs. So I changed the mains line to a three conductor line and voided the guarantee! I asked myself what dumb face I would have made, when this small high voltage current would have killed the front end of my radio? Who would pay for this repair? Would I be able to declare this to the selling shop? I called my local importer but he was unwilling to understand me. In these days many already have a three conductor line - an important fact you should look for if you buy one (new or used). A second fact was, that the fan started running after a few minutes, not much but you could hear it WELL. I found it annoying. My radio was just receiving, and draw less than 3A! Finally, the RF-noise was on all bands 40m and below. OK, you could shift the noise with this offset potentiometer but if you tune across the band, you can't look through this noise. This IS uncomfortable as well. I thought modifiying it to some intermittent operation: switching the controller on with the PTT, to have noise while transmitting and using a small linear noiseless power while receiving. So I have sold it for a good price. Many hams like it as it really look neat - but is this ENOUGH???
All in all: I would NOT buy it again. I own two of these EPS-20STE from EMTRON and I have all parts ready to build a fine completely oversized 13.5V/50A linear power supply with IGBTs - for home usage. If you look for a lightweight supply for portable operation, I would recommend the EMTRON. However, these are rare and NOT capable of 30A... BUT they are free of noise!
9V1RM Rating: 2014-03-13
Ok for 2 years Time Owned: more than 12 months.
Mine was OK for the first 2 years only : It's small and I didn't find the noise of the fan to be an issue (granted I always use a headset).

A few days ago my K3 started to shutdown randomly ... I figured out the voltage coming from the PSU was causing this and was jumping from 5 to 15 V eventhough it was set to be fixed at 13.8V. I replaced it by a much bigger and heavier Diamond GSV-3000. Overall it was my first power switching PSU and while convenient because of the size, the price was a little steep considering it lastet for only 24 months ...
14FRS1548 Rating: 2014-01-09
Great but mad fan (corrected, very clever now !) Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Hi dear OM,

First of all, please be kind with my poor English ! :-)

I bough this power supply 2 weeks ago and i was very surprised how the fan was doing !

With a 1 amp current drain, the fan was activated after 2 minutes at high speed, making noise.
The mad thing was... if i reduce the current drain to ZERO, the fan will NEVER STOP !

After studying the electronic diagram, i can imagine that ALINCO make some mistake on some component's values.

I make a simple add who restore the brain of the fan who restore this power supply to a very quiet one.

No fan under 5 to 6 amp, if over fan, and if current drain fall down to a low value, the fan stop.
Normal life for a fan, isn't it ! :-)

Due to the fact i could not include pictures here, you could contact me via PM and i will send you explanation with pictures or if you want to improve your French (or use Google webpage translation), you could go there where i write a post :
(please copy/past the link in your browser)

A least, if you only have a look to the pictures in my post, i think you could understand what i have done.

73 to all !


SAPPHIRE Rating: 2011-09-24
molto buono Time Owned: N.A.
Alimentatore molto buono,nessun problema,piccole dimensioni e grande potenza. Ottimo rendimento energetico,consuma molto poco.
ON4BEM Rating: 2011-03-27
good but: Time Owned: 3 to 6 months.
good power supply but:

1.noise adjustement (included features) is required to cancel power supply noise that can be heard in the transmitter.

2.power supply voltage drops while using the transmitter at full power -> the transmitter needs current that the power supply can deliver BUT voltage drops. The consequence of this is that the transmitter decreases his power. Conclusion, I never reach 100w but 75watts at max whatever the band. Since then I'm using a power booster mfj-4416b to ensure the 13.8v. I get now 100w. And ok the difference between 75w and 100w is negligible but 75 is 75 and 100 is 100!

the good part:
light, easy, lot of connectors, view meter and ... low price.
CT1BWW Rating: 2009-08-15
SUPER POWER SUPLLY! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I've used for DXpeditions over past 10 years. I can take this smaller Power Suplly with my Kenwood TS480s, Heil Headproset, Micro Ham and Paddle on the suit-case. I've the european version (DM330-MVE). I've test on RTTY with other PSU comparing and these are SUPERB POWER SUPPLY. No Noise, No HOT . I'm really happy and I recomend to others who liked DXpedition.
5P9A Rating: 2009-07-13
Excellent workhorse on your hamshack table Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I must say I was first in doubt about what to expect with Alinco quality - but i have not been dissapointed at all; The DM-330 is a workhorse to trust in my shack.
The amount of induced switching noise I have come across have been very little, and always have I been able to tune away from it with the noise control function on the front panel.

I extensively use the various output features; 4mm banana, ring terminal, plug terminal, cigarette plug - for various 12V needs around my shack, and during /P operations, it always ends up being the hub for all the 12V "customers", because it so conveniently provides interfacing for every plug standard you may find during e.g. a field day operation.

I recently used the DM-330 to power my Icom-7000 through the 24 hour operation of the IARU HF World Championship, running great pile-ups on 15m. Current draw up to 17-20A (peak) in SSB and CW CQ operation, and after 24 hours of heavy duty work, the PSU was still running solid as a rock.

I however noticed that it becomes considerably warm on the top cooling ribs - perhaps 50-60c, without the fan starting to run - so now I am in doubt if my fan or fan control actually works or not.
If not - then I'm still impressed that the DM-330 took so much beating without backing off or shutting down.

I'm a fan!
PD2ZAP Rating: 2008-03-14
Neat PSU Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Got it a week ago and my conventional homebrew supply at last can retiere after 18 years of loyal service.
I love the small footprint, power output, low weight and multiple connection terminals (including a 10A cigarette lighter type terminal).
I've got to aggree with DO3MIB, the leds are a bit too bright for my taste (easy fix), but all in all: a neat psu.
No switching noises detected so far and the cooling fan is so quiet you have to to check it visualy to see if it's running (no kidding).
Worth every 89 euro I spent on it.

Just one thing: I just got a nasty shock after unplugging and accidentally touching the terminals of the mains lead, no harm done, no complaint, just don't try it yourself, it stings :).

I think it's the best bang for the Buck, or Euro.
DO3MIB Rating: 2008-03-04
Well done, Alinco! Time Owned: more than 12 months.
This is a great little PSU. I got the european version (DM330-MVE). I use it to drive my 706, Autotuner and an Amp. Theres no problem, no noise. Neither in SSB nor on PSK the unit gets really hot, max power i need is about 24A. The vent is silent an comes on rarely.

The only thing i dont like: In a dark ambience the LEDs for Power and Preset are too bright. A resistor solved the problem.