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Review Summary For : Tac-Comm TRC-1
Reviews: 7MSRP: 59.95
The Tactical Radio Carrier is an universally adjustable aluminum carrier designed to hold and adapt a mobile radio to portable use in tactical operations. TRC-1s have rubber feet that allow stacking and locking of one carrier on top of another. This allows multiple radios to be placed in a small operating area thus allowing one operator to monitor multiple radios. The adjustable sides of the TRC-1 can accomodate radios of different heights, and can be extended to accept a radio and a TNC or other device in a single carrier. TRC-1s can be used to house AC power supplies for use in an EOC or 12 VDC rechargeable batterys for in-the-field operations. A TRC-1 housing a radio can easily be stacked on top of another TRC-1 housing a power supply. As of April 2007 a top finishing plate is said to be forthcoming.
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K1QF Rating: 2013-12-20
Excellent Value Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Purchased two units to house my IC-7000, IT-1000 tuner, and Alinco DM-330MV. It creates an exceptionally sturdy and attractive case for this (now) portable unit. Some have commented that the cases are expensive, but I believe they represent excellent value for a quality product. Called Tac-Comm for advice on strapping in the equipment and Larry Driskill offered several great ideas. Did look at iPortable boxe, but they never got back to me with a simple request for information on product availability. Glad I went with Tac-Comm.
KB1PGH Rating: 2013-01-05
Great build quality and worth the money Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Since I operate HF portable I was looking for a way to protect my Icom 7000 and the Tac-Comm TRC 1 fits the bill.The black power coated aluminum carrier is heavy duty and the tilt bail is heavy duty as well.I had no problems installing the Icom 7000 with the web straps that I purchased along with the carrier.I also put the top cover on as well. When all is said and done the TRC-1 carrier will definitely protect my $1200 Icom 7000 from any damage during transport.I can see how these stackable carriers would be used in Emcomm work.Especially when you can tie up all your back of the radio cables to the carrier.Its just a good way to keep things organizaed.I would have to say that $60.00 for a carrier may be one the little bit expensive side but I guess its better than damaging my Icom 7000 if I were ever to drop it.
W5SO Rating: 2008-11-24
Excellent Product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Bought two plus the lid for my 706MkIIG and Samlex power supply. Everything fits just like the web site pictures. Easy to put equipment in. Mounted portable speaker on lid, put lid on 706 case. Now can go in the car, or camping, or home, with much less fear of damage. Well made, nice crinkle finish. Well worth the money. Next: mount WMR computer interface in the back and find an LDG Z-11 Pro tuner to go in the 706 case. Very pleased.
W8NLZ Rating: 2008-10-09
Great for Portable Rig Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
Using two TAC-COMM shelves, I have consolidated my Kenwood TS-480HX and AT-200 tuner into a single compact convenient package which I can shuttle between portable, mobile, and base station usage. The units are attractive, well made, and flexible. Be prepared to drill a few holes in order to mount your equipment solidly within them. Bottom line: I feel I made a solid investment, well worth the cost.
KK8ZZ Rating: 2008-04-13
Great Investment ! Time Owned: 6 to 12 months.
I have 4 of these with the FT-857D, SEC1223 power supply, LDG tuner and 7amp sealed battery each in one. Stack them to meet the situation - home, portable, emergency, etc. A great investment for EMCOM or just efficient operating at home!
K0FTC Rating: 2008-03-15
Just what I needed Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I'd been looking for some type of mounting base for my IC-7000 so I could have it as a base and quickly/easily pack it up in a Pelican case and go mobile portable. These carriers fit the bill exactly, as they are modular and can be put together however you want. I've got two mounted side by side on a polyethylene board. I have the bails mounted under the board to create a tilt when extended. Within the carriers I've mounted my IC-7000, LDG Z-11 PRO atu, Signal Link USB interface, Gamma Research HPS-1a power supply, a Palm Mini-Paddle and Palm Portable Key. The carriers allowed me to have this mount all this as a single transportable unit. I can email a picture if you are interested. Quick and responsive customer service, and they had these to me within just a few days once I ordered them using Priority Mail.
WV1K Rating: 2007-04-05
A Miniature "Rack" with a Bail Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
I use 19 inch racks with adjustable shelves for my station because everything found in the chain stores bows, is overpriced, heavy or all three.

Try that with a small radio let alone a FT-1000MP.

I found that the typical DXer and contester's HF radio sits nicely on the rack base, and accessories can be put on the shelf above like the rotator box and SWR meter or keyer. It's even better with a TS-2000 where the speaker can sit next to the radio.

However this did not solve the VHF and UHF radio issue. These radios readily slide around on the shelf when in use given the short mic cords they supply lately.

Enter the TRC-1. I ordered one to try it out and will now finish off the station with them next to the regular 19 inch tabletop racks.

This product is great. I mounted my FT-7800R in the first one and will stick a small Rigrunner on the back where there are more holes, thereby having a one foot cable run. It leaves full access to the back of the radio. And of course I can stack as many as I want. You'll just have to buy one to see how universal this product is. It has a nice black crinkle finish.

Good work. Additionally, I ordered it and two days later it was here !