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Reviews For: Tentec 280 Power Supply

Category: Power Supplies

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Review Summary For : Tentec 280 Power Supply
Reviews: 2MSRP: $200
13.8 V 20Amps power supply that will feed any 100W radio with ease,has builtin protection against shorts and overcurrent,builtin meter with 0 to 25A scale.
Product is in production
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WB8ICU Rating: 2007-08-07
great performer Time Owned: more than 12 months.
I used the ten tec 280 on my old ten tec omni D. Then I bought a delta, and used it on that. It worked geat on both, but I got a chance to get a 255 supply with the speaker in it, and went to that. What I like about all the ten tec supplies is the ability to turn them off with the ten tec rig, so you can hide the supply anywhere you like since you don't have to use the power switch to turn it on and off. It has excellent overcurent and overvoltage protection. It's hard to destroy this supply.
AD4C2006 Rating: 2007-05-03
Another TT great product Time Owned: 0 to 3 months.
After have purchase an TT Orion in the search for a good power supply capable of at least 20A to feed it,found on ebay this cheap deal for just $61.It was discontinued years ago from the factory but still there are many around,It has two series transistors in a big heatsink,to provide 20A easily,my radio is taking about 17 to 20A on SSB and the rear transistors get warm but not hot,voltage is very stable,it changes just 100mV from 13.8V,it has an excelent overcurrent protection,I made a mistake trying to load the radio with a high swr in a wrong antenna and the PS tripped so fast that my radio was OFF,then I had to turn it off and on again,not many PS in the market do that so fast.its small,not taking too much of a space in the desk.For me in spite of been an oldy one,its a keeper.